Len Van Roon

Community activist, historian.

Len, and formerly with his late wife Verna Van Roon, has long been active in his community, the Charleswood area of Winnipeg. He has collected numerous artefacts for the Charleswood Museum (using many of them during frequent visits to local schools), researched local historic sites, and as a member of the Charleswood Historical Society, has helped to preserve Caron House, one of the last remaining vestiges of a time when Charleswood was a farming community. He has compiled information and photos on local history, and has become adept at the use of his computer to compile and print a local history book. He gives tours at the Charleswood Museum and is an important resource for local history.

In 2011, in recognition of his community service, Len received the Lieutenant Governor’s Award for Historical Preservation and Promotion.

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