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Manitoba History: Manitoba Bibliography / 1990

by K. M. Gillespie

Number 22, Autumn 1991

This article was published originally in Manitoba History by the Manitoba Historical Society on the above date. We make this online version available as a free, public service. As an historical document, the article may contain language and views that are no longer in common use and may be culturally sensitive in nature.

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Government of Canada : Canadian Parks Service

G. Adams, K. Lunn, M. A. Tisdale and P. J. Priess. Archaeological Investigations at the Forks, Microfiche Report Series #283.

Government of Manitoba : Culture, Heritage and Recreation

Manitoba’s Policy for a Multicultural Society: Building Pride, Quality and Partnership. 14 pp.

Native Organizations in Manitoba: a list of groups organized by or for Indian and Metis people. Compiled and edited by Native Concerns Committee. Published in co-operation with Fort Garry United Church. 43 pp. Reprint.

Government of Manitoba : Historic Resources Branch

The Arctic Small Tool Tradition in Manitoba. 10 pp., ill. Reprint.

Explore Manitoba: A Manitoba Day Publication. v. 1, no. 1, 66 pp. Text in English and French.

The Fossil Elephants of Manitoba. 24 pp., ill.

A Study of Anglican Church Buildings in Manitoba. Kelly Grossman. 177 pp. Includes building inventory (125 pp.).

To Evangelize the Nations: Roman Catholic Missions in Manitoba, 1818-1870, Martha McCarthy. viii, 245 pp., ill. (Papers in Manitoba History, no. 2).

Towards a Heritage Plan for Churchill West Peninsula. 8 pp. Some text in Chipewyan and Inuktitut. Also published in Chipewyan and Inuktitut.

Government of Manitoba : Executive Council

Western Premier’s Conference - 1990, Portage la Prairie, 1 v. (14 communiques in various paging).

Government of Manitoba : Forks Renewal Corporation

The Forks (1989) Pilot Public Archaeological Project: Research Report: Excavations at 21 K (Fort Gibralter). Sid Kroker ... et al. Edited by Leigh Hambly. xii, 158 pp., ill. Prepared for Canadian Parks Service, The Forks Renewal Corporation and Manitoba Culture, Heritage and Recreation, published in cooperation with Environment Canada.

Government of Manitoba : Travel Manitoba

Manitoba Festivals; Bigger and Better than Ever in 1990. 12 pp.

Churchill: One of the Last Great Wilderness Experiences. 12 pp.

Government of Manitoba : Natural Resources

Birds Hill Provincial Park Compiled and written by Cheryl Archer. 32 pp., col. ill.

South Whiteshell Redevelopment Study. Prepared by McGowan Design Group Inc., in association with Symbion Consultants Ltd., and I.D. Systems Ltd. 2 v. (33, 73 pp.).

Tie Creek Study: An Anishinabe Understanding of the Petroforms in Whiteshell Provincial Park. Prepared by Roseau River Chapter, Three Fires Society. xi, 130 pp., ill.

Government of Manitoba : Rural Development

Settlement and Development Trends in the Rural Municipality of Ste. Anne: Background Report to the Development Plan. Prepared by Municipal Planning Branch, Steinbach, Manitoba. 43 leaves, 8 maps.

Town of Altona Development Plans. 36 leaves, 4 maps.

Government of Manitoba : Winnipeg Core Area Initiative

Revitalizing the Heart of Winnipeg - Pour la revitalization du coeur de Winnipeg. 19 pp. col: ill. Issued by the Public Information Program of the Winnipeg Core Area Initiative under the Canada-Manitoba-Winnipeg Tripartite Agreement, 1986-1991. Status report of program and projects to Sept. 30, 1989. 84 pp. semi-annual. Also published in French. Summaries of Final Evaluations 1981-1986.

Time and the River: A Conceptual Interpretive Plan for the Core Area Riverbanks of Winnipeg. Crocus: Heritage Resource Planning: With Hilderman, Witty, Crosby, Hanna and Associates and Prairie Habitat. 2 v., maps.

Winnipeg Core Area Riverbank. Natural History Survey. John P. Morgan: with Crocus: Heritage Resource Planning: Hilderman, Witty, Crosby, Hanna and Associates and Prairie Habitat. 50 leaves, maps.


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