Manitoba History: Number 29, Spring 1995

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Constructing the Woman Artist: Marie Hewson Guest in Winnipeg by Claudine Majzels

The “Impartial Umpire” Views the West: Mackenzie King and the Search for the New Jerusalem by Robert Wardhaugh

The Red River Resistance

Portraits Woven from Cloth by Cecile Clayton-Gouthro, Robin Crysdale and Nicole Davies

The Golden Age of the Organ in Manitoba: 1875-1919 by James B. Hartman

The Great Adventure by Grey Owl (Archie Belaney)

William Barr and Glyndwr Williams (editors), Voyages in Search of a Northwest Passage 1741-1747: Volume 1, The Voyage of Christopher Middleton 1741-1742 by Michael Payne

David Helwig (editor), Back Then: Voices of Memory, 1915-45 by J. M. Bumsted

Robert M. Utley, The Lance and the Shield: The Life and Times of Sitting Bull by P. D. Elias

Stanislaò Carbone, The Street Were Not Paved with Gold: A Social History of Italians in Winnipeg by Antonella Fanella

Brock Silversides, The Face Pullers, Photographing Native Canadians 1871-1939 by Dennis McPherson

Wayne Norton, Help Us to a Better Land: Crofter Colonies in the Prairie West by R. M. Sunter

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