Manitoba History: Manitoba Bibliography / 1993

by K. M. Gillespie

Number 28, Autumn 1994

This article was published originally in Manitoba History by the Manitoba Historical Society on the above date. We make this online version available as a free, public service. As an historical document, the article may contain language and views that are no longer in common use and may be culturally sensitive in nature.

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Government of Canada : Parks Canada, Department of Canadian Heritage

Ebell, S. Biron and Peter J. Priess, In Search of the Octagon: Archaeological Investigation under the Depot at York Factory. Research Bulletin #302.

Coutts, Robert. An Operational History of Lower Fort Garry, 1911-1991. Manuscript Report #495 (on microfiche).

Chabot, Helene. The Native Human History of Riding Mountain National Park: An Overview. Manuscript Report #494 (on microfiche).

(Parks Canada Manuscript Reports on microfiche are not for sale. Copies are available for use in the Provincial Archives of Manitoba.)

Government of Manitoba : Culture, Heritage and Citizenship

Manitoba’s Special Places: A Heritage “Quiz”. 28 pp. Text in English and French.

The Prairie Report: Report of the Federal-Provincial Task Force on Telecommunications Regulations. 5v.

Public Library Services: Directory of Libraries in Manitoba. Rev. ed., 1993, 73 pp.

Government of Manitoba : Education and Training

Francophone Schools Governance: A New System to Meet Manitoba’s Constitutional Obligations—The Linguistic and Cultural Needs of the Franco-Manitoban Community. 11 pp. Text in English and French.

Native Education, Seeking a Balance: A Parents’ Guide to Help Children Succeed. 16 pp. (35th Legislature, 4th Session, Tabled Paper no. 129).

Reaching for the Sun: A Guide to the Early History and Traditions of Native People in Manitoba. vii, 115 pp. Published in Co-operation with Indian and Northern Affairs, Canada. Text in English and French.

Government of Manitoba : Executive Council

The Story of the Coat of Arms of Manitoba, by Robert D. Watt. Leaflet, accompanied by Augmented Coat of Arms.

Government of Manitoba : Family Services

First Nations Child and Family Task Force: Children First: Our Responsibility. Wally Fox-Decent, Chair. 168 pp., ill. Submitted to the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs and Indian and Northern Affairs, Canada.

Government of Manitoba : Health

Capital Planning, Rural District Analysis: A Framework for Review of the Allocation and Utilization of Resources in Rural and Northern Manitoba. Health Public Policy Pro-grams. 1 v.

Tertiary Care Program Consolidation — Health Sciences Centre and St. Boniface General Hospital: An Overview. 24 pp. (35th Legislature, 4th Session, Tabled Paper No. 265.)

Government of Manitoba : North Portage Development Corporation

1992 Annual Report—Final Edition. 20 pp. (35th Legislature, 4th Session, Tabled Paper No. 114). A Joint Initiative of the Governments of Canada, Manitoba and Winnipeg.

Government of Manitoba : Travel Manitoba

An Adventure in Nature. Written and Produced by Barbara Huck and Doug Whiteway. Heartland Publications. 122 pp. An Initiative of Industry, Science and Technology. Canada Tourism, Manitoba Region, under a Federal International Market and Development Program of the Canada-Manitoba Tourism Agreement.


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