Manitoba Business: Standard Brick and Tile Company

The Standard Brick & Tile Company (SBTC) Limited was incorporated via Letters Patent under the Manitoba Joint Stock Companies Act on 28 November 1904. Its founding partners were George Frederick Carruthers, Richard Wilmot Gardiner, Edward Arthur “Ed” Delius, Rhoda J. Gardiner, and Harriet Jane Carruthers, the first three of whom served as Directors. The company held a capital stock of $40,000, opened a headquarters in Winnipeg, and operated a brickyard in the approximate vicinity of Kingsbury Avenue at Main Street in River Lot 13 within Kildonan (later West Kildonan). In February 1906, their capital stock was increased to $200,000. By early March 1909, the SBTC was insolvent and had ceased to operate.


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