Manitoba History: Number 45, Spring/Summer 2003

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Inglis grain elevators, May 2003.

Source: David Firman

“When the Caribou failed”: Ilia Tolstoy in the Barren Lands, 1928-1929
by Graham A. MacDonald

Small Farmers, Big Business, and the Battle over the “Prairie Sentinels”
by Karen Nicholson

The Churches of Early Winnipeg
by James B. Hartman


Catharine M. Mastin (editor), The Group of Seven in Western Canada. Essays by Catharine M. Mastin, Robert Stacey, Marcia Crosby, Liz Wylie, Anna Hudson, Ann Davis
by Marilyn Baker

Victor P. Lytwyn, Muskekowuck Athinuwick: Original People of the Great Swampy Land
by David McCrady

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