MHS Archives: The Forks and the Battle of Seven Oaks in Manitoba History

Edited by Robert Coutts and Richard Stuart

Manitoba Historical Society, 1994
ISBN 0-921950-12-8

The publication of this book was supported by a grant from the Thomas Sill Foundation Inc.


Part I: Focus on the Forks

Introduction by Richard Stuart

The Ojibwa, Red River and the Forks, 1770-1870 by Laura Peers

The French Presence in the West, 1734-1874 by Cornelius Jaenen

Colonialist Enterprise: The Hudson’s Bay Company at the Forks, 1812-1883 by Robert Coutts

Changing Views, Changing Values: Riverfronts in Winnipeg and Minneapolis by Thora Cartlidge

From Backwater to Park: The Forks in Relation to Downtown Winnipeg by Randy Rostecki

Part II: Reflections on the Battle of Seven Oaks

Introduction by Robert Coutts

Conflict at Red River: Collision at Seven Oaks by Joe Martin

Historical Writing on “Seven Oaks”: The Assertion of Anglo-Canadian Cultural Dominance in the West by Lyle Dick

Lord Selkirk and his Agents by J. M. Bumsted

The Origins of Metis Nationalism and the Pemmican Wars, 1780-1821 by Fred J. Shore

Metis Nationalism: Then and Now by Yvon Dumont

Commentary by Jennifer S. H. Brown

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