Historic Sites of Manitoba: Normandin School No. 1824 (RM of Alonsa)

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The Normandin School District was established formally in April 1916 and having decided upon a school site at the northeast corner of SE14-21-11W, the district soon after held votes to relocate their planned site to the northeast corner or NE14-21-11W or the northeast corner of NW13-21-11, both of which were defeated by 12:10 votes of district ratepayers. The district was named after the Normandin family, of which Joseph Normandin served as the first Chairman of the school district. A school a one-room schoolhouse was built in the spring of 1917 by John Demerais, though would later be moved to 24-21-11W in what is now the Rural Municipality of Alonsa. In 1936, the school was amalgamated into the Alonsa School District No. 1920, though remained known as Normandin School within the said municipal school district. The school closed in 1965 and students from this area went to Alonsa.

Among the teachers of Normandin School were Olive St. Germain (Spring 1918 - Spring 1919), John Alexander Mowatt (Fall 1919 - pt Spring 1920), Albertine Grouette? (pt Spring 1920 - Spring 1921), Marie Ange Letourneau (Fall 1921 - Spring 1923), Susan J. Fyles (Fall 1923), Hazel M. Ross (Spring 1924 - Spring 1925), Hazel G. Smith (Fall 1925 - Spring 1926), Hazel M. Ross (via classes held at Geddes School No. 2025, Fall 1926 - Spring 1927), Meta Marion Kelly (Fall 1927 - Spring 1929), Jennie Eugenie Thachyk (via classes held at Glenmona School No. 1490, Fall 1929 - Spring 1930), Jenny Ferguson Gemmell (via classes at Glenmona School, Fall 1930 - Spring 1931 & September 1931), Bertha Ellen Halstead (October 1931 - June 1932 & Fall 1932 - Spring 1933), Agnes Mary Mac Carthy (Fall 1933 - Spring 1935), Agnes Angela Adamek (Fall 1935 - Spring 1936), Calsita H. Atkinson (September-November 1936), school closed, teacher ill (November-December 1936), Anne Delima Todd (January-June 1937 & Fall 1937 - Spring 1938), Kathleen Louise White (Fall 1938 - Spring 1940), Muriel Florence Davenport (Fall 1940 - Spring 1941), Alma Ruth Kenny (Fall 1941 - Spring 1942), Alice Marie Rousseau (Fall 1942 - Spring 1944), Lucien Ralph Frechette (Fall 1944), Mrs. Marie Louise Hogue (Spring 1945 - Spring 1954), Walter Kopytko (Fall 1954 - Spring 1955), Verna Rose Clauson (Fall 1955 - Spring 1956), Helen Viola Glod (Fall 1956 - Spring 1957), Miss Linda D. Griffiths (Fall 1957 - Spring 1958), Victoria Ellchuk (Fall 1958 - Spring 1960), Mary Masson (Fall 1960), Helen Sylvia Skrabek (Spring 1961), Sheila Bruce (pt September 1961), Shirley Nellie McLeod (pt September 1961 - June 1962), Miss Carol Marie Harper (Fall 1962 - Spring 1963), Mary E. Armit (September - pt December 1963), and Jake Giesbrecht (pt December 1963 - June 1965).

Photos & Coordinates

Normandin School

Normandin School (no date) by C. K. Rogers
Source: Archives of Manitoba, School Inspectors Photographs,
GR8461, A0233, C131-3, page 42.

Site Location (lat/long): 50.81651, W98.88126
denoted by symbol on the map above


Alonsa West topographic map, 62J/15 West, Edition 1, Series A743 [UFS Reference Collection].

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Many Trails to Manitou - Wapah by Village History Committee, Alonsa, 1993, pages 282-283.

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Departmentally appointed school trustee files (E 0034), Normandin School District No. 1824 - Minute Book, GR7883, Archives of Manitoba.

Departmentally appointed school trustee files (E 0034), Normandin School District No. 1824 - Account Book, GR7883, Archives of Manitoba.

School division half-yearly attendance reports (E 0757), Archives of Manitoba.

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