Laura Lynn Peers


She is an anthropologist, museum curator, and historian. She has published on Aboriginal history and is interested in historic artefacts as sources for Aboriginal and cross-cultural history. She is working on a book exploring the material culture and cross-cultural relationships in the historic Red River Settlement. Dr Peers is Curator for the Americas collections at the Pitt Rivers Museum, and a Reader in Anthropology, at the University of Oxford.

Her articles for the Manitoba Historical Society:

Reverend John West’s Collection: Much to Celebrate
Manitoba History, Number 30, Autumn 1995

Peter Rindisbacher: New Discoveries
Manitoba History, Number 33, Spring 1997

In Search of Buffalo Hair Cloth
Manitoba History, Number 58, October 2008

The Ojibwa, Red River and the Forks, 1770-1870
The Forks and the Battle of Seven Oaks in Manitoba History

Review: A. Irving Hallowell, Contributions to Ojibwe Studies: Essays 1934-1972 Edited and with Introductions by Jennifer S. H. Brown and Susan Elaine Gray
Manitoba History, Number 67, Winter 2012

Governor William B. Caldwell’s Souvenir: Exoticism and a Gentleman’s Reputation
Manitoba History, Number 73, Autumn 2013

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