Manitoba History: Number 73, Fall 2013

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Clearwater Concrete Arch Bridge

Source: Gordon Goldsborough, October 2011.

Constructed in 1919 as part of a province-wide program, this graceful (albeit deteriorating) bridge at Clearwater, Manitoba was still in daily use when this photo was taken.

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Governor William B. Caldwell’s Souvenir: Exoticism and a Gentleman’s Reputation
by Laura Peers and Anne Lindsay

Homicide on the Canada-US Border
by Harl A. Dalstrom

F. Beverley Robertson: The Tragic Life of Poundmaker’s Defence Counsel
by Ross D. Petty

Manitoba’s Historic Bridges
by Gordon Goldsborough

Visionaries and Risk-Takers: The First Hundred Years of the Fort Garry Hotel
by Giles Bugailiskis

Book Reviews

Alison R. Marshall, The Way of the Bachelor: Early Chinese Settlement in Manitoba
by Stephen Grandpre

Esyllt Jones, Imagining Winnipeg: History Through the Photographs of L. B. Foote
by Jonathan Scotland

Bill Wright and Dave Craig, 300 Years of Beer: An Illustrated History of Brewing in Manitoba
by Derrek Eberts

Yossi Katz and John Lehr, Inside the Ark: The Hutterites in Canada and the United States
by Alvin J. Esau

Franca Iacovetta, Valerie J. Korinek, and Marlene Epp (editors), Edible Histories, Cultural Politics: Towards a Canadian Food History
by Anne Marie Lane Jonah

Cool Things in the Collection:
Influence of the Hudson’s Bay Company on the Architectural Development of Winnipeg
by Abigail Auld

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