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Historic Sites of Manitoba: Shamrock School (831 Beaverhill Boulevard, Winnipeg)

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Designed by the Winnipeg-based architectural firm of Moody Moore Duncan Rattray Peters Searle Christie and built in 1974-1975, students and staff of this school were hosted in Van Belleghem School while the building was being constructed. It opened in the fall term of 1975 and is now an elementary school in the Louis Riel School Division. A memorial along the west side of the school commemorates former teacher Lorna Alice McIntosh Lacombe (1948-2004) and students Tyler James Monias (1987-2000) and Aleesha Yasmeen Al-Atiya (1996-2007).





Walter Chomichuk




Joel Simpson




Ernie Shume




Bill Sawka




Tanis Pshebniski


Mrs. Sheena Braun


Lisa Lewis


Denise Klassen


Rick Hailey


Sheila Lynch-Mondor


Denise Klassen


Kurt Krahn


Shelly Hopper


Karen Duffield





Mr. Falconer


Al McDermid


Shelly Hopper


Denise Klassen


Sheila Lynch-Mondor


Dana Cormier


Cathy Ann Winters


School Year



Elizabeth Ann Houde (kindergarten), Francie Eileen Humby (resource, 1974; grades 1-2, 1975), Pauline Adeline Sokulski (grades 1-2), Karen Josephine Pyrsaga (grades 3-4), Susan Joyce Hunter (grades 3-4), Sharon Elizabeth Hallstead (grades 5-6), Shelley Lee Dame (grades 5-6), Amanda Marie Harradine (librarian)




Louise Allard-Li (kindergarten, grade 1), Hana Blandigneres (grades 5,6), Karen Colfer (physical education), Julie Cote-Marinelli (student services), Nic Cutrone (physical education), Michelle Fache (library), Paul Figsby (grades 5,6), Laurie Gorman (early literacy), Darcy Gowing (kindergarden), Dave Gowriluk (grades 7,8), Erin Guttormson (grades 3,4), Kate Hallett (grades 7,8), Darlene Karalash (grades 7,8), Tracy Kremski (grades 1,2), Kyra Lavallee (grades 5,6), Melanie McNabb (grades 3,4), Leslie Meunier (band), Philippe Meunier (guitar), Katherine Mundy (grades 1,2), Nikki Naherniak (grades 1,2), Katherine Payne (grades 5,6), Jennifer Petras (grades 3,4), Charmaine Rudniki (grades 1,2), Julie Tanchak (grades 3,4), Swapnali Tipnis (grades 1,2), Karen Tole-Henderson (general music), Elyssa Weisensel (grades 3,4), Cheri Wilson (student services), Rob Wood (grades 7,8)








Mrs. Allard-Li (grades 1-2), Mrs. Baker (library), Ms. Bazay (grades 5-6), Mrs. Beresford (grades 3-4), Mrs. Boone (EA), Mrs. Colfer (gym), Mr. Cutrone (gym), Mr. Doiron (grades 7-8), Mrs. Fache (library), Mr. Figsby (grades 5-6), Mrs. Gorman (reading recovery), Mr. Gowing (kindergarten), Mr. Gowriluk (grades 7-8), Mrs. Guttormson (grades 3-4), Ms. Haiko (EA), Ms. Howell (grades 5-6), Ms. Howell (grades 7-8), Mrs. Hucko (grades 1-2), Mrs. Karalash (grades 7-8), Mrs. Kremski (grades 1-2), Mrs. Naherniak (grades 3-4), Mrs. Payne (grades 5-6), Mr. Roffey (grades 7-8), Ms. Rudnicki (grades 1-2), Mrs. Staples (SLP), Ms. Tanchack (grades 1-2), Mrs. Tole-Henderson, Mrs. Weber (grades 5-6), Mr. Weidenbacher (student services), Mrs. Weisensel (grades 3-4), Mr. Wood (grades 7-8), Breccan Wilson (grades 1-2), Mrs. Cheryl Wilson (student services)






Ms. Bazay (grades 7-8), Mrs. Beresford (grades 3-4), Mr. Catacun (grades 7-8), Mr. Cohen (grades 5-6), Mr. Cutrone (gym), Ms. DeCaigny (grades 5-6), Ms. Deverdenne (SLP), Ms. Dobrohorsky (grades 5-6), Mr. Dorian (grades 5-6), Ms. Englot (grades 5-6), Mr. Figsby (grades 5-6), Ms. Herdman (grades 5-6), Ms. Howell (grades 7-8), Mrs. Jakiwchuck (grades 3-4), Ms. McBride (grades 1-2), Ms. Paul (kindergarten), Ms. Pisclevich (grades 5-6), Mr. Reimer (grades 4-5), Mr. Roffey (grades 7-8), Ms. Rudnicki (grades 1-2), Ms. Silman (grades 5-6), Ms. Staples (SLP), Ms. Tole-Henderson (music), Ms. Unruh (grades 7-8), Ms. Weber (grades 5-6), Mr. Weidenbacher (student services), Ms. B. Wilson (grades 1-2), Ms. C. Wilson (student services), Ms. Wright (grades 3-4), Mr. Wood (grades 7-8)

Among the other teachers of Shamrock School was Lorna Alice McIntosh Lacombe.

Photos & Coordinates

Shamrock School

Shamrock School (August 2015)
Source: Nathan Kramer

Site Coordinates (lat/long): N49.84670, W97.06368
denoted by symbol on the map above

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We thank John Doe for providing additional information used here.

This page was prepared by Nathan Kramer.

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