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Finding Aids: Manitoba School Library Association Report (2013)

by Gerald R. Brown
Winnipeg, Manitoba

The following report was presented in May 2013 at the Annual General Meeting of the Manitoba School Library Association (MLSA). It reports on the work done by its author for the Association. The records described below are now on file at the Archives of Manitoba (PAM) and have been accessioned as PR 2013-05. The indexes are filed as part of the Association documentation.

The Duties of the MSLA Archivist are to:

  • Receive minutes & reports of MSLA Executive & Committee meetings
  • Receive newspaper clippings, and related local, national and international materials, and to integrate them into the minutes and reports
  • prepare these materials for binding and placement in the PAM
  • Obtain one copy of each issue of the printed Journals, prepare the materials for binding, and deposit in PAM.
  • Prepare indexes and other by-products as appropriate.

Since the last AGM 2012, work has proceeded with the organizing of the backlog of documents, and compilation of current materials simultaneously. It has been very helpful when Executive members have forwarded materials for inclusion. The following is a summary of the MSLA Archives collections which are now completed:

  1. MSLAVA Records Index 1938-1978, compiled by Nan Florence and Gerald R. Brown, 159 typed pages, Fall, 1979
  2. MSLAVA Records Index 1967-1992, compiled by Gerald R. Brown, 8,274 lines data available to be sorted by either author or subject files May 2012.
  3. MSLA Records Index 1993-2002, compiled by Gerald R. Brown, 4,535 lines data available to be sorted by either author or subject files April 2013
  4. MSLA Records Index 2003-2012, compiled by Gerald R. Brown, 4,952 lines data available to be sorted by either author or subject files April 2013.
  5. MSLAVA Journals & Newsletters, 1971-1980 Index, compiled by Agnes L. "Nan" Florence and Gerald R. Brown, 46 typed pages, May 1981
  6. MSLAVA Journals and Newsletters, 1971-2011 Index, compiled by Gerald R. Brown, 7,254 lines data available to be sorted by either author or subject files November 2011

(Indexes 2,3,4,& 6 are available electronically)

Copies of the Indexes have been deposited at:

  • Library & Archives Canada (2 copies)
  • Provincial Library & Archives of Manitoba - Legal Deposit
  • Manitoba Department of Education Library
  • Provincial Library Services, Brandon, MB
  • University of Manitoba. Elizabeth Dafoe Library for the Faculty of Education
  • University of Winnipeg Library for the Faculty of Education
  • Red River College. Exchange District Street Campus. Library
  • University of Alberta Library

By-Products of this indexing has been the compilation of various reports

  • The Association History document created for the 70th Anniversary, which appeared in the Journal and is now on the website
  • Honorary Life Members - Recognitions
  • School Library Educators in Manitoba - Listing & Recognition
  • Manitoba School Library Leaders & Pioneers - Listing & Recognition
  • School Library Leaders in Manitoba Education - Listing & Recognition
  • Red River College. Library Technician Program - History, including Faculty lists
  • MALT - Leadership lists - Presidents, Newsletter Editors
  • MSLAVA / MSLA Membership graph showing total membership and MTS trends to 2012
  • Chart: Our Manitoba Library Affiliations

For those who may be interested, there are additional school library history records and/or indexes, which may be accessed variously, by Gerald R. Brown. Print and/or electronic indexes are available for most of these materials.

  • CSLA. LOPAC (Liaison of Provincial Associations Committee). Records 1971-1986, 5 volumes at Library & Archives Canada, Ottawa
  • CSLA. District Supervisors' Committee. Records 1967-1991, 7 volumes, at Library & Archives Canada, Ottawa
  • WCSLC: Western Canada School Library Supervisors' Conference, 1966-91, 6 volumes, at Library & Archives Canada, Ottawa
  • IASL. Documents & Index from 1971-2007, 57 volumes deposited at Western Michigan University
  • Winnipeg School Division. Photophile: Documents & Index 1963-2010, 29 volumes deposited at Prince Charles ERC Library. This comprises 6,500 lines of data, sortable by author or subject.
  • Also several archives for schools which have been closed: Anna Gibson School, Alexandra School, J. B. Mitchell Junior High School, Margaret Scott School, and Sir John Franklin School.
  • Brown, Gerald R.: Personal Archives of Speeches, Presentations and Workshop documentation have been filed with LAC.
  • Haycock, Ken. Moccasin Telegraph: The Index to the Contents of the Journal of the Canadian School Library Association, Vol. 1-16, from 1961-1974.

Page revised: 10 June 2013

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