Manitoba Historical Society:
Annual Report for the Year 1888

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Officers for 1889:

President - C. N. Bell, F.R.G.S.
1st Vice-President - Rev. A. B. Baird
2nd Vice-President - A. Bowerman, M.A.
Corresponding Secretary - F. H. Turnock
Treasurer - Stephen Nairn
Recording Secretary - Jas. Taylor

Executive Council, consisting of the above Officers and the following gentlemen:

Rev. Prof. Bryce, L.L.D.
Rev. Prof. Hart, M.A., B.D.
Judge Ardagh
Prof. Cochran
Prof. Laird
Geo. Fraser
D. S. Curry
Dr. Agnew
R. W. Jamieson

Standing Committees for 1889

Archaeological and Natural History Committee

C. N. Bell, Chairman
A. Bowerman
Geo. Fraser
Prof. Laird
Dr. Agnew

Library and Publication Committee

Rev. Dr. Bryce, Chairman
Rev. Prof. Hart
Rev. A. B. Baird
Prof. Cochran
Judge Ardagh

Finance and Property Committee

Stephen Nairn, Chairman
Jas. Taylor
D. S. Curry
R. W. Jamieson
F. H. Turnock

Joint Library Committee of City Council and Historical Society

Rev. Dr. Bryce, Chairman
Alderman Grundy
Alderman Mackenzie
Alderman G. H. Campbell
Rev. Prof. Hart
Judge Ardagh

The Historical and Scientific Society of Manitoba consists of the following classes of members and subscribers:

Honorary Members
Life Members $25.00
Corresponding Members
Active Members $5.00 per annum
Library Subscribers $2.00 per annum

Members of the Council of Manitoba University and Undergraduates have access to the Isbister Library in custody of the Society.

Honorary Members

Lord Dufferin
F. Parkman
Col. Palliser
General Lord Wolseley
Sir George Stephen
Archdeacon McDonald
U.S. Consul Taylor
Principal Dawson
Dr. John Rae
General Lefroy
Marquis of Lorne
Rev. John McDougall
Dr. Wilson, Toronto
Principal Grant
Sir Donald A. Smith
Lord Landsdowne
Rev. Pere Lacombe
Sandford Fleming
Sir John A. Macdonald
Capt. Wm. Kennedy

Corresponding Members

Prof. H. Y. Hind
Dr. Tache, Ottawa
Joseph Fortescue, Isle a la Crosse, via Prince Albert
Archibald MacDonald, Fort Qu'Appelle
Senator Richard Hardisty, Calgary
S. K. Parsons, Montreal
James McDougall, Athabasca
Horace Belanger, Cumberland House
Robert Campbell, Murchiston, Man.
Professor Bell, Ottawa
Dr. George M. Dawson, Ottawa
C. Mair, Prince Albert
Roderick Ross, Fort Chippewyan, Athabasca
Alexander Matheson, Rat Portage
Lawrence Clarke, Saskatchewan
Roderick Ross Macfarlane, Fort Chippewyan
Dr. W. McKay, Peace River
Peter H. Bell, Michipicoton, Lake Superior
Prof. Macoun, Ottawa
Ernest E. Thompson, New York
Walter Dixon, Lake Francis
Henry J. Morgan, Ottawa
R. J. N. Pither, Fort Francis
Professor J. H. Panton, Guelph, Ont.
Rev. Mr. Burman, Griswold, Man.
Rev. Dr. John McLean, Fort McLeod
Mr. Spencer, Churchill, Hudson Bay
Hon. Sam. A. Green, Boston, U.S.A.
James W. R. Swann, U.S.A. Acting Consul-General, St. Petersburg

Life Members

William Martin, of Hope Farm, Morris
J. H. Ashdown
Rev. A. E. Cowley
Capt. L. M. Lewis
Wm. Cowan, M.D., ex-President
Rev. Prof. Hart, ex-President
Judge Ardagh, ex-President
Rev. Dr. Bryce
, ex-President
Hon. J. C. Aikins
Archbishop Taché
Chief Commissioner Wrigley, H. B. Co.
F. W. Stobart
Angus McCharles

Annual Meeting of the Historical and Scientific Society of Manitoba

The annual meeting of the Historical and Scientific Society of Manitoba was held in the principal reading room of the society, in the city hall, Feb. 12th, Mr. C. N. Bell, 1st vice-president, in the chair. After routine business the various annual reports were read as follows:

Report of the Executive Council

A marked change has taken place in the operation of our society during the year just closed. The circulating library, formerly one of the chief features of the society, at least to the general public, has been handed over to the City, which, however, entrusts it to our keeping with a grant of $600 per annum to keep up the supply of magazines and books. The management of this library has been in the hands of a joint committee of the city council and of the society, the city furnishing the rooms heated and lighted, and the society paying all expenses of attendants and maintenance. This arrangement, it is believed, gives very general satisfaction, and also relieves the society of a burden which it was long felt did not come within the scope of the society’s legitimate operations. The report of the joint committee is appended.

Librarian—During the year Mr. Hughan, our faithful and energetic librarian, retired, and in recognition of his services, dating from the early days of the society, he was elected a life member. In his place Miss Inkster was appointed, and at a later date Miss Jackson as assistant. These appointments have given great satisfaction.

Work of the Society—During the year papers were read as follows:

1. “John Tanner, a Manitoba Scout,” by Rev. Geo. Bryce, LLD, 26 April, 1888, published.

2. Henry’s journal, or adventures and experiences in the fur trade on the Red river, 1799-1801, by C. N. Bell, F.R.G.S. 1st vice-president, 4th May. 1888, published.

3. “Reminiscences of the Fenian raid of 1870,” by Hon. G. McMicken, 2nd vice-president; May, 1888, published.

4. Certain letters of Lord Selkirk and others, hitherto unpublished, and documents connected with the early history and settlement of the Red river country, read by Rev. Dr. Bryce and C. N. Bell, 1st vice-president. Jan. 17, 1889, published.

5. “Botany and its relation to Meteorology,” by Mr. T. Wilson, Jan. 24, 1889.

Readings were given under the auspices of the society on the evenings of June 5 and 6, 1888, by Mr. Dickens, son of Charles Dickens.

The Fort Garry Gateway—In the month of April the society interested itself in the preservation of the old gateway of Fort Garry, as a land mark of the early history of the city and Province, around which many associations cluster. At our suggestion a public meeting was held and, in connection with the city council, negotiations were entered into with the H. B. Co. It is hoped that a result will be reached which will secure the preservation of this very interesting relic.

Communications have been received from the following corresponding members and others: Dr. McLean of Fort Macleod, on the grammar of the Blackfoot language; Mr. Francis Talbot of Wabasha, Minn., sending a copy of an unpublished letter of Lord Selkirk, and some interesting reminiscences of the Selkirk settlement.

Members—The list of members is as follows: (1) honorary members, 19; (2) life members, 14; (3) corresponding members, 30; (4) active members, 59.

It is much to be regretted that a greater interest in the work of the society is not taken by the citizens of Winnipeg, and the public men of the province. The importance of the exchanges alone is not to be measured by any mere money value, embracing as they do the extensive and costly publications of the Smithsonian Institution of Washington, the various departmental reports from Washington and Ottawa, the reports of the Royal society of Canada and reports from many learned societies of England, France, Germany, Belgium, Brazil, etc.

The reference library—There have not been so many additions to this library as we could wish, and we would recommend that strenuous efforts be made by securing additional grants, by seeking to extend our exchange list, and in every possible way, to add to this very valuable collection. Special effort on the part of individual members to secure new members, to obtain donations, and to keep up public interest will not fail to increase the usefulness of the society.

Meetings—There have been eight meetings of the society, which, if not always largely attended, have been of a very interesting nature. The executive council had 14 meetings.

Visitors—The rooms of the society have been visited by large numbers of citizens and strangers. This is a matter of some importance, as visitors assist in extending a knowledge of the society and its operations.

Deaths—We have to report the death of one of our honorary members, Sir John Rose, which occurred in Scotland, August, 1888.

All of which is respectfully submitted.

W. D. ARDAGH, President.
A. BOWERMAN, Cor. Secretary.

Treasurer’s Report

The following is the report of the treasurer, audited and found correct by Mr. W. J. Akin, auditor:



Historical Society

Public Library

February 7, 1889



60½ members Hist. for 1888, $5 subscription



60 members Hist. for 1889, $5 subscription



240 subscribers Public Library for 1888



137 subscribers Public Library for 1889



Fines for books Public Library



Provincial grant to Historical Society, 1888






Catalogues and pamphlets sold



Proceeds of “Dickens” readings











Historical Society

Public Library

Salaries, arrears 1887 paid



Salaries for 1888, Mr. Hughan



Salaries for 1888, Miss Inkster and assistant chairman



Historical Society arrears rent 1887



Historical Society Insurances for 3 years



Historical Society, Dickens’ Readings, expenses



Printing for year



Enc. Brittanica, &c.












Feb. 9, 1886, balance cash on hand




Report of the Joint Library Committee

The joint library committee of the Historical Society and City Council begs to report the proceedings of its first year’s work. The committee en behalf of the society consisted of Rev. Dr. Bryce (chairman), Rev. Prof. Hart, for the months of February and March Mr. A. McNee, and after that time of Judge Ardagh. On behalf of the city the representative aldermen were Messrs. Grundy, Riley and Baker. The meetings of the committee were characterized by the greatest harmony, During the society’s year 14 meetings were held.

Librarians—For several months the former librarian, Mr. W. H. Hughan, and the assistant at last annual meeting, Miss Martin, were continued. On the resignation of Miss Martin, Miss Florence Inkster was appointed assistant, and on the resignation of Mr. Hughan in August Miss Inkster was appointed librarian and Miss Ebba Jackson assistant. The present librarians are in every respect well suited for their positions and give general satisfaction.

The Library—Shortly after last annual meeting the library committee of the society selected a considerable number of books from the society’s circulating library and handed these over to the joint committee. These, along with the new books purchased, have been all stamped as belonging to the city public library. The society’s reference library contained in the inner room has been kept entirely separate from the city and Isbister libraries. During the year the circulating and reference libraries have been entirely catalogued and the convenient card system now makes it possible to find the work of any author, and the subjects included in our library, with the greatest expedition. The writing out of a card description of every one of the thousands of books has entailed an enormous work upon the librarians.

The books—At the beginning of the year the tender for supplying books to the library given in by Mr. W. D. Russell, was accepted as being more favorable than any city tender, or even than the Toronto and Montreal tenders. Books to the number of 436 and to the amount of $420.42 have been received. These have been regularly added; and advertised at least once a fortnight and have done much to keep up interest in the library. The books are included in the departments of fiction, history, travel and general literature. During the year regulations governing the use of the library were adopted, and these have worked well.

Reading Room—The usual magazines and papers supplied to our readers were supplied during the year by Mr. Alexander Taylor. A short time ago, on the expiring of the old arrangement, tenders were called for, when Mr. R. D. Richardson’s, being the lowest, for $174.56, was accepted. The rooms are more largely patronized than ever before, the, members on some Saturdays having reached one hundred and thirty-five. Since the election of the new council the members representing the city are Messrs. Grundy, K. McKenzie and C. H. Campbell.


Books lent during year 1888—Fiction, 4,319; scientific, 75; history, 205; geography, voyage and travel, 312; biography, 140;magazines. 617; poetry, 98; educational. 265; classical, 59; literature, 367; total books for year, 6,157.

Report of the Natural History Committee

The Natural History committee have to report as follows:

That few additions have been made to the society’s museum collections during the past year.

A valuable gift from Mr. J. S. Camsell, of Ft. Simpson, Mackenzie River, in the form of the skeleton of a musk-ox, was much appreciated. A collection of grasses from Miss Craig, of Ft. McLeod, was received and added to the society’s large botanical collection.

As directed by the council, the request of Dr. Whiteaves, of the Canadian geological survey, to be given some fossils from the museum, in return for a named collection of specimens from Eastern Canada was complied with. Dr. Whiteaves has not yet had time to forward his contribution, but they will no doubt be of value to the society.

It is very difficult to arrange the contents of the museum, owing to lack of space and the want of proper light in the corridors, where the majority of the cases are situated. While something could be done to improve the grouping of the geological and minerological specimens, the members of the committee have not found line to go over the collections.

CHARLES N. BELL, Chairman.

After a brief discussion, in which several gentlemen congratulated the society on its satisfactory financial position. compared with former years, and bore testimony to the efficiency and faithful work of the young lady librarians, the election of the executive council of fifteen members and the officers for the coming year was proceeded with, with the following results, Rev. Mr. Baird and Mr. Turnock acting as scrutineers:

Executive Council

Rev. Dr. Bryce, Messrs. Stephen Nairn, C. N. Bell, A. Bowerman, Rev. A. B. Baird, D. S. Curry, Rev. Prof. Hart. Dr. Agnew, Prof. Cochran, Prof. Laird, F. H.Turnock, Judge Ardagh, James Taylor, Geo. Fraser and R. W. Jameson.

Officers Elected from the Council

President, Mr. C. N. Bell; 1st vice-president, Rev. A. B. Baird; 2nd vice-president, Mr. A. Bowerman; corresponding secretary, Mr. F. H. Turnock, recording secretary, Mr. James Taylor; treasurer, Mr. Stephen Nairn (re-elected). Members of the joint city library committee, re-elected from the society’s library committee, Revs. Dr. Bryce and Prof. Hart, and Judge Ardagh. All the ejections of officers were by acclamation, there being but one nomination in each instance.

Resolutions and Suggestions

On motion of Dr. Bryce it was resolved that the executive council be urged to devote as much attention as possible to increasing the reference library.

On motion of Mr. Nairn, Mr. W. J. Akin was re-appointed auditor and thanked by the society for his services last year.

The president elect suggested that the society mark the historic localities about the city, for example the scene of the battle of Seven Oaks: public gatherings with the reading of historic papers and short addresses, being held for the purpose.

Rev. Mr. Baird suggested that better accommodation should be secured for the museum; and the president, the necessity of having a vault for the preservation of important papers. In connection with the latter a resolution, moved by Profs. Bryce and Hart, was passed that application be made to the city council for an unused vault.

Exchanges Received for 1888

Elisha Mitchell Scientific Society.
American Statistical Association.
German Colonial Society (Berlin).
Indiana Society of C. E. & Surveyors.
Canadiana, Montreal.
Canadian Entomologist.
American Museum of Natural History.
United States Geological Survey.
United States Navy Department.
United States Department of Agriculture.
United States Bureau of Education.
United States Treasury Department.
United States Department of State.
United States War Department.
United States Department of Interior.
United States Bureau of Ethnology.
Society of Arts.
New England Historical and Genealogical Society.
Harvard University.
Toronto Public Library.
American Institute of Mining Engineers.
Imperial Federation.
Wisconsin State Historical Society.
Public Library, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.
The Sanitary Institute of Great Britain.
Massachusetts Historical Society.
Guelph Scientific Society.
New York Academy of Sciences.
Library of House of Commons, Ottawa.
Society of Chemical Industry.
Royal Geographical Society.
Minnesota Historical Society.
Societe de Geographe Commerciale du Havre.
Distribution Office, Ottawa.
Cincinnati Society of Natural History.
Association of Engineering Societies.
New York Microscopical Society.
Wien Annalen des K. K. Natur-historic-chen Hof. Museums.
Engineer’s Club of Philadelphia.
Boston Public Library.
The Smithsonian Institution.
Royal Society of New South Wales.
Royal Physical Society, Edinburgh, Scotland.
Numismatic and Antiquarian Society, Philadelphia.
Numismatic and Antiquarian Society, Montreal.
Canadian Institute, Toronto.
Geological and Natural History Survey, Canada.
The Manitoba University.
Nova Scotia Institute of Natural Science.
Mittheilung.en des Vereins Fur Erdknnde zer Leipzig.
The Local Provincial Government.
Ottawa Field Naturalists’ Club.
Royal Society of Canada.
Essex Institute.
Victoria Institute, London, England.
Quekett Microscopical Club.
Peabody Academy of Science.
Geologist’s Association, England.
Natural History Society of Glasgow, Scotland.
The Worcester Society Society Antiquity.
British Association for Advancement of Science.
St. Louis Academy of Science.
Entomological Society of Ontario.
Department of Agriculture, Ottawa.
Historical Society of Wisconsin.
Royal Colonial Institute, England.
The Cornell University.
American Philosophical Society.
Academia Nacional de Biencias, Cordova.
Colorado Scientific Society.
Ohio Archaelogical and Historical Society.
Oneida Historical Society, Utica, N. Y.
New Jersey Historical Society.
Buffalo Society of Natural Sciences.
Nova Scotia Historical Society.
Winnipeg Board of Trade.
Societe Americaine de France.
Philosophical Society of Glasgow.
Meteorological Service, Dominion of Canada.
Public Museum, Milwaukee.
American Museum of Natural History.
American Philosophical Society, Philadelphia.
American Swedenborg Publication Society.
Ontario Agricultural College.
Amales del Museo Nacional of Costa Rica.
Warner Observatory, N. Y.

List of Free Newspapers Received

Victoria Colonist.
British Columbian New W. M.
Donald Truth.
Calgary Herald.
Edmonton Bulletin.
Prince Albert Times.
Saskatchewan Herald.
MacLeod Gazette.
Medicine Hat Times.
Lethbridge News.
Regina Leader.
Regina Journal.
Qu’Appelle Vidette.
Qu’Appelle Progress.
Moosomin Courier.
Virden Advance.
Brandon Sun.
Brandon Times.
Portage la Prairie Review.
Portage la Prairie Liberal.
Neepawa Register.
Gladstone Age.
Minnedosa Tribune.
Manitou Mercury.
Morden Monitor.
Stonewall News.
Pilot Mound Sentinel.
Selkirk Record.
Le Manitoba.
Emerson International.
Emerson Times.
Milton Globe.
Stock Grower’s Journal.
Union Signal, Chicago.
Port Arthur Sentinel.
London Free Press.
Northwest Courier.
Northwest Review.
Winnipeg Nor’-West Farmer.
Winnipeg Colonist.
Winnipeg Gazette.
Winnipeg School Times.
Winnipeg Lancet.
Winnipeg Manitoba College Journal.
Winnipeg St. John’s
Winnipeg Waghorn’s Guide.
Winnipeg P. O. Guide.
Winnipeg Henderson’s Gazette.
Winnipeg Henderson’s Directory.
Winnipeg Heimskringla.
Winnipeg Logberg.
Winnipeg Scandinavian Canadian.
Winnipeg Free Press.
Winnipeg Call.
Winnipeg Sun.
Ottawa Journal.
Toronto Mining Review.
Dutch newspaper.
Rapid City Spectator.
Winnipeg Siftings.

Other Publications



Illustrated Newspapers




Donations During 1888

Judge Ardagh

Bell’s History Canada, 3 vols.
Jas. & Phillip Van Artweld.
The Lost Duchess.
Blackie’s Self-Culture.
Les Phares.

Miss Craig

Grasses collected at Fort McLeod.
Jno. Phillip’s Saskatchewan Directory, 1888.

G. A. Bayne

Petrified Moss from Pembina, Mtn.

Miss Beckett

2 copies Schenerazade.
Under the Red Flag.
Last Days of Pompeii.
From Darkness to Light.

C. N. Bell

Correspondence relating to Central Railway.
The Selkirk Settlement.
New York Produce Exchange An. Reports, 1872-’73. ‘73-’74, ‘78.
Chicago Board of Trade Annual Reports, 1873, ‘75, ‘76, ‘77, ‘78, ‘79, ‘80, ‘81, ‘84.
Queen’s College University Calendar, 1888-‘89.

A. Bowerman

Science Magazine for 1888.
Report Botanical Work in Minnesota, 1886.
Catalogue of Flora of Minnesota.

Rev. Dr. Bryce

Manitoba University Calendar, 1887.
King Solomon’s Mines.
Mineral Exhibit, Province of Ontario.
1888, Annual Centennial Exposition.

Caleb D. Bradlee

Easter Sunday Sermon, Brooklyn.

Pierre Deschambault

Calumet made of Pipestone.

Mr. Fox (in custody for)

Chief Crowfoot’s Hat.
Chief Poundmaker’s Moccasins.
Siftings, June 26, 1888, describing above.

Wm. Goodridge

Maps of Municipality of Springfield.

Samuel A. Green

Proceedings Massachusetts Historical Society, 1886-7.
Report Report President Yale University.
Catalogue of Class, English High School, 1876-
Peabody Education Fund, 3 copies.
Board Railroad Commissioners.
Bunker Hill Monument Association.
Harvard University Report.
Dedham Historical Society, Paper read at

Mrs. Hannah


Harry Kirk

Two Crabs caught in Red River.

Col. L. B. Marsh

Genealogy of John Marsh, 1663-1888.

Chas. Stewart

Commissioners of Statistics Report.

Miss F. Inkster

The Universal Language.
Hawk’s Egg.
Eider Duck’s Egg.

Lt.-Gov. Schultz

History Manitoba, Gunn & Tuttle.
The Great Mackenzie Basin.

F. H. Turnock

Unrestricted Reciprocity.
Church Times.

Inaugural Address Delivered by the President

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