Manitoba Historical Society:
Annual Report for the Year 1884

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The annual meeting of the Historical and ‘Scientific Society was held yesterday afternoon, Rev. Dr. Bryce, president, in the chair, and about fifty members.

Rev. Professor Hart, corresponding secretary, read the annual report of the executive council, and the same was adopted on motion of Rev. Canon O’Meara, seconded by Mr. John McDonald. The report was as follows:

Annual Report of the Council,

The Executive Council begs to report that during the past year a very much larger amount of work has been done than in any previous year in the history of, the society.

New Quarters

A resolution having been carried at the last annual meeting advising a change of rooms, the present central, safe and commodious quarters have been obtained. The society has been able to have a library and news room separate, and what was much needed before, a hall for public meetings. The hall has been found very suitable for the meetings of a number of societies and other bodies, and has been sub-let to the Board of Trade, Pet Stock Club, Reform Association, Medical and Chirurgical Society, for examinations of the University of Manitoba and of the College of Physicians and Surgery, and the use has on several occasions been given to the Shorthand Reporters’ Association. The revenue received from these several bodies and the decreased insurance goes far to bring down the expenses to that of the former limited quarters, while the society has many advantages. The hall has been used also for museum purposes. The contents of the museum have been doubled during, the year, and additional cases of furniture are urgently needed to show and preserve the articles obtained. The increase has been chiefly in the geological and archeological departments, as well as in the large collection of David Young, Esq., entrusted to our care.

Scientific Work

The Most striking feature of the year is probably the increase of scientific work in the society. Railway connection with the Rookies has stimulated research in this department.

(a.) Geology—During the year Messrs. Panton, McCharles, Bell, Goodridge and others have been active in study and investigations in this direction. Large accumulations of fossils of Silurian age have been obtained  from the Red River Valley. Explorers and friends of the society have sent us specimens large and valuable from the cretaceous rooks of the fossil reptiles, cephalopods, etc., abounding in the far, west. In this department the loss of Mr. Panton will be much felt, but it is to be hoped his mantle will fall on some worthy successor.

(b.) Botany—An opportunity was offered during the year of obtaining an increase of specimens for the society, as well as of supplying the Provincial Government museum with a collection. Four observers were appointed—(1) in Lake Winnipeg district, (2) Lake of the Woods region, (3) Southern Manitoba, (4) Western Manitoba. Some hundreds of specimens were obtained. One observer was, unfortunate in the almost total loss of his 200 specimens; these obtained are now being named and catalogued; some hundreds will be in a short time in the hands of the society and government. Dr. Haydon has presented the society with p number of well preserved botanical specimens, as also Mr. Goodridge from his collection made on the Rocky Mountain Expedition Ir years ago.

(c.) Zoology—In the department of ornithology Mr. E. E. T. Seton, a most active corresponding member of the society at Carberry, Manitoba, has done good service. He is superintendent for the Northwest of the American Ornithological Union. Mr. Seton has made the animals of Manitoba a special study. He was likewise most successful as one of the botanical collectors already referred to.

(d.) Archeology—In the department of study of the mound builders, muck advance has been made during the year. The president visited the celebrated Rainy River mound region, with its 21 mounds; opened two mounds and brought back a large quantity of remains, which are now in the museum of the society.

Visit of the British Association

The visit of this distinguished scientific body was one of the society’s most important matters. The Provincial Government and City Council recognizing the Historical and Scientific Society as the proper body to entertain the strangers, each made a grant of $250 to assist in an exhibition suitable for the occasion. The exhibition was generally admitted to be a most valuable exhibit of the historical and physical features of the Northwest.

Such an exhibition as this, well carried through, will do more to recommend the country than a whole series of banquets and ice palaces. The rooms of the society were, during the whole month of August, frequented by visitors from the mother country. The exhibition lasted for two weeks, the receipts were $1,290.60, and notwithstanding the exceedingly bad weather, added some $200 to our society’s funds.

Royal Society of Canada

The Royal Society meeting annually at Ottawa has affiliated our society, along with some fourteen others throughout the Dominion. The president proceeded to Ottawa in May to represent the Society. He was accorded a most hearty reception: made a statement of the work of our society, and presented the mother society with a morocco bound copy of the publications of our society. He also read a paper “A plea for a Canadian Camden Society,” which has been extensively circulated, and promises to be the means of leading to the publication of a number of the works of early explorers now almost unknown or out of print.

Public Meetings

The meetings of the society have been larger than in any former year. The Executive Council has had 21 meetings during the year and the society nine. The new hall was opened on the 24th of April with an address by the President. The following are the papers and publications of the society during the year:

1. The Red River—pp. 3, by Wm. Murdoch, C. E. An interesting sketch of physical conditions of the prairie and Red River valley.

2. The Red River—8 pp. by J. H. Rowan, C. E: An elaborate an important paper on the geographical and commercial features of the river.

3. The Prairie Chicken—6 pp. by Mr. E. E. T. Seton, of Carberry, being an original study of the habits and conditions of the Pintail grouse.

4. Silurian outcrop of Red River strata—13 pp., by J. H. Panton, M.A.; a minute and useful account of the fossils of the Red River valley; as also a stratigraphical sketch of the same.

5. The Mound Builders—20 pp., by Rev. Dr. Bryce, being the result of investigations by the author, and a theory as to origin, age, etc., of the mounds of Red and Rainy Rivers.

6. Our Crop Markets—11 pp., a valuable paper on the grounds for believing the Northwest will maintain itself as a wheat growing country.

7. Prairie Fires—2 pp., by E. E. T. Seton, a short paper giving a theory as to the treeless nature of the prairies.

8. Historical names and places in the Northwest—8 pp., by Mr. C. N. Bell, second vice-president, a sketch of leading points of interest from Lake Superior to the Rocky Mountains, with dates of events and derivations of the names.

9. The Deer and its Preservation in Manitoba—pp., by E. E. T. Seton, an excellent and useful description of the various species of deer and thoughts as to game laws.

Reading Room and Library

The newspapers and magazines taken by the society from a very attractive feature of the society’s work. Almost all the provincial newspapers are sent free of charge to the society, and the council desires to put on record its thanks for the continued and hearty favors shown by their proprietors to the objects of the society in thus supplying our news room. The perusal of the collection of magazines and periodicals is itself a full repayment to members for the very moderate dues exacted by the society. In appendix A a list of papers and magazines is added.

During the year considerable additions have been made to the library. The following volumes have been added during the year: In science, 46 vols.; North-west books, including arctic, 30 vols; general literature, including fiction, 193 vols.; total, 269 vols.

The importance of preserving the periodical literature received by the society is patent to all. Many difficulties are connected with it. The large number of Canadian and Provincial newspapers received by the society forms a history of the time. In 20, 60 or 100 years these files will be invaluable. Could funds be obtained these should be bound yearly. During the past year 90 volumes have been added to the library by binding up the magazines on hand at a cost of $91.90. A most popular addition was thus made to the reading department of the library. During the year, by the direction of the council, a catalogue was published of the volumes in the library; this was done at the urgent request of members who make the most use of the library. The council regrets that the number sold to date has hardly justified the expense incurred in preparing the catalogue—less than 100 copies having been sold.


The increasing age and reputation of the society, together with the fortunate arrangements made with other learned societies, has resulted in the society library receiving a large number of works of value. Special notice should be taken of the continued receipt of the publications of the Smithsonian Institution, United States Government, and Dominion, Ontario and Manitoba Governments. A list of societies from’ which, publications are received is found in appendix B. It is but right to state that in the receipt and acknowledgment of exchanges in the cataloguing, moving and arrangement of the library, and in the superintendence of the rooms, as well as in the heavy work of the exhibition held by the society, the librarian has had an exceptionally heavy year. The increased space and accommodation now possessed by the society, as well as the number of meetings, makes extra demands upon the librarian. During the past year the executive council has felt it due to add a bonus of $200 to the salary of Mr. Hughan, and regrets that the funds of the society do not justify the addition of a larger amount.


During the year the death took place of Hon. A. M. Sutherland, a rising public man of the Province, and a good friend of the society. The sympathy of the society is offered to his bereaved friends and relatives. Near the end of the year as already noted, Mr. J. H. Panton, M.A., left the field of work of the society. We shall gratefully remember his efforts for the society. It would be desirable to retain the name of Mr. Panton on the list of corresponding members. The number of members added during the year has been 122—as against 147 in the previous year. The total membership of the society is now 381.

Standing Committees

The library committee has done a large amount of work during the year. On the 27th of March and 8th of May it submitted elaborate reports with propositions for the organization of the library. The committee has selected books, examined tenders for books, binding and magazines and supervised the publication of papers. The finance committee has had many meetings, and in no previous year of the society’s history have the finances of the society received such careful attention. Reference should be made to the service of the prompt and indefatigable treasurer, Mr. Goodridge. The science committee made but one report but this was valuable, as it led to the direction of effort in connection with the botanical and geological departments of our work.

Financial Condition

The society began the year with a balance in hand of $454.15 in its library account, which, though now reduced to $12.26, is represented by valuable additions to the library. For ordinary revenue a much increased expenditure was needed on account of the change of rooms, outlay in furniture, increase of expenses for rent and maintenance. The council is glad to state that after having paid as last year a bonus of $200 to the hard-working secretary, all obligations have been met. On ordinary account $9,122.98 has been received, and $2,116.6 expended, leaving a balance of $6.33 on hand. In regard to the secretary’s salary it is recommended by the executive council that it should be considered by the society what salary the secretary should receive, as the council finds the bonus system into which it has fallen an inconvenient one. The treasurer’s statement, audited, is herewith presented.


At the beginning of the year, on account of the increased advantages as well as greater expense incurred, the council appealed to those members of more than one year’s standing for an additional $3 per annum. About thirty members responded to the appeal. As our annual dues are so small the council is of opinion that a larger number should have regarded the request. During the past year the hope was indulged that by this time or a little later the society might be in occupancy of the rooms promised by the council to your executive council. The unfinished state of the City Hall leaves us still in doubt. In regard to the future, should the grants now given and the rents received still held good, your council is of opinion that the incoming may be hopefully faced. It is cheering to notice that an association likely to feel more than most others the depression prevailing, should be able to present such a balance sheet as your council has the honor of presenting.

All of which is respectfully submitted.

George Bryce, President
Thomas Hart, Cor.-Secretary.

The report of the treasurer, Mr. R. E W. Goodridge, for the year, was then read, together with that of the auditor, Mr. J. B. McKilligan, certifying to its correctness. Its adoption was moved by Mr. J. M. Muir, seconded by Rev. Prof. Hart, and unanimously carried. The following are the accounts:

Ordinary Receipts

Balance on hand


Provincial Govt. Grant


City Grant


Members’ Fees and Lib. subscriptions


Publications and Materials sold


Rent of Hall


Profit on Exhibition





Rent paid


Secretary’s Salary


Insur., Freight and Postage


Printing, Publishing and Advertising


Furniture and Museum


Newsp B and Mag. (½ year)


Fuel, Light and Caretaking


Balance on hand




Exhibition Account. - Receipts

Prov. Got. Grant


City Grant


Tickets sold


Material disposed of







Light and Fuel


Caretaker and Work




Tents and flags


Printing and Advertising


Telegrams, Stationery and Postage






Gratuities to Police and Firemen


Balance on hand




Library Account - Receipts

Balance on hand



Northwest and Arctic Books




History, Biography and Travels


Franklin Square and Seaside










Balance on hand




On motion of Prof. Hart the question of paying the secretary a bonus of $209 in addition to his salary of $600, was referred to the favorable consideration of the executive council, after their having considered the condition of the society financially.

On motion of Mr. A. H. Whitcher, seconded by Prof. Hart, Mr. J. B. McKilligan was reappointed auditor.


The election of fifteen members to constitute the executive council was proceeded with, Messrs. Martin, Weymss, Goodridge and Greenfield, acting as scrutineers. The result was that the following were chosen: Rev. Dr. Bryce, Messrs. Wm. Clark, R. E. W. Goodridge, Ald. Ryan, J. B. McKilligan, Ald. Pearson, W. H. Hughan, C. N. Bell, Ald. Carruthers, Alex. McArthur, A. H. Whitcher, Rev. Prof. Hart, Capt. F. Gautier, Hon. A. A. LaRiviere and Rev. Canon Matheson.

The election of officers was then held, with the following results:

President, Rev. Dr. Bryce; first vice-president, Mr. A. H. Whitcher; Second vice-president, Rev. Prof. Hart; corresponding secretary, Mr. C. N. Bell; treasurers, Mr. R. E. W. Goodridge; recording secretary, Mr. W. H. Hughan.

After some discussion on the subject of fees the meeting adjourned.

Appendix A

City and Provincial Newspapers

Winnipeg Daily Sun.
Winnipeg Daily Times.
Winnipeg Daily Free Press.
Winnipeg Weekly Free Press.
Winnipeg Weekly Siftings.
St. Boniface Le Manitoba.
North-West Farmer.
Canadian Pacific Register.
Manitoba Gazette.
Post Office Guide.
Pilot Mound Signal.
Rat Portage Progress.
Manitoba Liberal, Portage la Prairie.
The Emerson International.
The Brandon Sun.
The Minnedosa Tribune.
Edmonton Bulletin.
Selkirk Herald.
Saskatchewan Herald.
Calgary Herald.
Fort McLeod Gazette.
Regina Leader.
Moose Jaw News.
Neepawa Canadian.
Gladstone Age.
Manitoba News, Morden.
The Nor’-Wester, Calgary.
The Weekly Tribune-Review, Portage la Prairie.
The Manitou Mercury.
The Commercial.

Total 39.

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Appendix B


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