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The Graysville School District was organized formally in March 1909, and a schoolhouse was built in Graysville in the Rural Municipality of Dufferin. It operated for nine years until it merged with several schools from the surrounding district to form the Graysville Consolidated School District: Lintrathen School No. 1118, Orr School No. 343, Ravenswood School No. 437, Stephenfield Consolidated School No. 2048, and Tobacco Creek School No. 808. Erection of the present brick building began in late 1919 on a design by architects Tuttle and Reid, and opened in February 1920.

Eventually becoming part of Prairie Rose School Division, the school closed closed in September 2010 due to declining student enrolment and its building was sold to a company that planned to use it as a seed shipping facility. It was later converted into a private residence. A bronze plaque commemorating former students killed during the Second World War, that had been displayed inside the school, was removed and installed at the Carman Legion.





James Corrigill (1857-1922)


Robert William Dunlop (1876-?)


Wilfred Almon Rideout (1878-1949)


Christopher Stow (1873-1933)


Sidney Irvine “Sears” Mott (1870-1957)


Beatrice Pearl Shunk Wiebe (1907-1992)


Earl Duncan McKellar (1902-1984)


Clair Edmond Dawson (1913-1995)


Willard Ervin Rife (1890-1970)


David Langton MacDonald (1911-1957)


Ralph Ernest Mayes (1891-1969)


George Oswald Hinds (1906-1969)


Henry Richard Schellenberg (?-?)


Stanley Corbett “Stan” Henderson (1910-1997)


James I. Refvik


Stanley Corbett Henderson (1910-?)


Hardy Velie


Jake Letkeman


Michael Geletchuk




Natalie Watt


Bill North


Elaine Owen


Sherry Zacharias & Betty-Ann Tiltman


Art Van Stellant


Jennifer Kolesar


The other teachers of Graysville School were Mamie Craik (1920), Marion Cummings (1920-1921), Olive Jackson (1920-1921), Hattie Corrigal (1921-1922), Viola Bailey (1921), Inga Turgeson (1922), Nellie Morrison (1923-1931), Kathleen Walmsley (1922-1923), Eleanor Collier (1923-1929), Lily May Nevin (1923-1928), Edith Deacon (1928-1929), Laura Fraser (1929-1930), Leila Fraser (1929-1930), Eva Cram (1930-1931), Beatrice Shunk (1930-1931), Helen Ball (1931-1935), Florence Kuebler (1931-1933), Gladys Smith (1933-1934), Esther Hooper (1934-1939), Linnie Wilson (1935-1939), Bernice Wright (1939), Morley Horton (1939-1941), Mary Rankin (1940-1941), Annie Sprott (1941), Evelyn Russell (1941), Muriel Cook (1942), Dora F. Ritchie (1942), Marjorie Barclay (1942-1944), Nellie Bowes (1942-1943), Ida Fehr (1943-1944), Inez Abbott (1944-1948), Rosa Johnson (1945-1946), Ruby Gray (1946-1973), Dorothy Allen (1947-1948), Doreen Alvis (1948-1950), Harry Reimer (1948-1949), Don Eby (1949-1950), Gladys Bell (1950-1952), William Cook (1950-1952), Richard Paine (1952-1954), Leonard Harvey Goldsborough (1953-1956), Margaret Pollock (1954-1957), Robert Hobbs (1956-1957), Lillian Hirst (1957-1958), Dorothy Irene Madill Hudson (1957-1960, 1962-1963), Shirley Knight (1958-1959), Mr. Urquhart (1959), Bev Robertson (1960), Mrs. B. Linton (1960), Myrtle Refvik (1960-1961), Jim Refvik (1960-1961), Joan McIntosh (1961-1965, 1966-1989), Bernard Stobbe (1962), G. Scott (1962), John W. Gross (1962-1963), Bev Robertson (1962), Hardy Velie (1963-1966), Bev Stow (1963), Mary Hanischuk (1964-1966), Dave Friesen (1964-1966), Ramsay Gopaul (1964-1966), Harry Thiessen (1966), Natalie Watt (1966-1974), Margaret Atkins (1973-1976), Carrol Bruce (1974-1995), Doreen Ferris (1976-1977), Georgina McCullough (1977-1988), Lillian Middleton (1995-1996), Colleen Wareham (1996-1997), Alice Elias (1997-2000), Joanne Mont (1997-2000), Coreen Hart (2000-2002), Karen Friesen Dyck (2000-2003), Megan Pollard (2002-2004), Sherry Zacharias (2002-2003, 2005-2008), Lisa Pinkerton Baschuk (2003-2010), Pat Hamm (2004-2005), and Theresa Knox (2010).

Photos & Coordinates

Graysville School

Graysville School (no date) by A. J. Manning
Source: Archives of Manitoba, School Inspectors Photographs,
GR8461, A0233, C131-2, page 127.

Graysville School

Graysville School (1920s)
Source: Laura Matychuk

Graysville School and teacherage

Graysville School and teacherage (1920s)
Source: Laura Matychuk

Graysville School

Graysville School (August 2010)
Source: Gordon Goldsborough

The former Graysville School building

The former Graysville School building (July 2020)
Source: Rose Kuzina

Plaque that was once displayed inside Graysville School for former students killed during the Second World War

Plaque that was once displayed inside Graysville School for former students killed during the Second World War (2011)
Source: Ethel Hook

Site Coordinates (lat/long): N49.50750, W98.15819
denoted by symbol on the map above

Second World War Casualities




Birth Date

Death Date

Herbert Allan Baker
[Carman, Graysville United]

Royal Canadian Air Force

Flying Officer

30 November 1917

29 January 1944

Frederick Colin “Fred” Duncan
[Carman, Graysville United]

49th Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Force

Warrant Officer

1 October 1917

28 February 1943

Joseph William “Joe” Fuller
[Carman, Graysville United]

10th Armoured Regiment, Fort Garry Horse


16 January 1917

9 June 1944

Harold John Glenn
[Carman, Graysville United]

Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders


19 October 1920

19 August 1942

Robert James “Jim” Kee
[Carman, Graysville United]

61st Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Force

Warrant Officer

27 March 1921

3 January 1943

Glen Mathew Kennedy
[Carman, Graysville United]

Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders


3 May 1922

29 July 1944

Robert James “Bob” McIntyre
[Carman, Graysville United]

Royal Canadian Air Force

Flying Officer

22 July 1923

15 September 1946


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Graysville: A Manitoba School and its Community, compiled by edited by the Graysville School Reunion Planning Committee, June 2011.

For the names of First World War casualities from Manitoba who do not appear on any physical monument in the province, see the Manitoba Historical Society War Memorial. If you know of a name that is omitted from this list, please contact the MHS War Memorial Researcher Darryl Toews (darryl@mhs.mb.ca).

Soldiers of the First World War - Canadian Expeditionary Force, Library and Archives Canada.

Canadian Virtual War Memorial, Veterans Affairs Canada.

Financial support for research reported on this page was provided by the Manitoba Heritage Grants Program (2015-2016).

We thank Ethel Hook, Nedra and Bob Burnett, Laura Matychuk, and Rose Kuzina for providing additional information used here.

This page was prepared by Gordon Goldsborough.

Page revised: 15 June 2024

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