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MHS Resources: History in Brandon Street Names

Some street names in the City of Brandon commemorate historical events and personalities. Unfortunately, the basis for many names has not been recorded. This project will attempt to reconstruct the basis for as many Brandon street names as possible. Those with obvious names (for example, the “Animal Streets” - Otter Bay, Moose Place, Lynx Crescent, etc. - in the northwest corner of the city) will not be included.

NOTE: This is a work in progress, and information will be added as it becomes available. Please send corrections and updates to Gordon Goldsborough at



Avenues (usually named)


Streets (usually numbered)


There are corresponding lists for the City of Winnipeg and the City of Portage la Prairie.

Street Name



Aagaard Avenue

Named for a restaurant proprietor.


Aberdeen Avenue

Probably named for the Marquis of Aberdeen, Governor-General of Canada (1893-1898) who visited Manitoba in 1895 and 1915.


Assiniboine Avenue

Named for the Assiniboine River that flows nearby.


Baker Bay



Balmoral Avenue



Baragar Drive

In 1939, a section of First Street North near the Manitoba Hospital for Mental Diseases was renamed in honour of facility administrator Charles A. Baragar but the municipal paperwork was never formalized and the change lapsed in the 1970s.


Brock Avenue

Named for farmer John A. Brock, who owned the land where the street is located, prior to 1883.


Byng Avenue



Cater Drive

Named for Brandon mayor Harry William Cater.


Christie Bay



Clark Drive

According to historian Martin Kavanagh, this streets commemorates "a democratic leader."


Clement Drive

Named for Brandon mayor Stephen Emmett Clement.


College Avenue



Cornwallis Bay



Creighton Boulevard

Named for Brandon mayor James Albert Creighton.


Currie Boulevard

Possibly named for early pioneer William J. Currie.


Daly Crescent

Named for Brandon mayor Thomas Mayne Daly.


Darrach Avenue / Bay

Named for nurse and philanthropist Sarah Persis Johnson Darrach.


Delta Bay



Dennis Street



Douglas Street



Elviss Crescent



Empress Bay



Finlay Drive



E. Fotheringham Drive

Named for Brandon alderman, mayor and businessman Edward Fotheringham.


Franklin Street



Fraser Crescent

Named for Brandon mayor Alexander C. Fraser.


Frederick Street



Gordon Avenue



Grant Bay



Hill Avenue

Named for railwayman James Jerome Hill.


Hilton Avenue

Named for Hilton McGregor, son of Manitoba Lieutenant-Governor James Duncan McGregor. See also John Avenue and McGregor Avenue.


John Avenue

Named for John McGregor, brother to Manitoba Lieutenant-Governor James Duncan McGregor. See also Hilton Avenue and McGregor Avenue.


Kelly Place

Named for Brandon mayor Andrew Kelly.


Kirkcaldy Drive

Named for municipal politician James Kirkcaldy.


Laurence Crescent



Leslie Bay



Lloyd Crescent



Lorne Avenue

Named for John George Edward Henry Douglas Sutherland Campbell, the Duke of Argyll, also known as the Marquis of Lorne, son-in-law to Queen Victoria, who served as Governor General of Canada from 1878 to 1883. See Louise Avenue.


Louise Avenue

Named for Princess Louise, daughter of Queen Victoria and wife to the Marquis of Lorne. See Lorne Avenue.


Magnacca Crescent

Named for Brandon mayor Stephen A. Magnacca.


Maryland Avenue



McDiarmid Drive

Named for Brandon mayor John S. McDiarmid.


McDonald Avenue

Probably named for Martin McDonald, the registrar at the Brandon Land Titles Office in 1881. But it may also commemorate lawyer W. A. MacDonald whose place of business was on the north side of Rosser Avenue between Ninth and Tenth Streets. The latter man later migrated to British Columbia where he became a Supreme Court judge.


McGregor Avenue

Named for John McGregor, brother to Manitoba Lieutenant-Governor James Duncan McGregor. See also Hilton Avenue and John Avenue.


McTavish Avenue



Middleton Avenue



Mitchell Street



Pacific Avenue

Named for the Canadian Pacific Railway which reached Brandon in 1881. The main line ran along this street.


Park Avenue



Park Street



Parker Boulevard



Patmore Drive



Patricia Avenue



Percy Street



Princess Avenue



Queens Avenue



Richmond Avenue



Rideau Street



Rosser Avenue

Named for Thomas L. Rosser, Chief Engineer of the Canadian Pacific Railway.


Russell Street



Southern Avenue



Stickney Avenue

Named for Alpheus B. Stickney, General Manager of the Canadian Pacific Railway, who was replaced in this position by W. C. Van Horne on 1 January 1882.


Sykes Boulevard

Named for city official George Frederick Sykes.


Van Horne Avenue

Named for railwayman William Cornelius Van Horne.


Victoria Avenue



Waverly Drive



Whillier Drive



Whitehead Crescent

Probably named for Joseph Blyth Whitehead.


Williamson Drive

Named for Brandon mayor Franklin Truman Williamson.


Winter Bay

Named for Brandon mayor William Winter.


Young Avenue

Named for Brandon mayor Frederick Henry Young.



1. The Assiniboine Basin by Martin Kavanagh.

2. “The forgotten history of First Street North” by Graeme Bruce, Brandon Sun, 28 June 2014.

3. Email communication, Andy Schroeder, 23 March 2010.

This page was prepared by Gordon Goldsborough.

Page revised: 1 August 2021

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