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The formal organization of golf in Winnipeg can be traced back to John Harrison of Virden who visited the city in June 1894 to promote the formation of a golf club for like-minded interest. A meeting was first planned at the Manitoba Hotel on 28 June 1894, though deferred to a meeting at the same venue on 5 July 1894. The Winnipeg Golf Club was formed at this meeting, which was presided over by W. B. Scarth and pro tem Secretary W. W. Beaton. The first enrolled members were W. B. Scarth, J. G. Moore, D. J. Beaton, J. M. Somerville, A. Eggo, J. Eggo, W. W. Walsh, C. Graham, W. G. Barnet, H. G. Wilson, W. W. Beaton, D. Simpson, James Haggart, John Harrison, H. Cameron, R. Stewart, and Canon Coombes. Scarth, Simpson, Somverville, Beaton, and Harrison formed the club’s governance committee to set rules and write a constitution. An exhibition round of golf at the Winnipeg Cricket Grounds was held later that day.

Membership fees in the new club were set at $3 for gentlemen, $1 for ladies, and $5 for families (including purchaser and ladies of the family). Within three weeks, holders of family memberships included Angus Kirkland, J. Stewart Tupper, Colonel Boswell, Mr. Kirby, G. F. Brophy, A. C. Killam, Mrs. Knight, F. H. Brydges, Major Ruttan, and Dr. Pennefather. Single members included F. W. Ferguson, J. Stanley Hough, Heber Archibald, Howard Wright, A. Macdonald, Charles Flexon, G. F. Stephens, A. Whealler, and W. H. McHarg.

The club acquired rights to a cow pasture in the community of Norwood owned by the Norwood Improvement Company, opening a primitive course on 21 July 1894. The club used that site until the fall of that year, when it was decided to relocate operations to land acquired south of Portage Avenue, backing onto Mulvey School. An 18-hole course operated there for 12 years until the property was sold and turned into Happyland. Rates were updated in 1900, with annual subscriptions raised to $10 for men, with ladies being admitted at no charge, though charged $1 for locker use. Membership grew steadily, and by 1903, the club had almost 150 members, of which 43 were ladies.

To avoid confusion with the Winnipeg Golf Club Limited, the Winnipeg Golf Club changed its name to the Norwood Golf Club on 23 March 1914. The club incorporated in 1933 and membership ranged between 200 and 300 golfers. It operated through the 1947 season but despite electing executives for the 1948 season, and vows from the membership to “carry on,” the club folded. Its golf course was sold for use as a residential subdivision and the members joined other clubs.





William Bain Scarth (1837-1902)


D. Simpson


Duncan Wendell McDermid (1858-1909)


Thomas Robinson


Charles Patrick Wilson (1859-1931)


Samuel Peck Clark (1859-1924)


Walter Reginald Baker (1852-?)


Francis Lawrence “Frank” Patton (1857-1932)


F. Phillips


John Benning Monk (1856-1947)


Alexander Ross Hargraft (1860-1919)


Thomas Alderson Anderson (1855-1919)


Kenneth B. Stoddart


Charles Patrick Wilson (1859-1931)


Henry Arnold Burbidge (1874-?)


Herbert H. Pigott (1857-1927)


H. D. Patterson


William Cleland Hamilton (1881-1943)


Robert C. S. “Bob” Bruce (1867-1952)


E. John Townshend


Richard Lippincott Denison (1889-1980)


Walter Percy Over (1874-1944)


Allan Anderson


James “Jimmy” Prentice


Harold Richard Parker (1906-1993)

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