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Around 1900, George Whalen began making bricks at a site located three-quarters of a mile west of Darlingford. He hired two Doukhobor employees and, by early June of 1900, they had produced 80,000 superior quality bricks. Whalen’s bricks were used in the construction of houses for Ferris Bolton and Martin Nichol at Darlingford. Despite having produced 400,000 bricks per year, he sold the yard at an auction in late June 1902 and moved his family to the west coast of Canada.


Manitoba Brick Yards by Randy Rostecki, Manitoba Historic Resources Branch Report, May 2010.

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Manitoba Bricks and Blocks

A history of the manufacture of bricks and concrete blocks in Manitoba, based on research by Randy Rostecki for the Manitoba Historic Resources Branch and supplemented by information compiled by Gordon Goldsborough of the Manitoba Historical Society. .

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