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Historic Sites of Manitoba: South Central School / Carlton School (Graham Avenue, Winnipeg)

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The first school at this site, called the South Central School, was a two-storey, two-room brick structure, designed by architect brothers C. A. Barber and E. W. Barber, and built in 1881 on Graham Avenue between Carlton and Hargrave Streets, on six lots belonging to the Hudson’s Bay Company (two of which were purchased for $100 each, with the other four donated by the company). Four classrooms were added to the building in 1882 and four more were added in 1886. The school was renamed Carlton School in 1898, to avoid confusion with Central School No. 1 (Victoria School), Central School No. 2 (Albert School), and North Central School (Norquay School).

The entire structure was demolished in 1903 and replaced at the same site by a new three-storey Carlton School, designed by local school architect J. B. Mitchell. This building was used for nearly 27 years. It was purchased by the T. Eaton Company and demolished in April 1930, to allow expansion of a parking lot for the company’s nearby department store. The staff and students were transferred to Alexandra School.





Mr. A. E. Springer


Daniel J. McIntyre (1852-1946)


Francis Ferguson Kerr (c1861-1938)


James Henry McCarthy (1863-1940)


Thomas Laidlaw (1865-1926)


Alice Elvira Talbot Matheson (1867-1949)


Marion Isabel McDougall (1874-1951)


Annie Milne (1876-1942)


Carrie Maud Yuill (1877-1938)


School Year





Miss Maggie Agnew (Standard 7), Miss Rose Currie (Senior 5), Miss Hill (Junior 1), Miss Jessie Holiday (Standard 3), Francis Ferguson Kerr (Standard 8), Miss Lethbridge (Senior Standard 1), Miss McKenzie (Standard 4), Miss Nimmons (Standard 4), Miss Z. Patterson (Junior 5), Miss Talbot (Standard 6), Clara G. Walsh (Standard 2)


Miss R. Currie (Standard 6 & 7), Miss Hill (Junior 1), Miss Jessie Holiday (Standard 3), Francis Ferguson Kerr (Standard 8), Miss McCracken (Senior Standard 1), Miss Nimmons (Standard 5), Miss B. Rogers (Standard 7), Jessie Isabella Ptolemy (Standard 5 & 6), Miss Somerset (Standard 4), Clara G. Walsh (Standard 2)


Miss Agnew, Miss Christie, Miss Hill, Miss J. Holiday, Miss McCracken, Jessie Isabella Ptolemy, Miss Rogers, Clara G. Walsh, Tilla E. Zinkan




Miss Calloway, Miss Christie, Miss B. Conklin, Miss Holiday, Miss Macdougall, Miss M. F McDonald, Miss McIlroy, Miss Rogers, Miss L. Talbot, Miss Webster




Miss N. Anderson, Miss Calloway, Miss Christie, Miss Conklin, Miss Halliday, Miss Holcroft, Miss Macdonald, Miss McIlroy, Miss Rogers, Miss Webster


Miss K. Anderson, Miss N. Anderson, Miss M. Calloway, Miss M. Christie, Miss B. Conklin, Miss A. McIlroy, Miss M. F. McDonald, Miss M. McDougall, Miss R. Rodgers, Miss E. Webster


Miss Calloway, Miss Christie, Miss Doupe, Miss Halliday, Miss M. L. Hislop, Miss Monteith, Miss Shore, Miss Webster


Miss M. Christie, Miss J. K. Clements, Miss S. Doupe, Miss M. Halliday, Miss M. McDougall, Miss J. McEwan, Miss H. Monteith, Miss Grace Shore, Miss E. Webster


Miss M. Christie, Miss K. Clements, Miss O. Clint, Miss M. Halliday, Miss L. Martin, Miss M. McDougal, Miss H. Monteith, Miss G. Shore, Miss E. Webster


Miss K. Clement, Miss M. Halliday, Miss J. Holiday, Miss Mary Marrin, Miss Laura E. Martin, Miss M. McDougall, Miss C. Scoble, Miss Grace Shore, Miss F. Stephenson


Miss Bathgate, Miss Craig, Laura “Laurie” Cull, Miss A.R. Gordon, Miss Harris, Miss Marrin, Miss Stephenson


Miss E. Carley, Laura “Laurie” Cull, Miss M. M. Gordon, Miss K. Haffner, Miss E. Holiday, Miss D. Howland, Miss E. Stephenson




Miss G. Addison, Miss F. Blake, Miss A. R. Gordon, Miss F. Harper, Miss L. Hayward, Miss M. Hossack, Miss H. Kay, Miss E. O’Donnell, Miss E. M. Rose


Miss G. Addison, Miss L. Brandon, Miss M. Gall, Miss F. Harper, Miss M. Hossack, Miss A. L. Irwin, Miss M. Matthew, Miss E. O’Donnell, Miss E. M. Rose, Miss E. Thompson




Miss G. M. Addison, Miss Irene Bradley, Miss E. Eason, Miss M. Gall, Miss F. E. Harper, Miss A. L. Irvin, Miss E. O’Donnell, Miss M. W. Reid, Miss E. M. Rose


Miss G. Addison, Miss I. Bradley, Miss M. Gall, Miss F. Harper, Miss A. Irwin, Miss E. Mitchell, Miss O’Donnell, Miss M. Reid, Miss E. Rose


Miss Addison, Miss Drummond, Miss Gall, Miss Irwin, Miss Julia Leckie, Miss O’Donnell, Miss Rose, Miss Turner, Miss Wallace


Miss M. K. Drummond, Miss A. L. Irwin, Miss J. Leckie, Miss Celia Mitchell, Miss E. O’Donnell, Miss E. Rose, Miss L. Wallace


Miss M. Hill, Miss A. Irwin, Miss J. Leckie, Miss E. O’Donnell, Miss N. Partridge, Miss E. Rose, Miss V. Wanless


M. Hill, A. Irwin, J. Leckie, E. J. McArthur, M. McKinnon, R. O’Donnell, N. Partridge, A. Sharman


V. G. Craven, E. M. Gillespie, A. Irwin, J. Leckie, E. McArthur, M. E. McKinnon, E. O’Donnell, A. Sharman


E. M. Gillespie, A. Irwin, E. McArthur, E. O’Donnell, O. M. Overy, E. Rose, A. Sharman, M. Symes


I. Burke, E. M. Gillespie, E. Howard, E. McArthur, E. O’Donnell, Ruth Parker, E. Rose, I. A. Sharman, M. Symes


E. Anthony, V. Brown, M. M. Devine, E. M. Gillespie, E. McArthur, E. O’Donnell, E. Rose, I. Steeper, M. Symes, N. J. Vick




A. Blackhall, W. Bloomer, V. Brown, L. Crawford, M. M. Devine, E. O’Donnell, E. Rose, G. Spencer, I. Steeper


A. C. Blackhall, W. M. Bloomer, V. Brown, M. M. Devine, Mrs. N. B. King, E. O’Donnell, O. D. Playford, E. M. Rose, G. Spencer, K. Wooster


A. C. Blackhall, V. Brown, V. M. Bloomer, M. M. Devine, N. B. King, E. O’Donnell, E. M. Rose, G. Spencer, K. Smith, K. Wooster


A. C. Blackhall, W. M. Bloomer, V. Brown, E. Galbraith, C. Milne, E. O’Donnell, E. M. Rose, G. Spencer




W. Bloomer, V. Brown, E. S. Galbraith, B. Harris, M. Mills, C. Milne, L. McIntyre, E. M. Rose, G. Sinclair, K. Wooster


W. Bloomer, Annie Kerl, C. Milne, E. R. Mosley, E. M. Rose, M. Shortreed, G. Spencer, E. Wasserman, K. Wooster


W. Bloomer, N. Goldstraw, Dora Faryon, L. Laing, Clara Milne, E. M. Rose, M. Shortreed, G. Spencer, P. M. White


W. M. Bloomer, D. Faryon, N. Goldstraw, L. Laing, E. Rose, M. Shortreed, G. Spencer, P. M. White

Among the other teachers of Carlton School was Reginald Palmer.

Photos & Maps

South Central School

South Central School, later renamed Carlton School (1883) by F. V. Bingham
Source: Archives of Manitoba, Winnipeg - Schools - Carlton #1, N12611.

Carlton School

Postcard view of the second Carlton School (circa 1912)
Source: Rob McInnes, WP0437.

Carlton School

Carlton School (circa 1915)
Source: Archives of Manitoba, Winnipeg - Schools - Carlton #3, N12613.

Carlton School

Map of the Carlton School site, with Graham Avenue at right (1906)
Source: Library and Archives Canada, Winnipeg Fire Insurance Map, 1906, No. 41.

Site Location (lat/long): N49.89139, W97.14447
denoted by symbol on the map above

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This page was prepared by Gordon Goldsborough and Nathan Kramer.

Page revised: 15 October 2017

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