Historic Sites of Manitoba: Wolseley School No. 305 (RM of Argyle)

A monument in the Rural Municipality of Argyle commemorates the Wolseley School District which was established in February 1885. It operated at SE16-5-13 West until the summer of 1941 and was formally dissolved in January 1960, becoming part of Baldur Consolidated School No. 667.

Among the teachers of Wolseley School were Michael Babington (1883), W. R. Babington (1884), James Dale (Spring-Fall 1885), Minnie McIntyre (Spring-Fall 1886), Mary Playfair (Spring-Fall 1887), Lily A. Hall (Spring-Fall 1888), Anna B. Stewart (Spring 1889 - Fall 1900), Lena Cook (Spring-Fall 1891), Jenne Maclean (Spring-Fall 1892), Clara Buisl? (Spring-Fall 1893), Grace Van Alstein (Spring-Fall 1894), Annie Playfair (Spring-Fall 1895, Spring 1900 - Fall 1901), Ella E. Playfair (Spring-Fall 1896, Spring-Fall 1899), Alice Stewart (Spring 1897 - Fall 1898), records not available (Spring 1902 - Fall 1904), Sarah F. Stanton (Spring-Fall 1905), Jessie J. Rankin (April-June & August-December 1906, April-June & August-December 1907), Lolla Longden (Spring 1908), Mabel C. Morrish (Fall 1908 - Fall 1910), Margaret Masson (Spring 1911), Ethel Craig (August-October 1911), Frances Parsonage (November-December 1911 & Spring 1912 - Spring 1913), M. Jean Patterson (Fall 1913 - Spring 1914), Ivy Annie Crothers (Fall 1914 - Spring 1915), Vera O. Cramer (Fall 1915 - Spring 1917), Myrtle M. Hefford (Fall 1917 - Spring 1918), D. H. Fowler (August-October & December 1918), school closed due to influenza epidemic (November-December 1918), Marion G. Cumming (Spring 1919), Sigurborg Oliver (Fall 1919), Florence I. Myers (Spring & August-October 1920), Thora Hallgrim (November-December 1920), Ena Bowles (January-February 1921), Mary Roller (March-June 1921), Mary E. Gillander (Fall 1921 - Spring 1922), Mary Elizabeth McLaren (Fall 1922 - Spring 1923), Mary Thomson (Fall 1923 - Spring 1925), M. M. Thompson (Fall 1925 - Spring 1927), Bernice Mary Playfair (Fall 1927 - Spring 1931), Annie May Paterson (Fall 1931 - Spring 1935), Jean Reekie (?-December [pt Fall] 1935), Louise Marion Bryan (September-? [pt Fall] 1935, Spring 1936 - Spring 1940), Mary Alice Embury (August-November 1940 & April-June 1941), Alice G. Ferris (December 1940), and Beatrice Wright (January-March 1941).

Wolseley School

Wolseley School (no date) by G. H. Robertson
Source: Archives of Manitoba, School Inspectors Photographs,
GR8461, A0233, C131-1, page 18.

Wolseley School commemorative sign

Wolseley School commemorative sign (August 2010)
Source: Gordon Goldsborough

Site Coordinates (lat/long): N49.38507, W99.15654
denoted by symbol on the map above

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