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Development of this map was made possible, in part, with financial support from the Manitoba Heritage Grants Program. Thanks to Mike Forster at Shared Logic in Brandon for all his hard work.

We gratefully acknowledge contributions to this project made by the following people: Florence Adrian, Bill Ammeter, James Arnett, Wayne Arseny, Trish Aubin, Malcolm Bell, Normand Boisvert, Earl Borschawa, Carole-Ann Brethour, Dorothy Brooking, Doug Brown, Jennifer Brulé, Giles Bugailiskis, Ron Burek, Raymond Burns, David Butterfield, Chris Carson, Christian Cassidy, Chantal Catellier, Allan Chambers, Karen Chrest, Shirley Christianson, Leon Clegg, Kim Cockerill, Glen Cook, Bill Crerar, Ken Cudmore, Paul Dale, Diana deMontigny, Robert De Smet, Roland Desrochers, Leona Devuyst, Reid Dickie, Heather Docking, Kurt Dorward, Allan Drysdale, Logan Dumanske, Richard Dupuis, Richard Dyck, Emily English, Pat Eyolfson, Don Finlay, Alan Calvert Fox, Bill Fraser, Cyrena Friesen, Henri Gamache, Sandra Garvie, Ruth Giesbrecht, Gordon Goldsborough, Ed Grassick, Marcel Gauthier, Nola Geard, Howard Griffith, Sheila Grover, Derryl Hall, Erin Halliday, Darcy Hammett, Tetyana Haraschuk, David Harkness, Paulette Haywood, Jean Henderson, Celynne Henrotte, Harry Hildebrand, Florence Hooge-Driedger, Doris Hovorka, Brian Hubner, Chris Irwin, Doug Irwin, Ken Jacobs, Ev Janzen, George Johnston, Jacquie Seaman Jones, Lynn Jones, Violet Joss, Frank Kehler, Kathy Kolesar, Nathan Kramer, Al Krukewich, Amber Lahti, Mike Lauze, John C. Lehr, Harriet Lehrbaum, John Levi, Ross Madder, Janis Magnusson, Keith Maitland, Gerry Maynard, William McArthur, Gordon McBean, Janet McCallum, Eric McCormick, Brian R. McGregor, Peter McLure, Diane McMillan, Scott Melvin, Janet Moore, Doug Morrison, Cassandra Morrow, Bette and Walter Mueller, Blair Myskiw, Blaine Myskiw, David Neufeld, Gerald Neufeld, Teyana Neufeld, Lynn Nolden, Bobbi Jo Panciera, Francis Parker, Jean Paterson, Rosemarie Péloquin, Mary B. Perfect, Murray Peterson, Marlene Plett, Chantal Proulx, Neil Pryce, Meghan Rasmussen, Jake Rempel, Kelly-Anne Richmond, Tim Schlegel, Ralph and Mildred Schneider, Douglas Scott, Don Sexton, Merlin Shoesmith, Greg Sigurdson, Sharon Simms, Diane Skogstad, Robert Smith, Adam Sobkow, Pat Sparling, Ida Spence, Craig Spencer, Christine Stewart, Donna Stout, Linda Strange, Millie Stuckert, Carol Sundmark, Glen Suggett, Larry Taylor, Kevin Teneycke, Chris Thompson, Philip Thordarson, Al Thorleifson, Cam Timlick, Jeneen Tomko, Henry Trachtenberg, Leslie Tsai, Terry Turcan, Kevin Tutthill, Barb Unger, Henry Unger, Liam Viznaugh, Jan Wagemaker, Christopher Walker, Cheryl Wark, Bruce Wiebe, Don Wilkes, Tari Wilson, Garry Workman, Tim Worth, Dale Wrubleski, Judy Young, Halina Zbigniewicz, and Maria Zbigniewicz. We also thank the many kind people who gave us directions to hard-to-find sites in rural Manitoba, told us about sites, and gave us site tours.

This page was prepared by Gordon Goldsborough.

Page revised: 10 April 2024

Historic Sites of Manitoba

This is a collection of historic sites in Manitoba compiled by the Manitoba Historical Society. The information is offered for historical interest only.

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Inclusion in this collection does not confer special status or protection. Official heritage designation may only come from municipal, provincial, or federal governments. Some sites are on private property and permission to visit must be secured from the owner.

Site information is provided by the Manitoba Historical Society as a free public service only for non-commercial purposes.

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