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Memorable Manitobans: The Story of Manitoba

by F. H. Schofield
The S. J. Clarke Publishing Company, 1913.

This collection of biographies of Manitobans was compiled by the S. J. Clarke Publishing Company, and published at Winnipeg in 1913. Most of those featured in the book were living at that time, so no information on death dates was provided. Where possible, these have been added to this online version.

Online version 2008, Manitoba Historical Society.

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Manitoba Recipients of the Order of Canada

Manitoba Recipients of the Order of Manitoba

Manitoba Senators (1870-present)

Mayors of Brandon (1882-present)

Mayors of Winnipeg (1874-present)

Manitoba Order of the Buffalo Hunt

Manitoba Order of the Crocus

Police Chiefs of Winnipeg (1874-present)

Chiefs of Manitoba Provincial Police (1870-1932)

Premiers of Manitoba (1870-present)

Speakers of the Manitoba Legislature (1871-present)


Abbey, William J. (1878-?)

Abra, George Edward (1881-?)

Acheson, Thomas Stuart (1876-1954)

Ackland, James William (1866-1940)

Adams, Charles J. (1884-?)

Adolph, Henry Lamont (1862-1940)

Agnew, John Hume (1863-1908)

Aikins, James Albert Manning (1851-1929)

Aitken, Robert (1864-1936)

Aldinger, Albert Henry (1877-1942)

Alexander, William Thomas (1875-?)

Anderson, George (1869-?)

Anderson, James Johnson (1851-1912)

Anderson, John J. (1836-1916)

Anderson, Robert (1852-1936)

Anderson, Robert Brodie (1875-?)

Anderson, James (1849-1919)

Anderson, James (1872-?)

Andrew, Joseph (1855-1932)

Andrews, Alfred Augustus (1865-1912)

Andrews, Charles A. (1871-?)

Archibald, George H. (1877-?)

Argue, Mural Willis (1880-1957)

Ariss, Edward (1870-1913)

Armstrong, George Irwin (1854-1913)

Armstrong, Hamilton (1848-1924)

Armstrong, Hugh (1858-1926)

Armstrong, James Beecher (1867-1914)

Armstrong, James William (1860-1928)

Armstrong, Thomas L. (1868-?)

Armstrong, William (1869-1937)

Armstrong, William John (1875-?)

Armstrong, William T. (1855-1950)

Arnett, Jonathan Hughes (1879-1953)

Arnett, Thomas Louis (1873-1952)

Arnold, Alfred Stephen (1865-1936)

Ashdown, James Henry (1844-1924)

Atchison, John Danley (1870-1959)

Axelson, Bernard T. (1873-?)

Axford, Walter B. (1862-?)

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Bailey, Thomas William (1879-1963)

Baird, James Bryson (1859-1939)

Baker, Charles W. (1875-?)

Baldwin, James Matthias (1857-?)

Bannerman, Alexander Melville (1882-1955)

Bannerman, Donald (1803-1880)

Bannerman, George William (1864-?)

Barron, John G. (1850-1926)

Barrowclough, Samuel Lees (1868-1944)

Bates, William Henry (1860-1943)

Bathgate, William (1832-1903)

Batty, Charles David (1861-1939)

Beamish, Robert W. (1856-?)

Beamish, William (1846-?)

Beattie, Robert (1866-?)

Beliveau, Hormisdas (1860-1938)

Beliveau, Joseph A. (1884-?)

Bell, Charles Napier (1854-1936)

Bellhouse, David Wynyard (1861-1952)

Bennest, Frederick Charles (1878-1964)

Bennett, Robert J. (1854-?)

Benson, Edward (1843-1904)

Berkeley, Mowbray Stenhouse (1881-?)

Bernhart, Joseph (1853-1923)

Berrget, William H. (1861-?)

Berry, John C. (1852-?)

Berry, Thomas (1859-?)

Bescoby, John E. (1880-?)

Beveridge, Ebenezer (1871-?)

Bewell, Henry E. (1877-?)

Beynon, Howard B. (1880-?)

Bigelow, Wilfred Abram (1878-1967)

Birch, John E. (1840-?)

Bjornson, Olafur (1869-1937)

Black, James (1857-?)

Black, John (1854-?)

Black, R. James (1868-?)

Blackwell, J. Ernest (1877-?)

Blackwood, Henry Price (1878-1963)

Blair, Robert (1841-1922)

Bolton, James Henry (1864-1943)

Borbridge, Sidney Henry (1882-?)

Borbridge, Walter MacFarlane (1880-?)

Borthistle, John Richard (1875-1933)

Bottomeley, Ernest (1869-?)

Boyd, George Wealey (1861-?)

Boyd, L. Benson (1876-?)

Boyd, Watson Hartford (1860-?)

Braden, Thomas (1863-1950)

Brandson, Brandur Jonson (1874-1944)

Brazier, Albert (1868-1933)

Brethour, Richard Wesley (1856-1947)

Bridge, Frank (1868-?)

Bridgett, William Alexander (1867-1959)

Brinklow, Thomas (1866-?)

Brittain, Charles Joseph (1877-?)

Broadbent, George Albert (1875-1950)

Brockest, John (1863-1938)

Brooks, Frank D. (1878-?)

Brooks, George Wesley

Brooks, Isaac Fraser (1869-1928)

Brown, George Arlington

Brown, Harry (1870-?)

Brown, Henry A.

Brown, R. J.

Browne, Perry (1854-?)

Bruce, William (1852-?)

Bryant, Arthur

Bryant, Frank W.

Bryce, Percy

Bryce, William

Brydon, William

Brydon, William

Buchannon, James

Buchannon, William

Buffet, Claude (1885-?)

Buie, Archibald Lane (1855-1923)

Buker, Levi

Bull, Manlius (1849-1929)

Bullock, Alfred E. (1871-?)

Bullock, Robert Martin (1846-1930)

Bulman, William John (1870-1938)

Bunn, John Robert (1855-1932)

Burgess, Joseph

Burnell, Edward (1856-1926)

Burrows, Theodore Arthur (1857-1929)

Burton, Alfred E. (1881-?)

Burton, Arthur E.

Bush, Joseph Sanger

Butcher, Francis Joseph (1874-?)

Butterworth, Thomas (1883-1963)

Byers, Herbert P. (1860-?)

Byrnes, Henry (1839-1931)

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Cadham, Frederick Todd (1880-1961)

Cahill, Charles (1857-1917)

Cairns, Henry John (?-?)

Cairns, John Thomas (1863-1919)

Calder, Alexander (1842-1936)

Caldwell, Benjamin Wilson (1880-1968)

Caldwell, Henry Fleming (1857-1927)

Cameron, Douglas Colin (1854-1921)

Cameron, Joseph Robert (1865-?)

Campbell, Alexander Charles (1874-1951)

Campbell, Bertram Hughes (1869-?)

Campbell, Colin H. (1859-1914)

Campbell, John Archibald (1872-1963)

Campbell, John Sutherland (1838-1926)

Campbell, Neil (1847-1916)

Campbell, Robert J.

Campbell, William

Carlisle, George H. (1881-?)

Carr, Stephen

Carruthers, Francis Frederick (1884-?)

Carruthers, George A.

Carruthers, James Malcolm (1872-1947)

Carscadden, Francis H. (1886-?)

Carscadden, John H.

Carstens, Hugo Emil (1866-1941)

Carter, William Henry (1874-1962)

Cartmell, James Winter (1867-1948)

Cass, Edward (1849-1932)

Cattley, John Hubert (1873-?)

Chaffey, Benjamin Elswood (1859-1953)

Chambers, Albert

Chambers, William

Champion, Henry Thomson (1847-1916)

Chandler, William K. (1870-?)

Chapman, James

Chapman, W. G.

Charles, Robert (1859-?)

Chase, Frank Ernest (1870-1940)

Chataway, Charles Clifton (1869-1920)

Chevrier & Sons

Cheyne, James Graham (1861-1912)

Chipman, George Fisher (1882-1935)

Chisholm, Archie E.

Chisholm, Colin Campbell (1883-1936)

Chisholm, James (1841-1920)

Chisholm, William Burns (1850-1918)

Christie, John

Christie, Melbourne Francis (1864-1944)

Clare, Herbert J.

Clark, Forbes A.

Clark, John

Clark, William (1840-1919)

Clarke, John T. (1848-?)

Cleaver, F. C.

Clee, Henry (1871-?)

Clement, Robert Addison (1870-1954)

Clements, George

Clements, George E. (1874-?)

Clougher, William (1851-1905)

Coad, W. E. R. (1873-1954)

Cochran, W. J.

Code, Samuel (1860-?)

Colcleugh, F. W. R. (?-1907)

Cole, Alexander G. (1862-?)

Collins, Michael (1844-?)

Condell, Angus Tyndall (1869-?)

Cook, Harry W. (1881-?)

Cooper, Frederick

Cooper, George

Coristine, Roland (1865-?)

Cornell, Joseph (1862-?)

Cosgrove, Wilfred Reid (1882-?)

Coulter, Henry

Coulter, John Ernest (1869-1929)

Coulter, Thomas

Cousins, Mark

Cowan, Harry J.

Cowan, James (1831-1910)

Cowan, Robert

Cowan, Samuel Broadfoot (1868-1922)

Cox, Frederick John Charles (1860-1939)

Coxe, Samuel A. (1866-?)

Craig, Charles

Crane, James E. (1855-?)

Crawford, John (1856-1928)

Crawford, John (1859-?)

Crawford, Mary Elizabeth (1876-1953)

Creelman, William John (1872-?)

Creighton, David Francis (1865-1938)

Crerar, Thomas Alexander (1876-1975)

Cressey, James Thomas (1859-1950)

Crosby, Charles W. (1868-?)

Crotty, Thomas Henry (1868-?)

Crowe, George Reading (1852-1924)

Cruise, Robert

Culbertson, Robert B.

Cumberland, Thomas Dickey (1853-1939)

Cumming, J. F. (1874-?)

Cumming, Robert Boyd (1846-1925)

Cunningham, Harry Clarkson (1864-1941)

Cuntz, Charles (1855-1936)

Czerwinski, Charles Francis (1863-1936)

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Dafoe, John Wesley

Daly, Thomas Mayne

Daniel, Nelson W.

Darrach, Robert (1855-1943)

Davidson, Alexander Rae

Davidson, Andrew Duncan (1853-1916)

Davidson, Gilbert Ernest (1868-1949)

Davidson, Isaac Herbert (1876-1944)

Davidson, James Alexander

Davis, William A. (1855-?)

Decker, William H. (1851-1926)

Deegan, Thomas Daniel (1856-1916)

Delorme, Louis Alfred (1879-?)

DeMill, Malcolm E. (1855-?)

Dempsey, James Alexander (1867-1938)

Dennison, John E. (1869-?)

Dennistoun, Robert Maxwell (1864-1952)

Detlor, William Sydney (1873-?)

Dillon, James (1865-?)

Dingwall, Donald Ross (1851-1913)

Dobbs, Francis M. (1855-?)

Dodd, George J. (1877-?)

Doig, Alfred

Doig, William James (1867-1924)

Dolmage, John (1853-1914)

Donald, William Armand (1849-1913)

Donaldson, Joseph (1851-1919)

Donnelly, Robert J.

Donovan, William James (1875-1949)

Doran, Solomon (1881-?)

Douglass, Johnson (1863-?)

Douglass, Margaret Ellen (1878-1950)

Doupe, Benjamin Hartwell (1861-1914)

Doyle, Murray G.

Drewry, Frederick William

Drinkwater, William J.

Driscoll, John William (1841-1912)

Drummond, Henry Mowat (1848-1917)

Dubuc, Joseph

Dudderidge, Charles Richard (1881-1928)

Duffin, Simon (1843-1900)

Duncan, David Merritt (1870-1951)

Duncan, James

Durston, Louis Charles

Durston, William H.

Dutton, William Paine (1872-1942)

Dyer, Hugh Marshall (1861-1938)

Dyler, James (1860-1926)

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Earl, Richard W. (1855-?)

Earle, George T.

Eastcott, John

Eastman, James (1850-1929)

Edgecombe, William Thomas (1868-1941)

Edwards, Harold Sidney Parker (1875-1964)

Edwards, Henry Hyde

Edwards, John

Eggertsson, Árni (1873-1942)

Elder, William Irvine (1870-1930)

Elliott, Dawson Kerr (1853-1945)

Elliott, William Alexander (1966-1957)

Elmhurst, John (1867-?)

English, Elmer T. C.

Esplen, Archibald (1864-1933)

Evans, Albert E. (1873-?)

Evans, Frank R.

Evans, William

Evans, William Sanford (1869-1949)

Evanson, William Henry Ellis (1866-1941)

Ewens, James Mathewson (1862-1947)

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Fares, William Henry (1858-1928)

Ferguson, John H. (1874-?)

Ferguson, Robert Dickson (1866-1942)

Ferguson, V. S.

Ferguson, William

Findlay, Charles (1846-1914)

Findlay, James (1840-1924)

Fingland, William (1862-1946)

Finleyson, Colon S.

Finleyson, William

Fisher, Edward Bailey (1873-1946)

Fisher, James

Fisher, John A.

Fitch, William F.

Fleming, Sidney A.

Fletcher, Harry G. (1872-?)

Flett, Robert

Fonseca, William Gomez da (1823-1905)

Forsyth, Duncan R.

Fortune, Mark (1847-1912)

Frame, Angus

Frantz, Charles R. (1882-?)

Fraser, Donald J.

Fraser, George S.

Fraser, James (1850-1942)

Fraser, James L.

Fraser, John (1841-?)

Fraser, William (1832-1909)

Fraser, William Clarke

Frazer, A. McNab

Frazer, J. Oliver

Frazer, Richard Price (1885-?)

Frid, James W. (1878)

Fulcher, Alfred

Fusee, Robert H. (1864-?)

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Galloway, Herbert Peter Howell (1866-1939)

Gardiner, Richard W.

Gargett, Ernest L. (1883-?)

Garland, Wright (1859-1922)

Garson, William Corston Watt (1856-1911)

Gemmel, Francis Alexander “Frank” (1873-1929)

Giles, Darwin M.

Gilhuly, Richard Henry (1857-1935)

Gillies, Peter

Girdlestone, George W.

Glendinning, John (1866-?)

Glenn, Carron (1860-?)

Golding, George

Good, William Robert (1864-1914)

Gordon, Herbert A.

Gordon, James Thomas (1858-1919)

Gordon, William

Goulet, Roger (1867-1946)

Graham, Alexander (1845-?)

Graham, E.

Graham, Herbert Walter (1878-1938)

Graham, John Campbell (1860-?)

Graham, William (1880-?)

Grain, Orton Irwin

Grant, Benjamin L. (1865-?)

Grant, Donald (1851-?)

Grant, Fred C. (1877-?)

Grassie, William (1872-1935)

Gray, J. Richard (1869-?)

Gray, John A.

Green, Solomon Hart (1885-1969)

Greenwood, Samuel H.

Griffin, Nelson (1862-?)

Guest, William John

Guinan, Thomas (1856-1937)

Gunn, George (1836-1899)

Gunn, John Hugh “Java” (1848-1933)

Gunn, Richard E. (1869-?)

Gunn, Robert (1842-1922)

Gynn, Frederick W.

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Haffner, John (1848-1921)

Hagel, Nathaniel Francis (1846-1915)

Haggart, Alexander

Hainstock, Robert

Hales, Robert Dorrell (1859-1929)

Hall, A. L. (1864-?)

Hall, Elmer Elsworth (1865-1939)

Hallen, George St. John (1851-?)

Halliday, Adam

Halliday, William H.

Halliday Jr., James

Hambleton, Charles A.

Hamilton, Daniel (1833-1899)

Hamilton, Daniel Solomon (1864-1929)

Hamilton, Frederick Charles (1871-1949)

Hamilton, Thomas

Hamilton, Thomas Glendenning (1873-1935)

Hamilton, William Oliver (1876-?)

Hample, Adolph Gideon (1859-1899)

Hanford, Robert Gilmore (1885-?)

Hanley, Charles (1869-?)

Hanley, Mackay

Hannah, John

Hansen, John F. (1875-?)

Hansford, Jeffery Ellery (1864-1932)

Harkness, Matthew Henry (1872-?)

Harland, G. Herbert (1869-?)

Harper, George H. (1858-?)

Harrington, Thomas M. (1848-1937)

Harrington, William James (1871-1941)

Harris, George Henry (1870-1954)

Harrison, Herman B. (1869-?)

Harrison, Thomas

Hart, Thomas (1835-1912)

Harvey, James Graham (1869-1950)

Harwood, Oscar L. (1881-1945)

Hassard, Harvey Jason (1878-1939)

Hattin, Walter B. (1869-?)

Haworth, Robert J. (1853-?)

Hawthorne, John

Hay, Edward Henry George Gunson (1840-1918)

Hay, James Kidd (1879-?)

Hay, John

Hay, Robert

Hay, Thomas

Heap, Frederick (1872-1959)

Heathcote, Arthur V. (1877-?)

Hedley, Marcus Oswald (1867-1930)

Heintz, Frank (1883-?)

Henderson, Angus (1825-1901)

Henderson, John (1841-1922)

Henderson, Samuel R. (1863-1928)

Henderson, William (1859-1921)

Henry, Howard Robert Lawrence (1884-1955)

Hern, William (1848-?)

Herriot, William

Hespeler, William (1830-1921)

Higgins, Arthur F. (1864-?)

Higgins, Joseph W.

Hill, William J.

Hillis, James H. (1857-?)

Hinch, Herbert Henry (1872-?)

Hinch, Simpson P. (1855-?)

Hines, J. H. (1879-?)

Holman, Hugh Gordon (1881-?)

Hooper, Archibald Wesley (1868-?)

Hooper, Harold Richmond (1872-1955)

Hooper, Samuel

Horn, David (1849-1933)

Horn, Kitchingman T.

Horton, George E. (1876-?)

Horwood, Victor William (1878-1939)

Hosie, Robert James (1866-1956)

Hoskin, Alfred Erskine (1872-1960)

Houck, J. H.

Hough, James Martin (1873-1953)

Houston, James

Howard, William

Howatt, William

Howden, John Power

Howes, Elihu R. (1873-?)

Hubbard, Frederick Charles (1872-?)

Hudson, Albert Blellock (1875-1947)

Huggard, Richard Thompson (1834-1920)

Hull, Isaac

Hull, William Frederick (1866-1937)

Hunt, H. E.

Hunter, William

Huntly, Isaac

Hutchings, Elisha Frederick (1855-1930)

Hutchinson, Hodgson Wilberforce (1862-1949)

Hutchison, John

Hutton, George (1861-?)

Hyde, Peter (1848-1915)

Hyde, Peter Lawrence (1884-1962)

Hyndman, John A.

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Ingersoll, Charles A. (1885-?)

Inkster, Colin

Inkster, William Aaron (1858-1938)

Innes, William

Iredale, Albert Edward (1868-?)

Ireland, Walter Wallace (1845-1917)

Ironside, Robert (1854-1910)

Irvine, James (1867-?)

Irwin, George Lightfoot (1856-1933)

Irwin, John

Irwin, John S.

Ivens, Charles E. (1860-1946)

Iverach, James

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Jackson, Alfred (1858-1935)

Jackson, Thomas

Jacob, Albert E. (1883-?)

James, Norman Valentine (1887-?)

Jameson, Richard Willis

Jean, Gustave (1872-?)

Jeffrey, Thomas (1858-?)

Jenkins, William (1844-1929)

Johnson, Thomas (1852-1914)

Johnson, Thomas Herman (1870-1927)

Johnston, Herbert M. (1883-?)

Johnston, John William (1871-1930)

Johnston, Norman Edward (1877-?)

Johnstone, George C.

Jones, David Wesley

Jones, James Robert (c1852-1916)

Just, Carl F. (1885-?)

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Kelly, Allan Bremner (1885-?)

Kelly, Andrew (1852-1930)

Kelly, Thomas

Kennedy, John Wesley (1845-1910)

Kennedy, Patrick Angus (1880-1962)

Kenning, William Alfred (1875-?)

Kerr, Alexander

Kerr, Philip

Kilfoyle, Absalom E.

Kilgour, James Jackson (1864-1951)

Killoh, John

King, Clarence (1879-?)

King, John Mark (1829-1899)

King, Nicholas John (1881-?)

King, Robert

King, William George (c1840-1901)

Kippan, James A.

Kirk, James

Knott, H. W. Howard (1877-?)

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Laing, George Stanley (1877-1942)

Lake, William Henry (1865-1949)

Lamb, Charles Freeman (1861-1932)

Lamont, John (1842-?)

Lamont, Peter (1870-?)

Lamont, Thomas Jasper (1858-1921)

Lang, James (1857-?)

Langdale, Francis E.

Langevin, Louis Philippe Adelard (1855-1915)

Langford, Thomas Joseph (1870-?)

Lawrence, George (1857-1924)

Lawrence, Harry E.

Laycock, J. P.

Lee, Samuel Carson (1872-1926)

Leggatt, Thomas M. (1869-?)

Leighton, Thomas Henry

Leishman, Arnot G. V. (1878-1951)

Leonard, Joseph H. (1870-?)

Leslie, Allan (1858-1938)

Leslie, John (1852-1915)

Lewin, Francis E. (1859-?)

Lightcap, Franklin (1848-1924)

Livingston, D. L.

Locke, Corbet

Lockwood, William C.

Loftus, Edwin (1868-1948)

Logan, Alexander Henry (1872-?)

Lorimer, James

Lovell, George John (1861-?)

Lowery, Robert Newton (1882-1962)

Lowes, Thomas Hetherington (1872-1953)

Lyall, Hugh Buxton (1877-1948)

Lyall, Peter D. (1876-?)

Lynch, J. Russell

Lyons, Joseph Benjamin (1872-1964)

Lyons, Robert Fern

Lytle, Robert

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MacArthur [McArthur], John Adolphus (c1860-?)

MacDonald, Alexander

Macdonald, Hector Frederick (1857-1898)

MacDonald, Joseph (1884-?)

MacFarlane, Roderick Ross (1833-1920)

MacKay, John James “Jack” (1870-1950)

Mackay, William

MacKenzie, Charles A. (1870-1953)

Mackenzie, Finlay (1864-?)

MacKinnon, Andrew Pritchard (1880-?)

MacLean, Donald A. (1858-?)

MacLean, Donald Robert Campbell (1885-1931)

MacLeod, Alexander Neil (1868-1940)

MacLeod, Malcolm H. (1857-?)

MacMillan, John McPherson

MacMillan, Neil Thomas (1877-1931)

Macnab, John Christy (1856-1932)

MacVicar, George Duncan (1846-1889)

McAree, Robert G. (1850-?)

McArthur, Archibald A. (1845-1912)

McArthur, Frederick Joseph Gustin (1874-1934)

McBain, Angus

McBain, David Graham (1831-1897)

McBain, Ernest Gordon (1871-1948)

McBain, William G. (1866-1899)

McBeth, Adam

McBeth, Robert (1805-1886)

McBeth, Robert (1848-1914)

McCallum, James T.

McCalman, Daniel Hereward (1861-1938)

McCarthy, James H. (1863-1940)

McClain, Samuel (1862-1947)

McComb, William John (1861-1935)

McConnell, Edmund W.

McConnell, James

McConnell, James G.

McConnell, John Henry (1862-1944)

McConnell, William M.

McCormick, Alexander

McCoubrey, John

McCuish, Robert George

McCulloch, George E. (1880-?)

McCullough, James (1867-1923)

McDonald, Angus R. (1862-?)

McDonald, Charles N.

McDonald, D. R.

McDonald, Duncan Albert (1868-?)

McDonald, John R. (1869-?)

McDonald, Robert (1865-?)

McDonald, Robert

McDonald, William

McDougall, A. B.

Mcdougall, John (1846-1929)

McFadden, John James (1856-1927)

McFadyen, Malcolm

McFarlane, James (1864-?)

McFarlane, Victor William (1878-1925)

McGavin, Andrew Edward (1876-1948)

McGregor, Duncan (1863-?)

McGregor, J. A.

McGregor, James D.

McGregor, Peter St. Clair (1854-?)

McInnes, Donald

McInnis, Israel L.

McIntosh, Harry H. (1880-?)

McIntosh, John Gilbert

McIntyre, Alexander (1841-1892)

McIntyre, Daniel J. (1852-1946)

McIntyre, Peter Campbell (1854-1920)

McIntyre, William Albert (1859-1938)

McIver, Donald

McIver, Kenneth (1847-?)

McKay, Angus

McKay, Angus Matheson (1862-1953)

McKay, John

McKay, Walter (1853-?)

McKechnie, John (1844-1918)

McKee, Josiah (1873-?)

McKee, Samuel James (1849-1937)

McKenzie, Albert Edward (1870-1964)

McKenzie, Donald

McKerchar, Daniel Willis (1864-1937)

McKillop, Daniel

McKinnon, Hugh Alexander (1852-1930)

McKinnon, Neil

McKinnon, Peter

McLachlan, Arthur L. (1870-?)

McLachlan, John Alexander (1869-1947)

McLachlin, Charles W.

McLean, Allan (1835-1913)

McLean, Colin H. (1858-?)

McLean, Dugald

McLean, Hector R. (1877-?)

McLean, Hugh (1881-?)

McLean, Joseph

McLean, Mary Hamilton (1870-?)

McLean, William James (1841-1929)

McLennan, Archibald

McLeod, J. R.

McLeod, Samuel J. (1867-1904)

McMartin, Edward

McMeans, Vivian A. V. (1885-1967)

McMillan, Daniel Hunter (1846-1933)

McMillan, Dougal Neil

McNaught, Bernard Ross (1875-1948)

McNiven, John D. (1861-1938)

McPhail, Henry

McPhail, Robert

McPhail, Wildrick Kenneth (1863-?)

McPherson, Archibald (1864-?)

McQuay Sr., Robert J.

McRae, Alexander Conley (1862-1920)

McRae, Randolph J. (?-?)

McTaggart, John A. (1873-?)

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Maddock, Vincent C. (1878-?)

Magee, Rupert (1874-?)

Mager, Victor [Victor Magar] (1849-1930)

Magwood, Egbert D.

Malcolm, Thomas Turnbull (1874-1938)

Manahan, William (1870-?)

de Manbey, William John (1853-1922)

Mansfield, Johnathan Western (1882-1962)

Markle, Mervyn C. (1876-?)

Marlatt, Egerton Whimster (1875-1945)

Martin, Edward Daniel (1856-?)

Martin, I. Walter

Martin, Robert A. (1866-?)

Martin, William B. (1863-?)

Martin, Robert (1830-1916)

Matheson, Ann Sutherland (1833-1914)

Matheson, Alexander (1827-1911)

Matheson, Samuel Pritchard (1852-1942)

Matthews, J. H. (1869-?)

Mattice, Alex

Maxwell, John Scott (1862-1933)

Meaden, Tom Brindley

Meindl, Alexander G. (1881-1971)

Menzies, John

Menzies, John Sinclair (1877-1966)

Menzies, Robert (1858-1940)

Merritt, Fred E.

Mickle, Charles Julius (1848-1919)

Middleton, Roland F. F.

Milburn, Frederick

Miller, John Harvey (1851-1922)

Miller, William

Millidge, Josiah John (1868-?)

Milne, James

Milton, William Ryde (1871-1959)

Miner, George Howard

Mitchell, George (1867-?)

Mitchell, James W.

Moad, Alexander (1864-1937)

Modill, Havelock

Moffett, David

Montague, Walter Humphries (1858-1915)

Mooney, John

Moore, John Samuel

Moore, Logan Murray (1848-1927)

Moore, Thomas Kells (1886-1962)

Mooring, James (1866-?)

Morden, Delbert W. (1871-?)

Morden, William A. (1861-?)

Morgan, Charles L.

Morgan, William

Morley, Arthur Willans (1880-1964)

Morrison, Donald (1862-1935)

Morrison, Malcolm

Mott, Ezra Arthur (1869-?)

Muirhead, James Allan (1879-?)

Mullowney, William Joseph (1870-?)

Mulock, William Redford (1850-1930)

Mulvey, James T.

Munroe, Alexander (1857-?)

Munroe, Alexander

Munroe, George Fraser (1849-1912)

Munroe, James (1851-1927)

Murchison, Colin (1866-?)

Murdoff, Harry Morton (1877-?)

Murphy, John H. J.

Murphy, William George (1858-1918)

Murray, A. H. Stewart

Murray, C. Gordon

Murray, John

Musgrove, Robert A.

Musgrove, William Wesley Lorne (1882-1947)

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Nanton, Augustus Meredith (1860-1925)

Naylor, Harry P.

Neil, George (1870-?)

Nelles, Lonsdale (1849-1936)

Newton, Charles Henry (1851-1919)

Nichol, Charles H.

Nichol, William

Nichols, Mark Edgar

Nicholson, George A. (1878-?)

Nicholson, Henry Pears (1868-1933)

Nicholson, James Stewart (1854-1898)

Nixon, Charles F.

Noble, George B. (1852-1921)

Noonan, Richard (1874-?)

Norquay, Jacob Truthwaite (1884-1976)

Norquay, John

Norton, Frederick

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Oakes, Albert H. (1869-?)

Oberlin, John Kenneth

O'Connor, William John (1837-1910)

Oddson, Thorsteinn (1864-1934)

O'Donnell, John Harrison (1838-1912)

Ogletree, Francis (1826-1916)

O'Hara, Robert H.

Olafson, Gisli

Oles, Alvin S.

O'Reilly, John (1844-1914)

Ormond, Horace (1875-1934)

Osler, Hugh Farquharson (1881-1943)

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Pagan, Edward C.

Pagan, William R.

Palmer, Walter

Palmer, William S.

Pangman, Reuben J.

Park, James

Parker, Chandler

Paterson, Francis C. (1865-?)

Paterson, Robert Walter (1876-1936)

Patmore, Henry Lewis (1861-1946)

Pattinson, Harry Richard (1852-1944)

Pearson, William

Peel, William

Peltier, Eugene J. (1869-1946)

Pennefather, R. F. Gerald

Perry, William

Persse, John Thomas Blandell (1861-1927)

Phelps, George W. (1882-?)

Phillips, Wilford (1858-1918)

Pickard, Henry George (1869-1955)

Pirt, Wesley Wright (1881-1931)

Pitblado, Isaac (1867-1964)

Polson, Alexander

Polson, Hugh (1859-?)

Polson, John

Polson, Samuel (1847-1926)

Pool, Frederick J. A.

Pope, Egerton Llewellyn (1874-?)

Popham, Edwin Samuel (1856-1930)

Powers, Charles Augustus (1879-1941)

Pratt, Ralph B.

Price, J. Frank (1882-?)

Prud'Homme, Joseph Henry John (1882-1952)

Puckering, William L. (1865-?)

Purdon, Robert (1851-1945)

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Quinn, William

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Race, Louis A. (1865-?)

Ramsay, Louis Lindsay (1878-?)

Ramsay, William Francis (1866-1933)

Rankin, Aleck M.

Rankin, George

Rankin, John J.

Rawlins, Walter G.

Rea, Andrew Edward (1846-1926)

Redmond, Thomas

Reid, Allen (1887-?)

Reid, Ephraim

Renton, A. R.

Richards, George E.

Richards, Stephen Elswood (1878-1950)

Richardson, James

Richardson, Robert Lorne

Riddell Sr., John

Riley, Isaac (1853-1926)

Ritchie, Sinclair Balsor (1855-1933)

Roberts, William Edward (1875-?)

Robertson, John Palmerston

Robertson, Peter

Robertson, Wilbert Alexander (1881-1940)

Robinson, Arthur (1869-?)

Robinson, Isaac A. (1860-?)

Robinson, Samuel (1858-?)

Robinson, Thomas

Robinson, William

Robison, Herbert Edward (1869-1933)

Robson, Hugh Amos (1871-1945)

Robson, James K.

Rodney, Michael J. (1864-?)

Rogers, Nelson Thomas (1859-?)

Roland, Charles Franklin (1869-?)

Rose, Edwin William (1877-?)

Rose, Francis (1853-?)

Rose, Henry (1852-1923)

Ross, Arthur Wellington

Ross, Daniel Gordon (1867-1951)

Ross, Donald Andrew (1856-1938)

Ross, Donald Andrew

Ross, Hugh (1856-1894)

Ross, John D.

Ross, John Hugo

Ross, Robertson

Ross, Walter (1886-?)

Ross, William R.

Rothwell, Samuel James (1868-1924)

Rowan, David

Rowley, Charles Walsh (1869-?)

Royal, Charles Henri (1867-?)

Russell, John Hamilton Gordon (1863-1946)

Rutherford, Edward H.

Rutherford, Robert

Ryder, Michael (1874-1949)

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Sandstrom, Andrew (1873-1976)

Scallion, James William (1847-1926)

Schaffner, Frederick Lawrence (1855-1935)

Schank, John M. (1858-?)

Schultz, John Christian

Scott, David Hunter (1851-1943)

Scott, Jacob (1859-1928)

Scott, Robert

Scott, Robert A. (1869-?)

Scott, Robert Barton (1840-1921)

Scott, Robert H.

Scott, William

Shantz, Milton E. (1873-1944)

Sharpe, Eliphalet Edwards (1870-1948)

Sharpe, Herbert S. (1879-?)

Sharpe, Robert T. C. (1881-?)

Sharpe, W. H.

Shaw, Alexander W. (1867-?)

Sheppard, William (1841-1916)

Sherritt, George (1852-?)

Shier, J. S.

Shier, Josiah

Shillinglaw, Walter Henderson (1864-1957)

Shilson, Herbert S. (1869-?)

Short, William F.

Short, William J.

Simpson, Frank

Simpson, John (1856-?)

Simpson, John

Simpson, Robert Mills (1864-?)

Sinclair, Thomas (1877-1913)

Singleton, Heber Lionel (1881-1955)

Skayman, Joseph

Slater, Andrew Earnest (1861-?)

Slater, John

Smale, William Isaac (1859-1924)

Smith, David (1867-?)

Smith, G. C.

Smith, John E. (1849-1919)

Smith, John I.

Smith, Robert M. (1875-?)

Smith, Robert W.

Smith, William (1870-?)

Smith, William Patterson (1850-1937)

Snider, Edward R. (1868-?)

Sparling, R. C.

Speakman, Richard E. (1857-?)

Spencer, E. A.

Spillett, Merritt Albert

Squire, Robert

Stark, Oliver (1884-?)

Steele, Frederick W. (1860-?)

Steen, Charles B. (1874-?)

Steinkopf, Max (1881-1935)

Stephens, George Frame (1851-1921)

Stevenson, Sidney Septimus (1875-1971)

Stewart, Arthur (1854-1913)

Stewart, Donald M. (1845-?)

Stewart, Frederick Henry (1872-?)

Stewart, Henry (1875-?)

Stewart, J. A.

Stewart, James W. (1867-?)

Stewart, R. W.

Stewart, William (1877-?)

Stott, Alfred (1873-?)

Strachan, John

Strang, Gavin

Stratton, Ira (1865-1943)

Strevel, George Henry (1836-1914)

Struthers, Edmund Amos (1855-1935)

Sturgeon, William Robert

Sutherland, Angus (1854-1909)

Sutherland, Daniel N.

Sutherland, J. B. (1882-?)

Sutherland, John Black

Sutherland, John G.

Sutherland, Morrison (1850-1915)

Sutherland, Roderick Ross (1864-1945)

Sykes, George Frederick (1874-1947)

Sykes, Samuel

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Tapp, William (1863-?)

Tarr, Edgar Jordan (1881-1950)

Tate, Robert (1874-?)

Taylor, Edmund L.

Taylor, Henry Stephen (1864-1937)

Taylor, Robert

Taylor, Thomas William (1852-1924)

Telford, Donald McLeod (1845-1929)

Templeton, Charles Perry (1884-?)

Tennant, John F.

Tennant, William

Thomas, O. A. (1881-?)

Thomas, Walter Frederick

Thompson, David C. (1870-?)

Thompson, Ira D.

Thompson, James Alexander (1882-?)

Thompson, James L. (1869-?)

Thompson, Joseph

Thompson, Robert George (1874-?)

Thomson, Ebenezer

Thornton, Robert Stirton (1863-?)

Todd, James (1859-?)

Toohey, Thomas

Towers, William Boston (1854-1922)

Trumbell, Robert E. (1858-?)

Tupper, James Stewart

Turnbull, John R. (1864-1904)

Turner, Harry B.

Turner, John Percival (1879-?)

Tuttle, Eldred Dodsworth (1878-1965)

Twiss, Cecil Maitland (1883-?)

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Ure, Daniel MacKenzie

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Vance, Clarence S. (1887-?)

Vance, James Montgomery

Vaughan, Lynds Smith (1847-1937)

Venables, Frederick T.

Vincent Jr., William T. (1869-?)

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Waldron, Joseph Henry (1882-?)

Walker, David Marr (1835-1920)

Walker, Frank A.

Walker, James

Walker, John Bruce (1861-1939)

Walker, Philip (1881-1937)

Walker, Thomas

Walkey, Albert Ernest

Wallace, Benjamin D'Arcy (1861-1936)

Wallace, William P.

Waller, R. de W.

Walton, George M.

Wardle, Willmot

Wardman, George F. C.

Warren, J. N.

Watson, John L.

Watson, William John (1849-1907)

Watts, John

Waugh, Richard Deans

Waugh, Rueben James (1875-1945)

Wedow, Charles W.

Weir, John (1867-1959)

Weir, Joseph A.

Wellband, William (1846-1914)

Wemyss, John

West, George H.

West, James Pender (1868-1939)

Westwood, Frederick T.

Wheeler, Richard James Sadleir (1861-1915)

Whellams, Creasey J. (1842-1918)

Whellams, Herbert C. (1867-1950)

Whellams, William F. (1868-1910)

Whimster, Murdo A.

White, David

White, Samuel Day (1858-1945)

Whiteford, Adam

Whiteford, John L. (1872-?)

Whitehead, J. B.

Whitla, Robert James (1846-1905)

Whitmore, Harry B.

Whitmore, Thomas

Whyte, William

Whyte, William J.

Wicks, Frederick W. (1875-?)

Wiggins, James

Wigmore, William

Wilkinson, Joseph (1865-?)

Williams, Charles E. (1886-?)

Williams, Edward V. (1866-?)

Williams, F. Arthur

Williams, John

Williams, W. J. (1866-?)

Williamson, George F. (1870-?)

Williamson, Mathew G. (1855-?)

Wilson, Archibald Edward (1869-?)

Wilson, David T. (1854-?)

Wilson, Edmund James (1858-1943)

Wilson, George G. (1871-?)

Wilson, John Bowes (1869-?)

Wilson, John Edward (1878-1956)

Wilson, Sherman Harrison

Wilton, John (1849-1932)

Wilton, John

Wilton, John W. (1879-1942)

Wishart, George R.

Wishart, Joseph J.

Woodcock, Thomas (1874-?)

Woodiwiss, Edwin Sydney (1871-1940)

Wye, James Keith (1846-1928)

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Yates, James Edward (1873-1944)

Young, David (1847-1931)

Young, Finlay McNaughton (1852-1916)

Young, H. V.

Young, Joseph B.

Young, Richard Hunter (1876-1965)

Young, William J. (1863-?)

Young, William A. (1870-?)

Yule, William

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