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Historic Sites of Manitoba: Burwalde School No. 529 (RM of Stanley)

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The Burwalde School District was established in March 1888 and a schoolhouse operated at SW30-3-4W in the Rural Municipality of Stanley. In 1894, Peter MacTavish taught 90 pupils, an unusually large number for one teacher. In 1895 Burwalde became a two-room school. The following year the school recorded its highest enrollment: 121 pupils. Then from 1905 to 1924, Burwalde operated as a one-room school. For the next 24 years the district again employed two teachers. In January 1937, the school building burned and by June a new two-room building was in place. In September 1948 Burwalde once again became a one-room school. Its area later became part of the Stanley School Division. The school closed in 1977. The building was bought by a group of local people and moved to a site west of Carman on highway 245 where it became a private school. It was later converted into a private residence that remains at the site, which is now used for a private church camp. The enamel sign from the school still stands along highway #3.





George M. Ullyot


George Lamb


R. E. Turnbull


T. W. Ebbern


C. C. Everson


Isaac H. Voth


George Labun


J. E. Suderman


Mary J. Loewen


B. D. Hildebrand


Harry Topnik


P. B Krahn


J. D. Penner


Dorothy E. Wiebe


Peter Dyck


The teachers who worked at Burwalde School through the years included: Mr. M. Binsger (1888-1889), Mr. F. Merner (1889-1890), Peter MacTavish (1890-1894), P. H. Neufeld (1894-1895), James A. MacTavish (1895-1896), Francis E. Risk (1896-1897), David Toews (1897-1898), J. E. Doerr (1898-1901, 1903), Miss H. Hobkirk (1901), Miss F. A. Hartie (1901), Sybil Inkster (1901), Henry Riesen (1901-1902), Libby Greenway (1901-1902), Annie Martin (1903), Ralph Bell (1903), W. B. Gillis (1903), Ellen Rempel (1903-1904), Alex S. Morrison (1903), D. J. Janzen (1904-1905), Gertrude Gray (1905-1906), Miss Buchanen (1906), Digby S. Lloyd (1906-1907), Isaac J. Warkentin (1907-1908), Vera Strange (1908-1909), Aron A. Dyck (1909-1911), John Kugler (1911-1912), Edward S. Kugler (1912-1913), Julias G. Toews (1913-1915), Jacob E. Dyck (1915-1919), George R. Wiebe (1919-1921), Jacob E. Suderman (1921-1922, 1923), Peter Warkentin (1922), Jacob J. Janzen (1923-1924), Margaret F. Dyck (1928-1933), Dora Suderman (1933-1937), Jacob A. Epp (1937-1939), Susanna Schroeder (1939-1941), Frank Driedger (1939-1940), Mary H. Friesen (1941-1943), Anne Harder (1943-1944), Catherine Dyck (1947-1948), Peter Dyck (1948-1950), Nancy Enns (1950-1952), Wendelin Mann (1952-1954), Luella Braun (1954-1955), Margaret Harder (1956-1958), Hester Elias (1958-1960), Ben Hiebert (1960-1963), Lynda Anne Hiebert (1960-1963), Judith E. Wiebe (1965-1966), Abe L. Wiebe (1965-1966), Anne Hoeppner (1966-1969), Henry B. Hoeppner (1966-1969), Marjorie Warkentin (1969-1971), Judy Goertzen (1971-1973), Jane Wiebe (1971-1972), Eldith Hildebrand (1972-1973), Ted Wiebe (1973-1975), Helga Nickel (1975-1976), and James Schellenberg (1976-1977).

Photos & Coordinates

Burwalde School

Burwalde School (no date) by G. G. Neufeld
Source: Archives of Manitoba, School Inspectors Photographs,
GR8461, A0233, C131-1, page 84.

The former Burwalde School building

The former Burwalde School building (no date)
Source: Marjorie Hildebrand

Burwalde School commemorative sign

Burwalde School commemorative sign (September 2013)
Source: Gordon Goldsborough

Site Coordinates (lat/long): N49.24118, W98.00118
denoted by symbol on the map above


One Hundred Years in the History of the Rural Schools of Manitoba: Their Formation, Reorganization and Dissolution (1871-1971) by Mary B. Perfect, MEd thesis, University of Manitoba, April 1978.

Diamond Jubilee Year Book of the Burwalde School at Winkler, Manitoba, 1888-1948. [Manitoba Legislative Library, F5648.B87 Bur]

Reflections of a Prairie Community, a collection of stories and memories of the Burwalde School District #529, compiled and edited by Marjorie Hildebrand, 2004.

We thank Nathan Kramer for providing additional information used here.

This page was prepared by Marjorie Hildebrand and Gordon Goldsborough.

Page revised: 24 March 2021

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