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Historic Sites of Manitoba: Wentworth School No. 1801 (RM of Rosser)

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The Wentworth School District was organized formally in August 1915. A year later, in August 1916, the district took out a $10,000 debenture to pay for a schoolhouse. Late that year, work began on a two-storey, two-classroom brick school building was erected on a design by Winnipeg architect E. D. Tuttle, on the southeast quarter of 26-11-2 east of the Principal Meridian in the Rural Municipality of Rosser (a site now within the City of Winnipeg). During construction of the building, a bricklayer was killed when a brick wall collapsed, a result attributed by the architect to the contractor’s poor workmanship. At the time, further construction deviations from the blueprints were identified. In August 1917, a further $5,500 debenture was issued to finance remaining construction work and finish furnishing the school. By the 1940s, the school operated with a single teacher. Electrical lighting was added to the facility in 1948.

In 1958, Wentworth became part of the Rosser Municipal School District No. 2356. The school closed in June 1962 and, in April 1963, ownership of the land and building were transferred to the Winnipeg School Division. The building was demolished in July 1963. (During demolition, the wreckers mistakenly began to tear down the nearby vacant Woodsworth School building belonging to the Brooklands School Division.)





Richard E. Brown


Maurice Sanger


Annie Elizabeth Mills


Mary A. MacKenzie


Harold Arthur Whitfield (1876-1951)


Emily Margaret Cox





Richard E. Brown (grades 4-8, September-December), John R. Maills [Mills?] (grades 1-3), Maurice Sanger (grades 4-8, January-June)


Myra W. C. Atkinson (grades 1-3), Annie Elizabeth Mills (grades 4-9)


Myra W. C. Atkinson (grades 1-3), Mary A. MacKenzie (grades 4-8)


Myra W. C. Atkinson (grades 1-3), Mary A. MacKenzie (grades 4-8)


Myra W. C. Atkinson (grades 1-3), Mary A. MacKenzie (grades 4-8)


Myra W. C. Atkinson (grades 1-3), Mary A. MacKenzie (grades 4-8)


Myra W. C. Atkinson (grades 1-4), Mary A. MacKenzie (grades 4-8)


Mary Jane Parkins (grades 1-3), Harold Arthur Whitfield (grades 4-9)


Annie Mabel Beldon (grades 1-3, 1925), Emily Margaret Cox (grades 4-7), Marguerite Tod (grades 1-3, 1926)

Among the early staff who taught at Wentworth School were Marion A. Buckley [Brickley?] (Fall 1915), Margaret S. Mathews (Spring 1916), and Richard E. Brown (Fall 1916 - Spring 1917). After 1926, other staff include Caroline Irene McCleod, Louise Neilson, Mr. Johnson, Beatrice May Williams, William G. Johnson, Margaret Cynthia Heming, David A. Brown, Miss C. Flemming (c1943-1945), Lena Quiring (1946-1947), Grace Emily Stevens (Fall 1948), Mrs. Leah Bourke, Alvin Bartley Campbell (1950-1951), Damaris Baggaley Robinson (1951-1953), Mary Evelyn Mazur (1953-1957), Mrs. K. A. Snatinchuk, Mrs. Marie Cosens, and Mr. Kowalchuk.

Photos & Coordinates

Wentworth School

Wentworth School (no date) by E. D. Parker
Source: Archives of Manitoba, School Inspectors Photographs,
GR8461, A0233, C131-3, page 38.

Site Coordinates (lat/long): N49.95018, W97.20765
denoted by symbol on the map above


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This page was prepared by Gordon Goldsborough and Nathan Kramer.

Page revised: 26 October 2020

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