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Manitoba History: Manitoba Bibliography / 1991

by K. M. Gillespie

Number 24, Autumn 1992

This article was published originally in Manitoba History by the Manitoba Historical Society on the above date. We make this online version available as a free, public service. As an historical document, the article may contain language and views that are no longer in common use and may be culturally sensitive in nature.

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Government of Canada : Canadian Parks Service

G. Adams, M. Burnip and R. Coutts. York Factory Ethnohistory Project, Phase I Progress Report. Research Bulletin #284.

Robert Coutts. St. Andrew’s Church, Red River: An Historical and Architectural Survey. Research Bulletin #289.

Government of Manitoba : Office of the Assembly

Report of the Manitoba Constitutional Task Force. ii, 86 pp Chair: Professor Waldron N. Fox-Decent

Government of Manitoba : Manitoba Legislative Internship Program

A Brief History of Procedural Reform and the Standing Committee System of the Manitoba Legislature. Brent Kroeker. 28 leaves

The Crown and Constitution in Manitoba: Royal Prerogatives and the Lieutenant Governor. Brett C. Eckstein. 38 leaves.

Crown Corporation Accountability: The Elusive Middle Line. Jeffrey K. McLaren. 37 leaves.

Sustainable Development: Turning Theory into Practice; A Look at Manitoba’s Sustainable Development Strategy. Hilary Grammer. 68 pp. 13 leaves.

Government of Manitoba : Culture, Heritage and Citizenship

The Provision of Additional Library Services to Rural Southwestern Manitoba. Rural Development Institute, Brandon University. 55 pp. RDI report series; 1991.

Government of Manitoba : Historic Resources

The Beginnings of the Jewish Community in Manitoba. 16 pp., ill.

The Dakota Fortified Camps of the Portage Plain. 16 p.

Gabrielle Roy: The Manitoba Years. 12 pp. Text in English and French.

1990 Investigations at Fort Gibralter I: The Forks Public Archaeology Project. By Sid Kroker, Barry B. Greco, Sharon Thomson. 199 pp. ill. Prepared for Canadian Parks Service, The Forks Renewal Corporation, Historic Resources Branch.

Government of Manitoba : Executive Council

Russia-Manitoba Agreement on Economic, Environmental and Cultural Cooperation. 3 leaves

Western Premiers’ Conference 1991. 5 communiques. 35th Legislature, 2nd session. Tabled papers (no. 78. Contents: No. 1, National Unity and Economic Prosperity - No. 2. Trade — No. 3 Reports from Ministers — No. 4. Immigration — No. 5 Meeting with United States Governors). Tabled by the Hon. Gary Filmon.

Government of Manitoba : Justice

Report of the Aboriginal Justice Inquiry of Manitoba/Public Inquiry into the Administration of Justice and Aboriginal People. 2 v. Commissioners: A. C. Hamilton, C. M. Sinclair. Contents: V. 1, The Justice System and Aboriginal People. V. 2. The Deaths of Helen Betty Osborne and John Joseph Harper.

Government of Manitoba : Manitoba Hydro

Post-Project Evaluation Grand Rapids Project: Impacts on Aboriginal Committees. Prepared by C. Osier, S. Davies, H. MacKay (Grand Rapids Study Team) ii, 74 pp. 14 leaves.

Government of Manitoba : Manitoba Research Council

The Manitoba Consultation Findings: A Review of the Draft National Science and Technology Action Plan. Prepared by the Manitoba Research Council. ii. 46 pp. On cover: Manitoba Research Council: Where science gets down to business.

Government of Manitoba : Manitoba Telephone System

People of Service: A Brief History of the Manitoba Telephone System. 64 pp., iii. Researched and compiled by Robert H. Drain and Smith-Radimer Communications Inc.

Government of Manitoba : Northern Affairs

Agreement Between the Province of Manitoba and the West Region Economic Development Corp. Representing the Indian Bands of Crane River, Ebb and Flow, Gambler, Pine Creek, Rolling River, Valley River, Waterhen, Waywayseecappo and Keeseekoozvenin. 5 leaves. Also available in French.

Agreement Between the Province of Manitoba and the Norway House Indian Band. 5 leaves. Also available in French.

Government of Manitoba : Urban Affairs

The Winnipeg Wards Boundaries Commission. Interim Report. 19, 20 pp. maps. Text in English and French.


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