Manitoba Business: Blackwood Brothers / Blackwoods Limited

In the spring of 1881, three brothers William Blackwood, Andrew Thomas Richard Blackwood, and Donald McIntosh Blackwood (c1846-1904) moved from Montreal to Winnipeg and established a brewery and factory under the name of Blackwood Brothers at the corner of Graham Avenue at Colony Street. The facility, reportedly located atop an artesian well, produced carbonated water, soda, ciders, syrups, vinegars, and an array of alcohol-based beverages.

The Blackwood brothers expanded their operations around 1892 to include facilities at Rat Portage [now Kenora], Ontario and Vancouver, British Columbia. They also diversified to include marketing of frozen fish purchased from commercial fishers at several sites around Lake Manitoba.

On 4 April 1900, The Blackwoods Limited was incorporated via Letters Patent under the Manitoba Joint Stock Companies Act. Its founding partners were manufacturers William Blackwood and Andrew Thomas Richard Blackwood, accountants Nathaniel William Bradstock and Arthur Ward Thomas, and compounder [chemist] Hemming Hagbert Hanson. The company held a capital stock of $200,000 and, upon purchasing the Blackwood Brothers business, carried on with its existing activities.

In the spring of 1903, while on business in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the Blackwood brothers and Bradstock began planning to launch a new company, the Milwaukee Brewing and Malting Company (MBMC). This venture was to purchase operations and assets of their existing firm, The Blackwoods Limited. The plans were finalized and the company was federally incorporated via Letters Patent under The Companies Act of the Dominion of Canada on 3 June 1903. The new company held a capital stock of $480,000. The stakeholders and directors of the new corporate entity were the same as The Blackwoods Limited. The agreement between Blackwoods and MBMC was signed on 15 June 1903 but, on 4 February 1904, MBMC was officially renamed the Manitoba Brewing and Malting Company Limited.

MBMC commissioned construction of a state-of-the-art brewery in Fort Rouge, at the junction of Mulvey Avenue East and Osborne Street, that was completed in 1904. Although owned by MBMC, the facility was known publicly by the Blackwoods name. It was later expanded to include a Soda Factory and Pickle Factory.

At its peak, annual output of the Fort Rouge plant totalled $600,000. However, a loss of labour during the First World War, combined with the growing temperance movement of the early 20th century, lead to a marked decline in business. By 1919, the company was ordered into liquidation by the Court of Kings Bench under the Winding Up Act. That process was initiated in February 1920 and concluded in May 1924.

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