MHS Archives: Personal Memoirs

These personal memoirs are provided here as written by their authors with limited editing. As historical documents, words used and views expressed in them should not be inferred to represent those of the Manitoba Historical Society.

Arrowdale Revisited by Allan M. Armitage (September 2014, PDF format)

Adam Family - Early Pioneers of Manitoba by Ron Adam (October 2014, PDF format)

Headingley Heritage by Amber McGuckin (March 2015)

Memories of Devonshire Collegiate Institute by Ken Howard, Shirley Howard Thompson, Claire Howard Lee, and Lou H. Howard

Reminiscences of an Old Timer by James Mathewson Ewens

The Bruces of St. James by Sandra Bruce (May 2015)

The Story of Earl Grey School (1952) by James Dudley McLeod (May 2015)

Memories of Winnipeg Schools in the 1930s and 1940s by Margaret Leitch Russell (July 2015)

Memories of Teaching at Holmfield, Langruth, and Minnedosa by Duane Duff (December 2015)

My Life Story by Clara Beatrice (McQuarrie) Martin (March 2016)

Bibault Families in France, Canada, and the United States since the Seventeenth Century by Thomas G. Paterson (April 2016, PDF format)

Monchamp Families in France, Canada, and the United States since the Seventeenth Century by Thomas G. Paterson (May 2016, PDF format)

Stanley Lewis Dresser (1867-1889) by Jane McQuitty (November 2016, PDF format)

The Place Called Emerson, and my Family’s Connection to It by Roger Currie (February 2017)

I am a Witness by Mina Rosner (May 2017, PDF format)

Summer of ’64 on the Nelson River by Brian Grover (April 2017, PDF format)

Correspondence from Percy Edward Millard: His Years in Canada compiled by Ed Dwyer (October 2017, PDF format)

Reminiscences of My Pioneer Experiences in Twp 7, Range 12, Cypress River Locality During the Winter of 1879-1880 by Robert Henry Little (May 2011, PDF format)

Life Behind Barbed Wire (memories of the Transcona Cordite Plant) by Lois Edie Allison (May 2019, PDF format)

The Descendants of Christanus Von Farne and Barbara Mathysenn by Gottfried Fahrni (September 2019, PDF format)

Tobacco Creek School No. 808 by Nevae Sylvester and Dorothy Sylvester (September 2019, PDF format)

George and Ivy Hall: Belmont Pioneers by Gary Brawn (February 2020, PDF format)

Pioneering in Manitoba in 1882 by Mervyn Bryan (June 2020, PDF format)

A History of Stuartburn, Manitoba by Anne Sherman (July 2020, PDF format)

Evangelical Convictions: The Life and Thought of the Reverend Josias Jessé Roy (1849-1931) by Patrick Carter (July 2020, PDF format)

A Historical Perspective of Industrial Hygiene in Manitoba by William M. Ward (November 1987, PDF format)

Extracts from the Diary of the Late James W. Matthews transcribed by Gregor Macgregor (September 2020)

Winnipeg 1950-57 - A Memoir by Robert Armstrong (February 2021, PDF format, updated February 2024)

The Wartime Letters of Kenneth Broten of Dacotah by Janet Fossay Peterson (November 2020)

Thalberg School and Thalberg North School History (1907-1971) by Brian Lesko (February 2021)

Thalberg North School Days During the 1950s and 1960s by Brian Lesko (February 2021)

“The Half Breed Land Grant” Out of the Manitoba Act by Douglas Kemp (November 2022)

The Way It Was by Clint Whetter (January 2023)

A Brief History of Wheatland by Mrs. Ethel Lawrie and Mrs. George Muir (May 2023, PDF format)

The Silent Smithy by Dave Reid (1985)

Major William Harold Hunt by Margaret Carter (October 2023, PDF format)

William Todd M.D. 1784-1851, Chief Trader, Hudson's Bay Company compiled by J. Gordon Costello (May 1987, PDF format)

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