Manitoba Historical Society:
Annual Report for the Year 1889

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Officers for 1890

President - C. N. Bell, F.R.G.S.
1st Vice-President - Rev. A. B. Baird
2nd Vice-President - R. E. W. Goodridge
Corresponding Secretary - F. H. Turnock
Treasurer - Stephen Nairn
Recording Secretary - J. T. Huggard

Executive Council, consisting of the above Officers and the following gentlemen:

Judge Ardagh
Rev. Prof. Bryce, L.L.D.
Professor Cochran
N. H. Cowdry
Walter Chesterton
Rev. Hart
Professor Laird
John MacBeth
Mayor Pearson

Standing Committees for 1890

Archaeological and Natural History Committee

C. N. Bell, Chairman
Prof. Cochrane
Walter Chesterton
R. E. W. Goodridge
Prof. Laird

Library and Publication Committee

Rev. Dr. Bryce, Chairman
Judge Ardagh
Rev. A. B. Baird
Rev. Prof. Hart
F. H. Turnock

Finance and Property Committee

Stephen Nairn, Chairman
N. H. Cowdry
J. T. Huggard
John MacBeth
Mayor Pearson

Joint Library Committee of City Council and Historical Society

Rev. Dr. Bryce, Chairman
Judge Ardagh
Rev. Prof. Hart
Alderman K. McKenzie
Alderman D. Smith
Alderman T. W. Taylor

The Historical and Scientific Society of Manitoba consists of the following classes of members and subscribers:

Honorary Members
Life Members $25.00
Corresponding Members
Active Members $5.00 per annum

The subscription to the City Library, managed by the Society, is $2 per annum.

Members of the Council of Manitoba University and Undergraduates have access to the Isbister Library in custody of the Society.

Honorary Members

Lord Dufferin
F. Parkman
Col. Palliser
General Lord Wolseley
Sir George Stephen
Archdeacon McDonald
U.S. Consul Taylor
Principal Dawson
Dr. John Rae
General Lefroy
Marquis of Lorne
Rev. John McDougall
Sir Daniel Wilson, Toronto
Principal Grant
Sir Donald A. Smith
Lord Landsdowne
Rev. Pere Lacombe
Sandford Fleming
Sir John A. Macdonald
Lord Stanley of Preston

Corresponding Members

Prof. H. Y. Hind
Dr. Tache, Ottawa
Joseph Fortescue, Isle a la Crosse, via Prince Albert
Archibald MacDonald, Fort Qu'Appelle
S. K. Parsons, Montreal
James McDougall, Athabasca
Horace Belanger, Cumberland House
Robert Campbell, Merchiston, Man.
Professor Bell, Ottawa
Dr. George M. Dawson, Ottawa
C. Mair, Prince Albert
Roderick Ross, Ft. Chippewyan, Athabasca
Alexander Matheson, Rat Portage
Lawrence Clarke, Saskatchewan
Roderick Ross Macfarlane, Ft. Chippewyan
Dr. W. McKay, Peace River
H. Bell, Michipicoton, Lk Superior
Prof. Macoun, Ottawa
Ernest E. Thompson, New York
Walter Dixon, Lake Francis
Henry J. Morgan, Ottawa
R. J. N. Pither, Fort Francis
Prof. J. H. Panton, Guelph, Ont.
Rev. Mr. Burman, Griswold, Man.
Rev. Dr. John McLean, Fort McLeod
J. W. Spencer, Churchill, Hudson Bay
Hon. Sam. A. Green, Boston, U.S.A.
James W. R. Swann, U.S.A. Acting Consul-General, St. Petersburg
Mr. J. B. Tyrell, Ottawa
Ven. Archdeacon McKay, Prince Albert, N.W.T.
Rev. Malcolm Scott, Ft Vermillion, N.W.T.
Ven. Archdeacon Vincent, Moose Factory, N.W.T.
Rt. Rev. Richard Young, Bishop of Athabasca, N.W.T.

Life Members

J. C. Aikins
J. H. Ashdown
Rev. Dr. Bryce
J. Camsell
Dr. Cowan
Rev. A. E. Cowley
R. E. W. Goodridge
W. H. Hughan
Capt. L. M. Lewis
Wm. Martin
A. McCharles
F. W. Stobart
Archbishop Taché
Consul Taylor
Commissioner Wrigley

Annual Meeting of the Historical and Scientific Society of Manitoba

The annual meeting of the Historical and Scientific Society of Manitoba was held in the City Hall, Winnipeg, on the evening of Tuesday, February 11th, 1890. In the absence of the President, the first Vice-President took the chair. After the reading of the minutes of the previous annual meeting, the report of the Council for 1889 was presented and read by the Corresponding Secretary, Mr. F. H. Turnock. Sub-reports from the Finance, Archaeological and Natural History, and Joint Library committees were presented and read, respectively, by Mr. S. Nairn, Mr. F. H. Turnock and Rev. Dr. Bryce.

Report of the Executive Council

The Executive Council begs to report as follows upon the operations of the Society for the past year:

Meetings—During the year there have been five meetings of the Society and eleven meetings of the Council.

The various Council sub-committees have met as follows: Finance, 0; Library, 6 ; City Library, 6; Natural History, 1.

The attendance at the meetings of the Society has not been so large as might have been desired.

The attendance at the Council meetings has been as follows: C. N. Bell, 9 meetings; Rev. A. B. Baird, 8; Dr. Agnew, 8; F. H. Turnock, 7; Dr. Bryce, 6; James Taylor, 5; Rev. T. Hart, 5; A. Bowerman, 4; S. Nairn, 4; Prof. Cochrane, 4; Prof. Cochrane, 4; Prof. Laird, 4; D. S. Curry, 1; Judge Ardagh, 0; R. W. Jamieson, 0; George Fraser, 0.

Council changes—Mr. G. Fraser having removed from the Province, his seat as a member of the Council was, on the 23rd May, declared vacant. No election to fill the vacancy was held, however.

Papers Read—At the Society’s meetings, the following papers have been read:

1. President’s Inaugural Address, by C. N. Bell.

2. “Henry’s Journal of Events in Red River Valley, 1801-1806,” by C. N. Bell.

3. “The Rights, Titles and Privileges granted to Lord Selkirk in 1811,” by Jas. Taylor.

4. “Birds of the North,” by R. R. McFarlane.

5. “Two Provisional Governments in Manitoba,” by Rev. Dr. Bryce.

All these have been published.

It had been arranged that an address should be delivered before the Society by the late Hon. John Norquay in reference to the early days of the Selkirk settlement, but the unexpected and lamented death of Mr. Norquay prevented this arrangement being carried into effect.

The Seven Oaks Monument

The society has had under consideration the desirability of erecting, upon the site of that engagement, a monument to commemorate the battle of Seven Oaks. Arrangements for a plot of land upon the battlefield were made early in the year. Designs for the monument were invited, and it was ultimately decided to erect a plain stone shaft, to cost about $150. It was intended that this should have been in position last tall; but, owing to the difficulty which occurred in quarrying a suitable stone, the completion of the project has been deferred until next spring. The Countess of Selkirk has expressed a desire to defray the expense of this undertaking. Mr. Matthew Semple, of Philadelphia, (a descendent of Governor Semple) and several others have also signified their wish to contribute for this purpose.

Fort Garry Gateway

The society has been promised by the Hudson’s Bay Company the stone gateway which is now all that remains of old Fort Garry. Efforts have been made to secure the ground on which it is situated as well, but without success. During the past year a committee of the council was appointed to confer with the Governor of the company for the purpose of ascertaining whether it would not be possible to secure from that corporation a gift of some lots elsewhere in the city, to which the gateway might be removed. The negotiations failed, however, the company declining to accede to the Society’s proposition. The gateway is now so dilapidated that in a very short time it will be in such a condition as to render its restoration impossible. It is hoped that before it is too late, some one will be found sufficiently public-spirited and generous to place at the disposal of the Society a site to which this interesting relic may be removed and where it may be preserved from destruction and decay.

Botanical Competition

Another subject which has occupied the Society’s attention has been a proposal to offer a diploma and medal for the best collection of botanical specimens made by local botanists. It was unfortunately too late in the season when this proposal was considered for any definite action to be taken last year, but it is a matter which may well be dealt with by the Society before next spring. It is claimed that elsewhere competitions of this kind have been very successful and have done much to stimulate botanical research.


The museum will be more particularly referred to in the report of the Natural History committee. During the year its contents have been increased by the addition of several articles of interest. Among them may be noticed the donations of Mr. R. H. Armstrong, of Peel River, consisting of bows and arrows, dog whip, fish lines and bone hooks, and that of Mr. James McDougall, of the Hudson’s Bay Company, consisting of a valuable collection of Esquimo curiosities. The society sent, in 1888, a collection of fossils to the Geological Museum at Ottawa, in return for which it has received from the assistant director of that institution, Dr. Whiteaves, several specimens that had not previously a place in its cases. In this connection it may be remarked that the bill which is now before Parliament respecting the Dominion Government Geological Department authorizes duplicates of its collections to be furnished to scientific, literary and educational societies in Canada and other countries, and, if this becomes law, the council trusts endeavours will be made by this Society to obtain from the Geological Museum a considerable addition to its present collection.

It must be apparent to every member of the Society who has given the matter even casual consideration that the accommodation for the museum is now very inadequate. The articles cannot be properly classified nor exhibited to advantage. One of the most pressing duties of the Society is the re-classification of its collection and the securing of more suitable accommodation for it.

Reference Library

Efforts have been made this year to make some additions to the Society’s Reference Library, which, owing to scarcity of funds, has been for several years past somewhat neglected. Early in the year the library committee was authorized to expend the sum of $20 a month for six months of the year for this purpose. The Encyclopaedia Britannica is now completed; the Narrative and Critical History of America,” edited by Justin Winsor, (in eight volumes) has been purchased, and eleven volumes of Hakluyt’s voyages have been bound during the year. By donation, this library has been increased by 64 bound volumes and reports from the United States government, by 58 reports from the Dominion government’s distribution office, and by six volumes of the Genealogical Dictionary of Canadian Families, which have been bound by the society, from the Library of Parliament, Ottawa; besides several valuable gifts from private individuals, which are mentioned in the schedule of donations attached. In addition to the foregoing, new shelving has been provided.

Reading Room and Public Library

Perhaps the most popular, if not the most useful, work the Society is doing is the maintenance of a public library and reading room, both of which have been fairly well patronized during the year. The number of books issued, as compared with the previous year is as follows:













Geography and Voyages


















General Literature






The total increase of books issued over the previous year is, therefore, 856.

The number of new books added during the year is 211.

The following new magazines and papers have been subscribed for since the last annual meeting : The Forum, Scribner’s Magazine, the North American Review, the Magazine of American History, the Bystander and the Toronto Empire.

It is a matter of great regret that the city council has provided for the current civic year an appropriation of only $400 for the Society. By the last agreement made between the Society and the city council the Society in consideration of an annual grant of $600 and the free use of the rooms occupied by it in the city hall, agreed to hand over to the city the whole of its circulating library, to maintain a library for the city (including the expense of librarians), to add books and periodicals to the library each year to the value of $600, (which should become the property of the city as purchased) and to reduce the amount of subscription to the library from $3 to $2 a year. The Society has faithfully performed its part of the agreement. Without the expenditure of at least $600 a year on new books the library cannot be made sufficiently attractive to render its management successful. The treasurer’s report shows that last year, even with that expenditure, the library was not self sustaining, but cost the Society $100 over what was granted by the city and what was received from library subscribers. Besides this, a great deal of time and attention has been gratuitously devoted to the library’s management by members of the society; and, in addition to the right to obtain books from the public library, library members, who contribute in no way to the Society’s funds, have the privilege of consulting the Society’s valuable reference and Northwest library. It is hoped that the city council, in view of the immensely greater expenditure which would be necessitated were the Society to be compelled to leave the work of conducting a public library to the city itself, will increase the appropriation to at least the amount the society is entitled to under its agreement.

A special report of the joint library committee is herewith appended.


The Society’s rooms have been visited by a large number of strangers during the year, the number that registered in the book being 353; in addition to these there was a considerable number of which the Society has no record.


In the early part of the year a title page and index of the Society’s transactions was prepared and printed, and sent to all the societies its exchange list in order that they might have its publications bound in a uniform manner.

An examination of all the publications received by the society in exchange for its own has been conducted, and where any volumes have been found missing the societies or institutions by which they were issued have been communicated with and asked to be good enough to supply extra copies. This request has been cheerfully complied with whenever possible.

A list of the societies with which this one is exchanging is attached. There is no doubt that this might be considerably added to with advantage.


Appended is a complete list of all donations received during the year and the names of the donors, to whom the Society takes this opportunity of expressing its thanks.


A communication has been received roam Mr. McCharles, of Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, one of the Society’s life members, enclosing a letter from Donald McPherson to the late Earl of Selkirk, giving an account of the Battle of Seven Oaks.

Communications have also been received from Rev. John McLean, one of the Society’s corresponding members, on the subject of Indian Cairns, and from Mr. Malcolm McLeod, Q.C. of Ottawa, with reference to the site of old Fort Garry.


There is but little difference in the membership of the Society, so far as numbers are concerned, between that of last year and that of 1888. The following is a comparison of the number of members in each class for each of the years mentioned:
















Library Subscribers



Since the last annual meeting His Excellency Lord Stanley of Preston has been pleased to accept honorary membership in the Society. Captain Wm. Kennedy, whose recent death is much deplored, was also elected an honorary member in recognition of his services in connection with arctic exploration.

The gentlemen who have been added to the list of corresponding members are; Mr. J. B. Tyrrell, Ottawa; Ven. Archdeacon Mackay, Prince Albert; Rev. Malcolm Scott, Fort Vermillion, N.W.T.; Ven. Archdeacon Vincent, Moose Factory; Rt. Rev. Richard Young, Bishop of Athabasca.

It is with deep regret the society records the loss by death during the year of the following members: Honorary, Capt. Kennedy, died Jan. 25, 1890; corresponding, Hon. Senator Hardisty, died Oct. 15, 1889; life, Mr. C. J. Brydges, died Feb. 15, 1889; active, Mr. Daniel Carey, died Jan. 4, 1890.


A detailed account of the financial condition of the Society will be found in the report of the Treasurer hereto attached. The revenue last year was $1,312.42, as compared with $2000.27 the previous year. The expenditure has been $939.20, whereas in 1888 it was $1,772.75. The Society starts the new year with a balance of $373.22 to its credit, as compared with a balance of $227.52 on the 9th Feb’y, 1889. It is very necessary, if the Society is to continue financially prosperous, that something shall be done by members themselves to increase the membership. Steps have been taken to advertise the Society during the year by exhibiting in public places cards setting forth the advantages it offers, but this is not sufficient. Individual influence is necessary to enlarge the membership list to any extent. If every member would make it a point to secure at least one additional member during the coming year, the Society would, at the end of that period, occupy a stable and prosperous position, and it is surely not estimating the personal influence of members too highly to believe that such a result is possible of realization.

CHAS. N. BELL, President
F. H. TURNOCK, Corres. Secretary

Finance Committee’s Report

The Finance Committee’s report consisted of the following statement:


All of which is respectfully submitted.

STEPHEN NAIRN, Treasurer of Historical Society

Report of the Archaeological and Natural History Committee

As three members of the Archaeological and Natural History Committee have left the city, we are without a quorum. On behalf of the Committee, however, beg to report that we held several meetings during the early part of the year. Several additions have been made to the museum as reported by the Curator, but these were all of the nature of donations. The Committee did not feel justified in asking for a grant of money to purchase specimens, etc., which are much needed to give value to many fragmentary collections now deposited in our cases.

The arrangements regarding room for the cases and the most inefficient light are so exceedingly poor that some better accommodation is urgently required. A large number of persons daily inspect our collections, and with better rooms and light they might be made a much more attractive feature of our recorded work.

On behalf of the Committee,
CHAS. N. BELL, Chairman

Report of the Joint Library Committee

The Joint Library Committee of the Historical Society and City Council begs to report the proceedings of its second year’s work. On behalf of the Society the committee consisted of Rev. Dr. Bryce (chairman), Rev. Prof. Hart and Judge Ardagh. The representatives of the City Council were Messrs. K. McKenzie, Colin H. Campbell and W. Grundy.

The librarians employed at the beginning of the year, Miss Florence Inkster, librarian, and Miss Ella Jackson, assistant librarian, are still continued and have done the work required of them to the satisfaction of the Committee. The work of purchasing the books required for the library has gone on regularly. Mr. W. D. Russell was again given the contract for supplying the hooks, his tender being considered the most favorable. Books to the number of 211 have been received and to the amount of $213.46. These have been regularly added and stamped as the property of the city, and have been of much service in keeping up the interest in the library. Some difficulty at present exists as to ordering books for the current four months. The agreement between the City Council and the Historical Society calls for $600 per annum. In the estimates of the City Council $400 was provided. Unless the additional amount of $200 can be provided, the Committee will be compelled to curtail its orders for the next few months.

Reading Room—The usual magazines and papers supplied to our readers were furnished during the year by Mr. R. D. Richardson, he having been the successful tenderer. The contract for the yeas just now begun has also been awarded tc - Mr. Richardson. The amount of Mr. Richardson’s tender is $191.56. As stated in the general report, a number of new periodicals have been added.

Since the election of the new City Council, Messrs. K. McKenzie, D. Smith and T. W. Taylor have been appointed representatives on the Joint Committee for the year.

All of which is respectfully submitted,

Adoption of Reports

The adoption of the foregoing reports was moved by Rev. Professor Hart and seconded by Judge Ardagh. This motion was carried after some discussion, in the course of which the necessity of the Society obtaining from the City the full $600 to which it is entitled for maintaining a public library was strongly urged.

Election of Officers

The election of officers for the ensuing year was then proceeded with, Messrs. Goodridge and Turnock being appointed scrutineers. For members of the Council the following gentlemen were nominated. Judge Ardagh, Rev. A. B. Baird, C. N. Bell, Rev. Dr. Bryce, W. Chesterton, Prof. Cochrane, N. H. Cowdry, Rev. Prof. Hart, J. T. Huggard, Dr. Laird, John MacBeth, Stephen Nairn, His Worship Mayor Pearson and F. H. Turnock. Upon a ballot being taken all of these were elected.

For the position of President, first, Rev. A. B. Baird, and then Mr. R. E. W. Goodridge were nominated, but both gentlemen regretted their inability to act. Mr. C. N. Bell, the retiring President, was then re-elected. Other elections, which were all unanimous, were: First Vice-President, Rev. A. B. Baird (re-elected); Second Vice-President, R. E. W. Goodridge; Corresponding Secretary, F. H. Turnock (re-elected); Recording Secretary, J. T. Huggard; Treasurer, Stephen Nairn re-elected).

Other Business

Dr. Bryce, seconded by Mr. Turnock, moved that the whole of the $250 grant received from the Local Government, be devoted by the library committee to purchase books for the reference library and binding newspapers, etc., and the motion after a short discussion was carried.

A resolution was also passed, upon the motion of Mr. Nairn and Mr. Goodridge, that the joint library committee be instructed to communicate with the City Council with a view to securing additional accommodation for the purposes of the Society. It was pointed out that the library and reading room is now very cramped for space, and as there are rooms in the city hall which are now or are soon likely to become vacant, it was proposed they should be secured.

Several new members were balloted for and elected.

The meeting then adjourned.

Standing Committees

After the adjournment of the Society, a council meeting for the election of committees was held. with the following result: Finance, Messrs. Nairn (chairman), Cowdry, Huggard, MacBeth and Pearson. Library, Messrs. Bryce (chairman), Hart, Ardagh, Baird and Turnock. Archaeology, Messrs. Bell (chairman), Goodridge, Cochrane, Laird and Chesterton.

The members chosen to represent the Society on the Joint Library Committee were Messrs. Ardagh, Bryce and Hart.

A vote of thanks was passed to the retiring auditor, Mr. W. J. Akin, who was re-elected.

Appendix A. Donations from Feb. ‘89 to ‘90.

1. Two copies of newspaper “Leif Ericson,” and photo of Leif Ericson landing in America. From Marie A. Brown.

2. The New West. From the Publishers.

3. (1) Pro. of the Waterways Convention held at Sault Ste Marie. (2) Tenth annual report Winnipeg Board of Trade. (3) The Inter-State Commerce Law, ’87. (4) Holiday number of Northwestern Miller. (5) Reports of Supt. of Education for Protestant Schools of Manitoba, 18861888. From President C. N. Bell.

4. Edward Jessup and his Descendants. From H. G. Jessup, Hanover, N. H.

5. Minor Antiquarian Articles. A new departure in effigy mounds, Kent. The Old Fort earthworks of Greenup Co. Stone monuments in Southern Dakota. From T. H. Lewis, Minn.

6. Historico - Geographical Memorandum concerning the creation of new counties in Northern Minnesota. From A. J. Hill.

7. Two Speeches. (1) Government Influence in elections. (2) The fuel question in the Northwest. (3) Culture and Practical Power; an address delivered at Lansdown College. From Nicholas Flood Davin.

8. Pilot Mound Sentinel. From the Proprietors.

9. Gentleman Dick o’ the Greys and other Poems. From H. K. Cockin, Toronto.

10. The Blackfoot Sun Dance (pamphlet). From Rev. John Maclean.

11. The Church Times. From F. H. Turnock. See donation 36.

12. Annual Report of Harbor Commissioners for 1888. From C. J. Brown, City Clerk.

13. Five books Parliamentary Papers, 1884. From Ferguson & Co., stationers.

14. “The Academy” for April and May, 1889. Four numbers Acta Victoriana, From Mr. A. Bowerman.

15. The Coming Oil Age. Pamphlet. From C. Marvin, England.

16. Annual Reports of Protestant School Districts, 1880-7-8. From S. Mulvey.

17. Chicago Times, small copy. From W. A. Garnham.

18. Canada since Union of 1841. 2 vols. From R. R. Cochrane.

19. Notes of Cretaceous Rocks of N. W. Dom. of Canada. Notes on the Indian Tribes of Yukon District and British Columbia. From Dr. G. M. Dawson.

20. Arquerits from Omenica Mines, Vital Creek. From J. H. Inkster.

21. Les Bourgeois de la Compagnie du Nord-Ouest. From Archbishop Tache.

22. Debates House of Commons of Canada, vols. I & II., 1889. From Mr. W. B. Scarth, M.P.

23. The Engineering and Mining Journal. From S. Braunlich (Sec.) N. Y.

24. Acts and Pro. of the 15th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Canada. From Rev. A. B. Baird.

25. Illustrated Mon. Northwest Magazine. From E.V. Smalley, editor, St Paul.

26. Episodes in the life of Joseph Heavitoe. From the author, Jas. Penny.

27. Massey’s Illustrated Magazine, October.

28. Received Mr. A. McArthur’s portrait, Oct. 21, ‘89. From Dean Grisdale.

29. 1, Eskimo cooking vessel. 2, Eski mo lamps. From Inspector Jas. McDougall, H. B. Co.

30. 1 linen-backed Eskimo Bow, 3 iron headed Arrows, 3 bone headed Arrows, sealskin quiver, 1 dog whip, 1 bark fish line, 1 bark fish-line with bone hooks From R. H. Armstrong, Peel River.

31. Prince Albert Saskatchewan. From the Editor.

32. 1, Notes to accompany a preliminary map of the Duck and Riding Mountains in Northwestern Manitoba. 2, Journeys of David Thompson in N. Western America. 3, Report on a part of Northern Alberta. 4, Map 3 Geol. Map of part o Nor. Alberta, 1880. 5, Map 4, showing wooded and prairie trails in Northern Alberta, N. W. T., 1886. From Mr. J. E Tyrell, Ottawa.

33. Report of the 4th Annual Meeting of the Illinois Society of Engineers and Surveyors. Report of Pro. of the Association of D. L. S’s. From J. L. Doupe.

34. The Mining Journal. From A. McCharles, Sudbury.

35. Ryerson Memorial Volume, 184476. “ Lady Car,” by Mrs. Oliphant. The Bells of Penraven. From Judge Ardagh.

36. Morning Call, Dec. ‘86 to Feb. ‘89. Free Press, Nov. ‘88 to May ‘89 inclusive. Census of Canada, 1870-71. Ontario Agricultural Commission, 1881, Report. Report on Geology, 1875. Statutes of Canada, ‘69, ‘80, ‘80, ‘81, ‘82, ‘73, ‘82. Statutes of Quebec, ‘79, ‘80, ‘81, ‘83, ‘84, ‘85, ‘86. Sess. Papers, ‘67, 1877-8, ‘79, ‘80, ‘80, ‘81, ‘82. Jours. Quebec Legis. Ass.,’78, ‘80, ‘81. Jours. House Commons, Canada, ‘79, ‘80, ‘81, ‘82. Jours. Senate of Canada, ‘79, ‘80, ‘80, ‘81, ‘82. Front F. H. Turnock.

Appendix B. List of Exchanges Received

American Historical Association.
American Institute Mining Engineers.
American Mail and Export Journal and Bookmaker.
American Museum Natural History.
American Philosophical Society.
American Swedenborg Pub. Society.
American Statistical Association.
Annales del Museo Nacional of Costo Rica
Association of Engineering Societies.
Boston Public Library.
British Asso. for Advancement of Science
Buffalo Historical Society.
Buffalo Society of Natural Science.
Canadian Institute.
Cincinnati Society of Natural History.
Colorado Scientific Society.
Connecticut Historical Society.
Cordova, Academia Nacional de Biencias.
Cornell University.
Davenport Academy of Science.
Dept. Agriculture, Ottawa.
Dept. Agriculture & Immigration, Wpg.
Distribution Office, Ottawa.
Elisha Mitchell Scientific Society.
Engineering Club of Philadelphia.
Entomological Society of Ontario.
Essex Institute.
Field Naturalists Club of Ottawa.
Geological and Natural History Survey of Canada.
Geologist’s Association, England.
German Colonial Society.
Guelph Scientific Society.
Gun’s Unclaimed Money Index.
Harvard University.
Historical Society of Wisconsin.
Imperial Federation.
Indiana Society of Civil Engineers and Surveyors.
Kansas Academy of Science.
Laboratory of Natural History of Washburn College.
Leeds Philosophical Society.
Library of House of Commons.
Literary and Historical Society, Quebec.
Liverpool Microscopical Society.
Manitoba Provincial Government.
Manitoba University.
Massachusetts Historical Society.
Meteorological Service.
Milwaukee Public Museum.
Minnesota Historical Society.
Mittheilungen des Vereins Fur Erd-kunds, Leipzig.
Natural History Society of Glasgow.
Natural Science Associa. of Staten Island.
New Brunswick Historical Society.
New England Historical and Genealogical Society.
New Jersey Historical Society.
New York Academy of Science.
New York Microscopical Society.
New York State Library.
North Dakota University.
Nova Scotia Historical Society.
Nova Scotia Institute of Natural Science.
Numismatic & Antiquarian Society, Philadelphia.
Numismatic & Antiquarian Society, Montreal.
Ohio Archaeological & Historical Society.
Oneida Historical Society.
Ontario Agricultural College.
Peabody Academy of Science.
Philosophical Society, Glasgow.
Public Library Newcastle-on-Tyne.
Quekett Microscopical Society.
Royal Colonial Institute.
Royal Geographical Society.
Royal Physical Society.
Royal Society of Canada.
Royal Society of New South Wales.
Sanitary Institute of Great Britain.
Santiago, Verhandlungen des Deutschen Wissenchaftlichen Vereins zu.
Saskatchewan Institute.
Smithsonian Institution.
Societe Americaine de France.
Society of Arts.
Society of Chemical Industry.
Society of Geographe Commerciale du Havre.
St. Louis Academy of Science.
Toronto Public Library.
Tyneside Geographical Society.
U.S. Department Agriculture.
U.S. Bureau of Education.
U.S. Bureau of Ethnology.
U.S. Department of Interior.
U.S. Department of Navy.
U.S. Department of State.
U.S. Department of Geological Survey.
U.S. Department of Treasury.
U.S. Department of War.
Victoria Institute.
Warner Observatory.
Wien Annalen des K. K. Natur-Historischen Hof-Museums.
Wisconsin State Historical Society.
Worcester Society of Antiquity.
Winnipeg Board of Trade.

Appendix C. List of Newspapers Received

1889, Free

Battleford, N.W.T.—Saskatch. Herald.
Brandon, Man.—Sun.
Brandon, Man.—Times.
Calgary, N.W.T.—Herald.
Chicago, U.S.A.—Union Signal.
Edmonton, N.W.T.—Bulletin.
Emerson, Man.—International.
Emerson, Man.—Times.
Gladstone, Man.—Age.
Lethbridge, N.W.T.—News.
London, Ontario—Free Press.
MacLeod, Fort, N.W.T.—Gazette.
Manitou, Man.—Mercury.
Medicine Hat, N.W.T.—Times.
Milton, Dakota—Globe.
Miles City, Dak—Stock Grower’s Journal.
Minnedosa, Man.—Tribune.
Moosejaw, N.W.T.—Times.
Moosomin, N.W.T.—Courier.
Morden, Man.—Monitor.
New Westminster, B.C.—Brit. Columbian.
New Westminster, B.C.—Truth.
Neepawa, Man.—Register.
Ottawa, Ont.—Canadian Mining Review.
Ottawa, Ont.—Journal.
Prince Albert, N.W.T.—Saskatchewan Times.
Pilot Mound, Man.—Sentinel.
Portage la Prairie, Man.—Liberal.
Portage la Prairie, Man.—Review.
Port Arthur, Ont.—Sentinel.
Qu’Appelle, N.W.T.—Progress.
Qu’Appelle, Fort, N.W.T.—Vidette.
Rapid City, Man.—Spectator.
Rapid City, Man.—Vindicator.
Rat Portage, Ont.—News.
Regina, N.W.T.—Journal.
Regina, N.W.T.—Leader.
Selkirk, Man.—Record.
Stonewall, Man.—News.
St. Boniface, Man.—Le Manitoba.
St. Paul, Minn.—Northwest Magazine.
Victoria, B.C.—Colonist.
Virden, Man.—Advance.
Winnipeg—Free Press.
Winnipeg—Henderson’s Gazetteer.
Winnipeg—L’Ouest Canadien.
Winnipeg—Manitoba College Journal.
Winnipeg—Manitoba Gazette.
Winnipeg—Nord-Ouest Courier.
Winnipeg—Nor’-West Farmer.
Winnipeg—Post Office Guide.
Winnipeg—Scandinavian Canadian.
Winnipeg—School Times.
Winnipeg—St. John’s College Journal.
Winnipeg—Waghorn’s Guide.

Papers Ordered

London, Eng.—Field.
London, Eng.—Graphic.
London, Eng.—Illustrated News.
London, Eng.—Punch.
London, Eng.—Times, weekly.
London, Eng.—Truth.
Montreal, Can.—Dominion Illustrated.
Montreal, Can.—Gazette.
New York, U.S.A.—Harper’s Weekly.
New York, U.S.A.—Herald.
New York, U.S.A.—Scientific American and Supplement.
Toronto, Ont.—Empire.
Toronto, Ont.—Globe.
Toronto, Ont.—Grip.
Toronto, Ont.—Mail.
Toronto, Ont.—Week.

Magazines Ordered

American History.
Art Amateur.
Art Journal.
Atlantic Monthly.
Edinburgh Review.
English Illustrated.
Good Words.
Harper’s Monthly.
Little’s Living Age.
Nineteenth Century.
North Amer. Review.
Popular Science.
Quarterly Review.
Scottish Review.
Sunday Magazine.
Westminster Review.

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