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Manitoba History: Manitoba Bibliography / 1992

by K. M. Gillespie

Number 26, Autumn 1993

This article was published originally in Manitoba History by the Manitoba Historical Society on the above date. We make this online version available as a free, public service. As an historical document, the article may contain language and views that are no longer in common use and may be culturally sensitive in nature.

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Government of Canada : Environment Canada Parks Service

Filopoulos, Peter and Gary F. Adams. From Farmyard to Schoolyard: Mitigation at the Staff Facility, York Factory. Research Bulletin #297.

Payne, Michael B. Labour at Lower Fort Garry in the Mid-19th Century/The Role of Women at Lower Fort Garry, 1840 to 1860. Manuscript Report (on microfiche) #470. (Environment Canada Parks Service Microfiche Reports are not for sale. Copies are available for use in the Provincial Archives of Manitoba.)

Government of Manitoba : Culture, Heritage and Citizenship

The Freedom of Information Act, annual report. 11 pp. (35th Legislature, 4th Session, 1992. S.P. no. 48). Text in English and French.

Government of Manitoba : Historic Resources

Architectural Heritage: Traditional Mennonite Architecture in the Municipality of Stanley. Edward M. Ledohowski and David K. Butterfield.

The Canadian Register of Heritage Properties: First Annual Report. 98 pp. Text in English and French.

Identifying Architectural Styles in Manitoba. 69 pp. (How-to-Series: 5)

Manitoba Day: The Peopling of Manitoba. 4 leaflets. Contents: “The Province’s First Immigrants”; “Manitoba’s First Housing”; “The Metis”; “Historical Immigration to the Province.” Text in English and French.

Immigration to Canada: A Manitoba Perspective. 10 pp. Text in English and French.

Manitoba’s First Explorers. 15 pp.

The Red River Settlement. 16 pp. Text in English and French.

Government of Manitoba : Education and Training

Schools in Manitoba - Ecoles du Manitoba. 58 pp., maps. Includes indices of Manitoba schools, Immersion Program schools and Francais Program schools.

Government of Manitoba : Literacy Office

Lieutenant-Governor’s Medal for Literacy. 4 pp. Also published in French.

Government of Manitoba : Energy and Mines

Report on Native Participation in Mining: Phase II: It Can be Done. Prepared by the Sub-Committee of the Intergovernmental Working Group on the Mining Industry. v, 139 pp. Completed by the Sub-Committee on Native participation in Mining Committee created by Federal-Provincial Mines Ministers.

Government of Manitoba : Manitoba Hydro

Agreement Among Split Lake Cree First Nation, Canada, Manitoba and Manitoba Hydro. 1 v. (35th Legislature, 3rd Session, 1991/2, tabled paper no. 108).

Government of Manitoba : Multiculturalism Secretariat

A Review of the Role, Mandate and Structure of the Manitoba Intercultural Council. Submitted by J. Don Blair. 3, 43 pp.

Government of Manitoba : Natural Resources Parks Branch

Manitoba Provincial Parks: Ernest Thompson Seton 1860-1946. Leaflet.

St. Norbert Provincial Park. Folder. Contents: “Bohemier House”; “Turenne House”; “Delorme House.” Text in French and English.

Government of Manitoba : Queen’s Printer

The Prairie Report: Report of the Federal-Prairie Task Force on Telecommunications Regulations. 5 v. Includes Executive Summary and Appendices A to H in 3 v. set.

Government of Manitoba : Urban Affairs

Winnipeg Wards Boundary Commission. Final Report. 49, 50 pp. Text in English and French. Supplementary Report. 1 v. (35th Legislature, 3rd Session, 1991 /92, tabled paper no. 43).

Government of Manitoba : Winnipeg Core Area Initiative

An Evaluation of the Winnipeg Core Area Agreement: Tripartite Model. Clatworthy, Leskiw and Associates. xxx, 100. 12 pp.


Abel, Kerry and Jean Friesen, eds. Aboriginal Resource Use in Canada: Historical and Legal Aspects. Manitoba Studies in Native History. Winnipeg: University of Manitoba Press. 343 pp.

Angel, Eric. Restoring Order: The RNWMP and the Winnipeg General Strike of 1919. Kingston: Queen’s University. 43 pp.

Bennett, Richard E. A House of Quality it Has Ever Been. Winnipeg: Great West Life Assurance Company. 272 pp., ill.

Between Beaver and Athapap: A Northern Anthology. By the Flin Flon Writers Guild. Flin Flan: The Guild. 54 pp., ill.

Bugaliskis, Giles. Quiet Dignity, Aspects of Building Schools in the Winnipeg School Division No. 1 - 1871-1928. Winnipeg: University of Manitoba. 174 pp.

Carved in Stone: Manitoba Cemeteries and Burial Sites, edited by Kathleen Rooke Stokes. Winnipeg: Manitoba Genealogical Society. 93 pp., ill.

Community Profile, Treherne, compiled by the Treherne and Area Economic Development Committee with the assistance of Central Plains Inc. Treherne: The Committee. 19 pp., ill.

Davis, Angela E. The Grand Western Canadian Screen Shop: Printing, People and History. Calgary: MacKenzie Art Gallery. 87 pp., ill.

Edge, Fred. The Iron Rose: The Extraordinary Life of Charlotte Ross, M.D. Winnipeg: University of Manitoba Press. 292 pp., ill.

Hills of Home: Treasured Memories of Bruxelles. Bruxelles: History Book Committee. 544 pp., ill.

History of the R.M. of Dauphin. Dauphin: Rural Municipality of Dauphin. 362 pp., ill.

Ledohowski, Ed. Manitoba’s Rural Heritage Architecture: A Direction for the Future, ed. by Graham A. MacDonald. Winnipeg: Manitoba Historical Society. 20 pp.

Lindsay, Debra, ed. The Modern Beginnings of Subarctic Ornithology, Northern Correspondence with the Smithsonian Institution, 1856-68. Winnipeg: Manitoba Record Society. 226 pp., ill.

Lithman, Y. Georg, Rick R. Riewe, Raymond E. Wiest and Robert E. Wrigley, eds. People and Land in Northern Manitoba: 1990 Conference at the University of Manitoba. Winnipeg: University of Manitoba Anthropology Papers; 32. 273 pp., ill.

Lubomyr, Luciuk and Stella Hryniuk. Canada’s Ukrainians: Negotiating an Identity. Toronto: University of Toronto Press. 510 pp.

MacDonald, Graham. A Good, Solid, Comfortable Establishment: An Illustrated History of Lower Fort Garry. Winnipeg: Watson and Dwyer. 98 pp., ill.

Manitoba’s Heritage Cookery; Selections from Personal Collections. Winnipeg: Manitoba Historical Society. 302 pp., ill.

Mills, Allen. Fool for Christ: The Political Thoughts of J. S. Woodsworth. Toronto: University of Toronto Press. 306 pp., ill.

Nesbitt: Homecoming Histories, 1892-1992. Nesbitt: The History Committee. 30 pp., ill.

Ruggles, Richard I. A Country so Interesting: The Hudson’s Bay Company and Two Centuries of Mapping, 1670-1870. Montreal and Kingston: McGill-Queen’s University Press. Maps. 300 pp.

Russell, Dale R. Eighteenth-Century Western Cree and their Neighbors. Ottawa: Canadian Museum of Civilization. Mercury Series, Paper No. 143. 238 pp.

Spence Lake History: A History of the Original Families of Spence Lake. Spence Lake: The History Book Committee. 223 leaves, ill.

Tapestry: Winnipeg West End. Written and edited by Gordon Bell Grade 12 students. Winnipeg: Gordon Bell High School. 76 pp., ill.

Taylor, Sandra. The Longman Connection: 150 Year History of the Longman Family in Canada. Pilot Mound: The Sentinel-Courier. 242 pp., ill.

Vandervoort, Julie. Tell the Driver: A Biography of Elinor R. E. Black, M. D. Winnipeg: University of Manitoba Press. 327 pp., ill.

Western Icelandic Short Stories. Edited and translated by Kirsten Wolf and Arny Hjaltadottir. Winnipeg: University of Manitoba Press. 139 pp.


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