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Aboriginal Communities
This section includes images of life in aboriginal communities, including housing, economic activities, and individual and groups portraits.

Agriculture and Farm Life
Includes images of farms, farming technology and machinery, and farmsteads. Indoor domestic scenes are included primarily under Home Life below.

Cartoons, Posters and Pamphlets
This section includes images of printed materials. This includes pamphlets and broadsides, political cartoons, advertisements and selected pages from newspapers and periodicals.

Economics and Commerce
This section depicts all sorts of economic activity, excluding agriculture and domestic work. Also included are photographs of businesses and commercial establishments.

Education and Schools
Included in this section are photographs of pupils and teachers engaged in school-related activites, indoors and outdoors. There is a large collection here depicting school buildings.

Gender and Women's Issues
This section includes images which depict women at work, women's associations and organizations, and portraits of prominent individuals in these organizations.

Health Care and Healing Institutions
This section includes image of nurses, doctors and public health workers at work both in institutions and in their patients' homes. It also includes architectural images of healing institutions.

Home Life
Images in this section primarily depict domestic situations, people at home, and the interiors of houses. Additional images depicting home life in rural settings can be found in Agriculture and Farm Life above. Architectural images of houses and outdoor photos of urban neighbourhoods are found primarily in Housing below.

Houses and Housing
Includes primarily images of the outsides of houses and apartment buildings and of city and town streets. For images of domestic scenes and the interior of houses, see Home Life above.

Images in this section are of public buildings and institutions, public works, and private and charity institutions. Not included are images which appear in Education and Health Care above. Includes Images of Police and Firefighters.

Leisure Activities and Sports
This section includes photographs of individuals and groups engaging in sporting or recreational activities or attending festive events. It includes many group portraits as well as pictures of parks, clubhouses and other places of recreation.

Maps in this section include sketch maps showing Manitoba's growth and economic development and maps of individual communities and municipalities.

Organizations Associations, and Clubs
This section includes portraits of groups and individuals, formal and informal, associated with organizations in private life. Most individual portriats are included in People and Portraits below. Groups and organizations associated primarily with public life or politics are included in Politics below.

People and Portraits
This section contains photographs of individuals and small groups. Many, although not all, are identified. Portraits of larger groups are to be found in Organizations, Associations and Clubs above.

Politics and Government
Images in this section depict public life, including politicians, public buildings and artifacts and images relating to political campaigns and organizations. Political Cartoons are in the Cartoons section above.

Religious Organizations and Institutions
This section includes images depicting the religious life and ritual of Manitoba's communities. It includes pictures of religious instituions and structures, as well as images of clergy and missionaries at work.

Transportation and Communications
This section includes photographs relating to transportation, including images of vehicles and draft animals. It also includes images relating to technology and infrastucture, especially in the transportation and communications sector.

Working People and Labour Movements
This section includes images of urban labourers and their organizations. It also includes images of the Winnipeg General Strike, including of those who opposed the Strike.

World War One
This section includes photographs relating to Manitoba's participation in the First World War. It contains images of soldiers and military officers, both from Canada and from Europe. It also contains images of civilian life during the War and several images related to the Boer War.

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