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TimeLinks: Transportation and Communications

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  • Railway Construction
  • Indian and Oxen
  • Tasheno and Wife, Hartney
  • Grading First Avenue, Gimli
  • Gimli Harbor
  • Lady of the Lake, Gimli
  • The "Montgomery," Gimli
  • Dog Teams, Gimli
  • Mundi Johnson and Dog Team, Gimli
  • CPR Station, Gimli
  • Stefan Erickson Going to Market, Riverton
  • Hauling Hay from the Marshes near Gimli
  • Ice Road Construction on Lake Winnipeg
  • Going to Church by Cutter
  • Railway Station at Ninette
  • Hayrack, Ninette
  • Construction of Road, Ninette
  • Box Sleigh, Ninette
  • Métis Family and Red River Cart
  • Henri Billard and Motorcycle,
  • Mennonite Farmer, Blumenfeld
  • CNR Construction Near Hartney
  • Mill and Elevators, Hartney
  • CPR Station, Hartney
  • Manitoba Motor League Booster Car
  • Snow Clearing, CNR Line
  • Snow Covered Tracks, CNR Line
  • Showing St. Andrew's Locka and Dam Structure
  • LShowing St. Andrew's Locks
  • Cheshire Dairy Delivery Wagon, Winnipeg
  • Bringing in the Wood Supply
  • Hauling Hay, Ste. Anne des Chênes
  • Advertisement for Studebaker
  • Advertisement for Oakland Automobile
  • Advertisement for Winnipeg Garage
  • Advertisement for the Tires
  • Ad for the Winnipeg Motor Boat Company
  • Advertisement for Indian Motorcycles
  • Interior of Machine Shops
  • Gas Tractor Company, Winnipeg
  • Winnipeg Auto Club's Annual Run
  • Advertisement for Commercial Cars
  • St. Adolphe Ferry
  • Telephone Man and Service Truck, Reston
  • Schist Lake Mine Ore Pile and Loading Area
  • Cordwood Stacked at Railway Siding, Poplarfield
  • Workers at CPR Weston Shops
  • Minster on His Way to Church by Sleigh, Reston
  • Ferry on Red River, Ste. Agathe
  • Construction of Bridge on Seine River, Ste. Anne
  • CNR Water Tower, Ste. Anne
  • Robert Leclerc Sr. Hauling Firewood, St. Eustache
  • Ferry Boat, St. Eustache
  • CNR Locomotive #3391
  • Grand Trunk Pacific Yards, Rivers
  • CNR Engines, Old and New
  • CNR Shops, Rivers
  • Original CPR Coal Dock, Reston
  • New (1923) CPR Coal Dock, Reston
  • Shipment of Ford Cars, Roland
  • Pinawa Hydro-Electric Plant
  • Powerhouse, Pinawa Dam
  • Controlling Dam, Pinawa Channel
  • Winnipeg Hydro Sub-Station
  • Man with Bicycle
  • Streetcar with Billboard Advertising
  • MHS YouTube Channel

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