Historic Sites of Manitoba: Loudoun School No. 1511 (3350 Wilkes Avenue, Winnipeg)

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The Loudoun School District was established in July 1909 and tenders for a $2,000 schoolhouse called for in November 1909. It was constructed along Wilkes Avenue in the Municipality of Charleswood (now Winnipeg) at its intersection with Loudoun Road. The first class was held in September 1910 with 19 students. In 1920 the school was rebuilt and a full basement was added. The structure measured 25 feet wide by 25 feet deep by 13 feet high. By 1938, there were 48 students. The building lacked any running water and had no electric lighting, something which a School Inspector's report of September 1949 recommended attending to, either via renovation of the present building or construction of a new school facility.

Tenders were called in March 1950, with two debentures ($12,000 initially, with a further $3,000 later approved) issued to finance the undertaking. The new one-room school was built in 1951, located slightly to the west at the intersection of Wilkes and Elmhurst, where electricity and city water would be available. A one-room addition was built in 1957 and funded via a $15,000 debenture. In January 1963, the district became part of the Charleswood Consolidated School No. 2327. The school closed in September 1968 and the remaining students went to other facilities of the Assiniboine South School Division.

The former two-room school building remains on the site and is used by the Pembina Trails School Division as a school bus dispatch facility.





Damaris Robinson


Mary Charlotte Pinn McLachlan (1907-1984)


Anne Davidchuk Waschuk (1936-2021)


Ronald Willard McPhedrain


Margaretha May “Rita” Wiebe


Among the early teachers of Loudoun School were Myrtle Disney (Spring 1910), Mabel E. Whyte [White] (Fall 1910 - Fall 1911), Margaret Garland (Spring-Fall 1912), Amanda Byrne (Spring 1913 - Fall 1915), Agnes Beswell Davidson (Spring 1916 - Fall 1917, Fall 1918 - Spring 1920), E. M. Bennett (January 1918), Caroline J. Stephan (February-June 1918), school closed due to influenza (pt October - November 1918), Jessie Middleton (Fall 1920), Violet M. Clements (Spring 1921), Marguerite E. Abbott (Fall 1921 - Spring 1922, daughter of Reverend Wesley Watson Abbott), Herbert Newson Baxter (Fall 1922 - Spring 1923), Clara Taylor (Fall 1923 - February 1927), Lydia Yager (March 1927 - Spring 1929), Gladys L. Lovering (Fall 1929 - Spring 1930), Ida Waldon (Fall 1930 - October 1934), Mary Arden Gwendolyn Newell (October 1934 - Spring 1936), Alma Emily Yager (Fall 1936 - Spring 1940), Hester Doveta [Dorreta?] Armstrong (Fall 1940 - Spring 1943), Bertha May Blackburn Ellison (Fall 1943 - Spring 1945), Miss E. M. Zilkie (August-November 1945), Elsie Dugard (November 1945 - Spring 1948), Constance Marion Cox (Fall 1948 - Spring 1949), Stella Poberzny (Fall 1949 - Spring 1950), Evelyn Ruth Black (Fall 1950 - Spring 1952), Nesta Esme Trevenen? [Treveor?] (Fall 1952), Archibald Lewis Goodbun (Spring 1953), and Damaris Robinson (Fall 1953 - Spring 1956).




Damaris Robinson (grades 1-8)


Damaris Robinson (grades 4-9), Anne Davidchuk Waschuk (grades 1-4)


Mary Charlotte McLachlan (grades 5-9), Anne Davidchuk Waschuk (grades 1-4)


Anne Davidchuk Waschuk (grades 5-8), Iris Mabel Thompson Winning (grades 1-4)


Ronald Willard McPhedrain (grades 5-8), Iris Mabel Thompson Winning (grades 1-4)


Margaretha May “Rita” Wiebe (grades 5-8), Iris Mabel Thompson Winning (grades 1-4)


Margaretha May “Rita” Wiebe (grades 5-8), Iris Mabel Thompson Winning (grades 1-4)


Frances Mary Hutmacher (grades 1-3), Margaretha May “Rita” Wiebe (grades 5-8)


Frances Mary Hutmacher (grades 1-4)


Frances Mary Hutmacher (grades 1-3)


Frances Mary Hutmacher (grades 1-3)


Frances Mary Hutmacher (grades 1-3)


(September only): Frances Mary Hutmacher (grades 1-3)

Photos & Coordinates

The original Loudoun School building

The original Loudoun School building (no date)
Source: Len Van Roon

The interior of the original Loudoun School

The interior of the original Loudoun School (no date)
Source: Len Van Roon

The final Loudoun School

The final Loudoun School (August 2020)
Source: Nathan Kramer

The final Loudoun School

The final Loudoun School (August 2020)
Source: Nathan Kramer

The final Loudoun School

The final Loudoun School (September 2022)
Source: Nathan Kramer

Site Coordinates (lat/long): N49.84226, W97.25802
denoted by symbol on the map above


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We thank Len Van Roon for providing additional information used here.

This page was prepared by Nathan Kramer and Gordon Goldsborough.

Page revised: 11 February 2024

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