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In the 1950s, there were over 700 grain elevators in Manitoba. Today, there are fewer than 150. Learn about the legacy of these disappearing “prairie giants” and help by sharing information about an elevator—existing or gone—in your community.

Dufrost Pool Elevator Minto Pool Elevator Carey Pioneer Elevator Clearwater Federal Elevator Glass Scottish Elevator Sperling UGG Elevator

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Manitoba Historial Society interested in ALL elevators, or only ones that are now gone?

We are interested in ALL elevators in Manitoba, whatever their present status. This includes wooden elevators, concrete elevators, and steel elevators.

Is there a list of elevators?

A list of elevators about which we have received some information so far is available here and a map showing some elevator locations in Manitoba is available here. If you have information about an elevator, whether or not it is on this list or map, we want to hear from you about it.

A list of surviving grain elevators in Manitoba is available here.

Does the Manitoba Historical Society have more information about grain elevators?

Small Farmers, Big Business, and the Battle over the “Prairie Sentinels” by Karen Nicholson
Manitoba History, Number 45, Spring/Summer 2003

The Flour Milling Industry in Manitoba Since 1870 by John Everitt
Manitoba History, Number 26, Autumn 1993

The “Tragic Muddle” and a “Cooperative Success”: An Account of Two Elevator Experiments in Manitoba, 1906-1928 by John Everitt
Manitoba History, Number 18, Autumn 1989

Historic Sites of Manitoba: Inglis Grain Elevators (Inglis, RM of Riding Mountain West)

Historic Sites of Manitoba: Elevation Demolition Videos

Are there other online sources of information for Manitoba grain elevators?

A few other resources are listed here:

Manitoba Historic Resources Branch (Internal Reports, Economic Histories - Grain Elevators)

Manitoba Grain Elevators by Steve Boyko

What is the oldest grain elevator in Manitoba?

The oldest surviving grain elevator in Manitoba (and, in fact, all of Canada) is believed to be the one at Elva, constructed in 1897.

What places had elevators along the Canadian National and Canadian Pacific railway lines in Manitoba?

Here are pages with the names of stations on each railway subdivision and what elevators they had at each station:

Canadian National Railway

Canadian Pacific Railway

Great Northern Railway

What grain companies had elevators in Manitoba?

Here are pages listing elevators operated by some of the more active companies during the 20th century:


Bawlf Grain

Cargill Grain

Delmar Commodities

Federal Grain

Forsythe Elevator

Inter-Ocean Grain

Lake of the Woods Milling

Manitoba Pool Elevators

National Grain

Northern Elevator

Ogilvie Flour Mills

Parrish and Heimbecker

Paterson Grain

Reliance Grain

Richardson / Pioneer

Scottish Cooperative Wholesale Society

Searle Grain

United Grain Growers


Western Canada Flour Mills

Young Grain

Where can I purchase photos / drawings / paintings of grain elevators?

Winnipeg artist Joel Bouchard creates and sells original paintings of grain elevators in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta.

Winnipeg photographer Jean McManus has photographs of numerous grain elevators around Manitoba. She can be reached by email at jean@mhs.mb.ca.

Who can I contact with questions and comments about the This Old Elevator project?

You can contact Gordon Goldsborough at the Manitoba Historical Society at gordon@mhs.mb.ca.

How to Help

Thank you for helping with the This Old Elevator project of the Manitoba Historical Society in collaboration with Manitoba Co-operator.

Please provide information about ONE ELEVATOR in the form below. If there were several elevators at the same location, such as ones owned by different companies, please enter information for each one separately. Feel free to leave spaces blank. Press the Submit information button to send the completed form to the Manitoba Historical Society.

If you prefer to provide information by email, send it to elevators@mhs.mb.ca.


Manitoba Pool Fonds, S. J. McKee Archives, Brandon University.

United Grain Growers Fonds, University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections.

We thank Jean McManus, Glenn Dickson, Bernie Freeman, Mike Lisowski, George Penner, and Ed Ledohowski for providing information used here.

This page was prepared by Gordon Goldsborough.

Page revised: 29 December 2020

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