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MHS Special Publications

The Society has been involved in the publication of a wide range of books. Many, but not all, are available for purchase from the MHS Office.

A Thousand Miles of Prairie: The Manitoba Historical Society and Western Canadian History
Edited by Jim Blanchard
University of Manitoba Press, 2002

This book features a collection of twelve MHS Transactions, originally published between 1883 and 1932.

Historical Atlas of Manitoba
by John H. Warkentin & Richard I. Ruggles
ISBN 0-921950-01-2

In commemoration of Manitoba's centennial in 1970, the Manitoba Historical Society published this 585-page collection of maps. Starting with a map from 1612, the collection includes selections from the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. Land surveys, rural settlement plans, economic and demographic charts, and scientific maps are also included.

Pioneer Icelandic Pastor: The Life of the Reverend Paul Thorlaksson
George J. Houser, PhD
Edited by Paul A. Sigurdson
ISBN 0-921950-07-1

This biography of controversial Icelandic pastor, Paul Thorlaksson, was written by the late George J. Houser. Thorlaksson, who died from pulmonary tuberculosis in 1882 at the age of 32, has been described as the "Father of the Icelandic Settlement in North Dakota."

The Forks and the Battle of Seven Oaks in Manitoba History
Part I. Focus on the Forks
Part II. Reflections on the Battle of Seven Oaks
Edited by Robert Coutts and Richard Stuart
ISBN 0-921950-12-8

This collection of articles arose from two symposia held in Winnipeg in 1991, one dealing with the Forks of the Red and Assiniboine Rivers, and the other marking the 175th anniversary of the Battle of Seven Oaks.

Manitoba Personalities: Selections from Manitoba Pageant
ISBN 1-55056-48-4

The collection of articles from Manitoba Pageant feature prominent Manitoba historical personalities.

Pioneer Life: Selections from Manitoba Pageant
ISBN 0-921950-09-8

This collection of articles from Manitoba Pageant are related to the history of farming, transportation, industry, and communities in Manitoba.

Bibliography of Manitoba Local History, 2nd Edition
Edited by Christopher Hackett
ISBN 0-921950-00-4

This extensive bibliography lists all publications, up to 1989, relating to the local history of specific places in Manitoba.

Tuxedo: A History and Walking Tour
MHS Tour Committee
ISBN 0-921950-10-1

The booklet describes the history of the Tuxedo area of southwestern Winnipeg, from its founding in 1902 to 1931. Descriptions of some prominent homes in the area, and their former occupants, are also featured.

Walking in Wolseley
MHS Tour Committee
ISBN 0-921950-04-7

The booklet describes the history of the Wolseley area of central Winnipeg, named for British Colonel Wolseley who was dispatched to the Red River Settlement in 1870 to suppress the rebellion which created the Province of Manitoba. Descriptions of some prominent homes in the area, and their former occupants, are also featured.

Crescentwood: Winnipeg's Finest Community
MHS Tour Committee
ISBN 0-921950-03-9

The booklet describes the history of the Crescentwood area of central Winnipeg, named in the early 20th century by noted Winnipeg developer C. H. Enderton, which was home to many of the wealthy and powerful families of Winnipeg. Descriptions of some homes in the area, and their former occupants, are also featured.

The Centennial History of Manitoba
by James A. Jackson
ISBN 0-921950-02-0

Manitoba's Rural Heritage Architecture: A Direction for the Future
Ed Ledohowski
Edited by Graham A. MacDonald
ISBN 0-921950-08-X

Transactions Series I, II, III
ISBN 0-921950-05-5

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