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Historic Sites of Manitoba: Bon Accord Block (637 Main Street, Winnipeg)

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Located at the northeast corner of Main Street and Logan Avenue in Winnipeg, the Bon Accord Block was designed by John Danley Atchison and built at a cost of about $200,000 by the William Grace Construction Company, as overseen by William Henry Carter, for Arthur Matheson Fraser. Construction began after April 1906 and continued into 1907. The block’s name borrowed the motto from the Scottish city of Aberdeen, and commemorated the local influence of Scottish immigrants. The phrase remains visible above the south entrance along Logan Avenue.

The completed building was originally five storeys with retail and office space on the first three floors and residential apartments on the top two levels. In its early years of operation, Oldfield, Kirby and Gardner handled suite rentals. From December 1917 to March 1922, one of its commercial tenants was the Bon Accord Clothing Company.

By the mid-1920s, the financial viability of the building was in question, as taxation began to exceed rental income. Fraser sought relief by appealing his municipal tax assessment. In 1926, he filed a legal challenge and the case was heard by Justice Alexander Casimir Galt at the Court of King’s Bench. Galt decided in favour of Fraser. The City of Winnipeg subsequently appealed to the Supreme Court of Canada, which in February 1927 dismissed in favour of Fraser. The City then appealed to the Manitoba Court of Appeal and in June 1927 was heard by the panel of Charles Percy Fullerton, Robert Maxwell Dennistoun, James Emile Pierre Prendergast, and Walter Harley Trueman. This time, the decision went in favour of the City and Galt’s original decision was overturned. Eventually, the building’s assessed value was reduced from $75,000 to $13,352. By 1931, however, with rental income in decline, the ratio of taxation to net rental had reportedly risen as high as 188%.

In July 1932, Fraser (who had left Winnipeg in 1928) sold the block to Wellington Wilson (1863-1933) and Mathilda Ellen Morgan Wilson (1873-1934), who lived at Treherne before moving to the city around 1929. The Wilsons resided in the Bon Accord Block until their respective deaths in the following two years. The property was then acquired by Oldfield, Kirby and Gardner. After a decade of legal action and assessment appeals, a lasting solution was found. In 1934, appraisor Thomas Briggs recommended reducing the building to a single floor. Following salvage of building materials, including bricks, lumber, pipes, stone, sittings, windows, glass, and flooring, the upper four floors were demolished by contractor Frank Reade Lount. The work began in April 1935 was completed at a cost of $8,000.

From around 1939 to 1962, the structure was home to the Oak Theatre. Around 1947, a fabric store established here by Samuel Mindess and Frank Gilfix moved into the remaining floor and gradually expanded into neighbouring retail units in the building, becoming Mitchell Fabrics, and operating there until 2017 by which time the firm occupied the entire building. In 2018, the building was taken over by the Main Street Project and converted into a homeless shelter. Most exterior remnants of Mitchell Fabrics were removed in 2020, with the dismantling of awnings and completion of a new paint scheme.

Photos & Coordinates

Bon Accord Block nearing completion

Bon Accord Block nearing completion (1907)
Source: University of Winnipeg Archives, Western Canada Pictorial Index,
Winnipeg Free Press Collection (A1294, 38758)

East side of Main Street, between Henry Ave and Logan Ave, with Bon Accord Block in background

East side of Main Street, between Henry Ave and Logan Ave, with Bon Accord Block in background (1918) by Robson Studio
Source: Archives of Manitoba, Winnipeg - Streets - Main 1918 - 1 [N17272] [Outsize 552].

Bon Accord Block

Bon Accord Block (no date)
Source: Rob McInnes, WP3500

View of Bon Accord Block in left background, looking south from Higgins, two months before demolition began

View of Bon Accord Block in left background, looking south from Higgins, two months before demolition began (16 February 1935) by C. Frank Munton
Source: Archives of Manitoba, C. Frank Munton collection, 3.23.1 [N19802]

Bon Accord Block

Bon Accord Block (March 2017)
Source: George Penner

Bon Accord Block

Bon Accord Block (December 2018)
Source: Nathan Kramer

Bon Accord Block

Bon Accord Block (December 2018)
Source: Nathan Kramer

Bon Accord Block

Bon Accord Block (October 2020)
Source: George Penner

Site Coordinates (lat/long): N49.90268, W97.13536
denoted by symbol on the map above

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This page was prepared by Nathan Kramer, George Penner and Gordon Goldsborough.

Page revised: 22 November 2021

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