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Memorable Manitobans: Pioneers and Early Citizens of Manitoba:
A Dictionary of Manitoba Biography from the Earliest Times to 1920

This collection of biographies of early Manitobans was compiled by the Manitoba Library Association, and published in 1971. Those included in the collection lived prior to 1920, and came from all walks of life: politics, professions, business and finance, armed services, arts, pioneers, and others.

© 1971, Manitoba Library Association,
used with permission by the Manitoba Historical Society
ISBN 0-919566-01-4

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Governors of Red River Settlement (1812-1870)

Judges of Manitoba (1870-present)

Legislative Assemblies of Manitoba (1870-present)

Legislative Council of Manitoba (1871-1876)

Lieutenant-Governors of Manitoba (1870-present)

Manitoba Centennial Medals (1970)

Manitoba Members of Parliament (1870-present)

Manitoba Recipients of the Order of Canada

Manitoba Recipients of the Order of Manitoba

Manitoba Senators (1870-present)

Mayors of Brandon (1882-present)

Mayors of Winnipeg (1874-present)

Manitoba Order of the Buffalo Hunt

Manitoba Order of the Crocus

Police Chiefs of Winnipeg (1874-present)

Chiefs of Manitoba Provincial Police (1870-1932)

Premiers of Manitoba (1870-present)

Speakers of the Manitoba Legislature (1871-present)


In 1964 the need for a comprehensive source of names of pioneers and early citizens of Manitoba was first discussed. The task of compiling such a work was undertaken as a project of the Manitoba Library Association, and a committee was formed to select names and prepare biographical sketches.

It was decided that the period of time to be covered would end at 1919 and that the selection of names would be made from the following categories: politics, the professions, business and finance, the armed services, the arts, pioneers, and any others who had made a significantcontribution to the life of the province. The committee is concerned that there may be regrettable omissions but hopes that this volume includes most of those who shared in some measure in the early development of Manitoba.

The committee acknowledges the contributions of many people in the preparation of these biographical outlines but is especially indebted to Mr. Hartwell Bowsfield, former Archivist; to Mr. John Bovey, Archivist; and to Mr. Barry Hyman, Assistant Archivist of the Province of Manitoba.

In the publication of this volume the Manitoba Library Association has been aided by a grant from the Government of the Province of Manitoba.

Marjorie Morley
Chairman, Dictionary of Manitoba Biography Committee of the Manitoba Library Association

Winnipeg, Manitoba
January 1971

Members of the Committee:

Marjorie Morley, Chairman
Magdalen Brownlee
Kathleen Gillespie
Margaret Mackenzie
Mona Martin
Violet Parker


Adams, David Elder (1859-1919)

Agnew, John Hume (1863-1908)

Agur, Robert Henry (1856-1913)

Aikins, James Cox (1823-1904)

Aikins, J. Somerset (1850-1911)

Aird, Alexander A. (c1855-1916)

Alsip, William (1833-1912)

Anderson, Charles Daniel (1829-1914)

Anderson, David (1814-1885)

Anderson, James (1840-1891)

Anderson, Thomas Alderson (1855-1919)