Manitoba Historical Society:
Annual Report for the Year 1890

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Officers for 1891


J. McBeth

First Vice-President

R. E. W. Goodridge

Second Vice-President

Dr. Laird

Corresponding Secretary

C. N. Bell

Recording Secretary

J. T. Huggard


Stephen Nairn

Executive Council

Consisting of the above officers and following gentlemen:

Hon. Judge Ardagh

Rev. J. J. Roy

Rev. Prof. Bryce, LL.D.

J. H. Ashdown

Rev. Prof. Hart

H. S. Wesbrook

Rev. Prof. Baird

F. W. Thompson

F. H. Turnock

Standing Committees for 1891

Archaeological and Natural History

J. McBeth (Chairman)
R. E. W. Goodridge
Dr. Laird
C. N. Bell
J. T. Huggard

Library and Publication

Rev. Dr. Bryce (Chairman)
Judge Ardagh
Rev. A. B. Baird
Rev. Prof. Hart
F. H. Turnock
Rev. J. J. Roy
S. Nairn

Finance and Property

Stephen Nairn (Chairman)
J. H. Ashdown
F. W. Thompson
R. E. W. Goodridge
H. S. Wesbrook

Public Library Committee

Rev. Dr. Bryce (Chairman)
Rev. Prof. Hart
S. Nairn
Alderman Gilroy
Alderman Cockburn
Alderman Dawson

The Historical and Scientific Society of Manitoba consists of the following classes of Members.


The subscription to the City Library, managed by the Society, is $2 per annum.

Members of the Council of Manitoba University and Undergraduates have access to the Isbister Library in custody of the Society.

Honorary Members

Lord Dufferin

U. S. Consul Taylor

Sir Daniel Wilson, Toronto

F. Parkman

Principal Dawson

Principal Grant

Col. Palliser

Dr. John Rae

Sir Donald A. Smith

General Lord Wolseley

General Lefroy

Lord Lansdowne

Sir George Stephen

Marquis of Lorne

Rev. Pere Lacombe

Archdeacon McDonald

Rev. John McDougall

Sandford Fleming


Lord Stanley of Preston


Corresponding Members

Prof. H. Y. Hind

Ernest E. Thompson, New York

Dr. Tache, Ottawa

Walter Dixon, Lake Francis

Joseph Fortescue, Isle a la Crosse, via Prince Albert

Henry J. Morgan, Ottawa

Archibald McDonald, Fort Qu'Appelle

R. J. N. Pither, Rat Portage

S. K. Parsons, Montreal

Prof. J. H. Panton, Guelph, Ont.

James McDougall, Athabasca

Rev. Mr. Burman, St. Paul's, Man.

Horace Belanger, Cumberland House

Rev. Dr. John McLean, Moose Jaw

Robert Campbell, Merchiston, Man.

J. W. Spencer, Churchill, Hudson's Bay

Professor Bell, Ottawa

Hon. Sam A. Green, Boston, U.S.A.

Dr. George M. Dawson, Ottawa

James W. R. Swan, U.S.A. Acting Consul-General, St. Petersburg

C. Mair, Prince Albert

Mr. J. B. Tyrell, Ottawa

Roderick Ross, Ft. Chippewyan, Atha.

Ven. Archdeacon McKay, Prince Albert, N.W.T.

Alexander Matheson, Rat Portage

Rev. Malcolm Scott, Ft. Vermillion, N.W.T.

Roderick Ross McFarlane, Fort Chippewyan

Ven. Archdeacon Vincent, Moose Factory, N.W.T.

Dr. W. McKay, Peace River

Rt. Rev. Richard Young, Bishop of Athabasca, N.W.T.

H. Bell, Michipicoton, Lake Superior

D. M. Stewart, St. Paul

Prof. Macoun, Ottawa


F. H. Turnock, Calgary


Life Members

J. C. Aikins

Rev. A. E. Cowley

Commissioner Wrigley

J. H. Ashdown

R. E. W. Goodridge

A. McCharles

Rev. Dr. Bryce

W. H. Hughan

F. W. Stobart

J. Camsell

Capt. L. M. Lewis

Archbishop Tache

Dr. Cowan

Wm. Martin

H. S. Wesbrook

Annual Meeting of the Historical and Scientific Society of Manitoba

The annual meeting of the Society took place on the evening of February 11th, in the rooms of the Society in the City Hall, Winnipeg. The Rev. Prof. A. B. Baird, 1st Vice-President, occupied the chair. The following reports, viz: The Report of the Council, the Treasurer’s Statement, the Report of the Library Committee, and the Report of the Joint Library Committee were presented and adopted.

Annual Report of the Council

The Council has the honor to submit the following report concerning the Society’s work for 1890 and as to its present position:

Society Meetings and Papers Read

Since the last annual meeting the Society has met three times. On the first occasion a paper was read by Rev. John Semmens on the “Cree Syllabic”; on the second, one by Dr. Bryce on “Judge Thom, the First Recorder of Rupert’s Land”; and, on the third, another by Dr. Bryce on “The Geology of Red River and Assiniboine Valleys.” Of these the last two have been published. The other will also be published in due course.

Council and Committee Meetings

There have been five meetings of the Council this year, the custom of holding no meetings during the summer months having been revived.
The attendance of the members at Council meetings has been as follows:

Professor Hart


Judge Ardagh


F. H. Turnock


C. N. Bell


Dr. Bryce


W. Chesterton


J. T. Huggard


Dr. Laird


A. B. Baird


Mayor Pearson


R. E. W. Goodridge


Professor Cochrane


John MacBeth


N. H. Cowdry


S. Nairn




The standing Council Committees have met as follows:





City Library


Natural History


Council Changes

At the Council meeting held on October 9th, the resignation of Mr. C. N. Bell, as president of the Society, was accepted. No action was taken to fill the vacancy, and the duties of the president have since been filled by the 1st vice-president.

Seven Oaks Memorial

Several communications have passed, during the year, between the Society and Lady Selkirk concerning the proposed erection of a monument on the site of the battle of Seven Oaks referred to in the last annual report. Her Ladyship has kindly consented to contribute $200 for this purpose; the monument to be erected under the auspices of the Society and the inscription thereon to be submitted to her Ladyship before being engraved. The Council, in October, appointed a committee consisting of Messrs. Bell, Bryce, Baird, MacBeth and Nairn to complete arrangements for the monument’s erection. The committee, having consulted with the contractor, advised the erection being deferred till next spring, in consequence of the difficulty experienced in quarrying stone suitable for its construction. The Council, therefore, regrets that the completion of this project must be left to its successors.


The steps taken, as recommended in the annual report of last year, towards securing better accommodation for the Society’s Natural History Collection have not been successful. This Council agrees with its predecessor that this is a matter of great importance, but regrets that it sees its way to make no suggestion whereby the difficulty can be overcome. Something might be done, perhaps, in the way of re-catalogueing and re-arranging the specimens, but with the present inferior accommodation there is little encouragement for the members particularly concerned in this branch of the Society’s work to take the trouble that would necessitate.

The Council is pleased to report the addition of several articles of interest during the year, among which may be mentioned the donations of a magnificent specimen of the black coast wolf, and some manuscripts relating to the education of the young in the early days of the Red River Settlement, by Mr. Horace Belanger, of Norway House, one of the most active and generous of the Society’s corresponding members.

Application has lately been made to the Society by one of the University lecturers for permission to use specimens from its collections to illustrate his lectures, which has been conditionally complied with. This request is an indication of the value placed on the Society’s work in this branch by learned institutions, and should stimulate members to improve the collection so that its value may be still further increased.

Reference Library

The present Council has continued the policy of its predecessor in endeavoring to judiciously enlarge the Reference Library of the Society.   

At the last annual meeting the Society authorized the whole of the $250 grant from the local government to be devoted to the purchase of reference books, the binding of its files of newspapers, and publishing its transactions. Of this the Council has spent $141.20. Among the books ordered may be mentioned the following: “Schoolcraft’s Indians,” “The Health Exhibition Reports,” “Lord Durham’s Report on Canada,” “Sir Francis Head’s Narrative,” and the first volume of Murray’s New Dictionary.

The Society’s library has also received several additions by donations, among which may be particularized those from the Dominion and United States Governments and an 1815 edition of the Encyclopaedia Brittanica presented by Mr. T. K. McGinn.

The present Council has adopted the principle that all books hereafter published in relation to this portion of the Dominion, and all works of whatever character published by local writers, should be obtained as issued, and recommends that this principle be observed by its successors.

Reading Room and Public Library

The reading room and public library have been well patronized during the year.

The number of books issued as compared with the previous year is as follows:













Geography and Voyages














} 112



General Literature







The number of new books added during the year has been 222, an increase of 11 over the additions the year previous.

The Catholic World is the only new magazine subscribed to during the year.

The Council is pleased to report that the difficulty with the City Council concerning the payment of the annual grant to the Society for the purchase of books for the public library, which was referred to in the last annual report, has now been settled, the city having continued the grant at the sum originally agreed upon, viz. $600 per annum.

From the Treasurer’s report it will be observed that the public library is not self-sustaining, and puts the Society to considerable expense as well as trouble in managing it.

Junior Historical Society

An association of boys and young men having for its object the prosecution of studies on natural history, and styled the Junior Historical Society, which has been in existence in the city for some years, applied to this Society in the spring for encouragement and assistance in their work.

The Council, deeming it advisable to lose no opportunity of interesting the rising generation in historical and scientific research, accorded the Junior Society permission to meet in its rooms, and to have access to its reference library and museum on Friday evenings during the pleasure of the Council, free of charge. It is not aware that this permission has been in any way abused, and would recommend its continuance to its successors. It is hoped that the younger society will repay this concession by drafting its members into this Society when they become eligible for admission. Doubtless it will furnish many who will in future years take an active part in this Society’s work.


During the year the Society’s rooms have been visited by 189 visitors who have signed the visitors’ book. A good many visited the rooms without registering.


The Society has, as the exchange list appended will indicate, been keeping up this branch of its work well during the year.

Amongst those whose names appear this year for the first time on its exchange list are the Vatican Library, the Imperial Federation League, the Department of Statistics of La Plata, and the Elliott Society of Science and Art of South Carolina.


The list of donations received by the Society during the year is attached as an appendix. To all of the donors the Society takes this opportunity of expressing its thanks.


The following is a comparison of the membership of the Society for the year now ended and the membership during 1889.













Active (in good standing)



Library Subscribers



The Council has regretted to have to record during the year the loss by death of one of its honorary members, the late Hon. Lawrence Clarke, whose name will be remembered by the Society as one of its generous donors, and by the people of the Northwest generally as that of a public spirited man, intimately associated with the early history of the country. It is also with regret that the Council has chronicled the death of one of the Society’s active members, the late Alderman Andrews.

Financial Position

Full particulars of the revenue and expenditure of the Society will be found in the annexed report of the Treasurer. It has been decided, because of its greater convenience, to hereafter close the accounts of the Society with the calendar year instead of with the end of the Society’s year. The Treasurer’s statement embraces, therefore, only the 11 months ending 31st December last. On this account it is not possible to accurately compare the Society’s financial position with that which it occupied at the last annual meeting. The total revenue has been for the 11 months in question $947.12, as compared with $1,312.42 for the year ending 8th February, 1890, and the expenditure $868.45, as compared with $939.20. The balance on hand on 31st December was $78.67. The balance on hand at the commencement of the Society’s year having been $373.22. Apparently this is not so favorable a showing as last year’s, but it must be remembered that the balance on hand at the commencement of the year included a number of membership fees for 1890, which, strictly speaking, should have gone into the current year’s accounts. On the whole the financial position of the Society is satisfactory. It is not so satisfactory, however, that members need refrain from strengthening the Society by keeping its claims before the public and securing additional subscribers.

Respectfully submitted.

Andrew B. Baird,
1st Vice-President.
F. H. Turnock,
Corres. Secretary.

Treasurer’s Report


Balance on hand Historical Society Branch



Members’ Fees, Feb 9 to Dec. 31



Provincial Government Grant



Manitoba University, for Isbister Library



Manitoba University, Insurance on Isbister Library



Public Library Fees



Moneys from fines, etc.



Total Receipts for 11 months, Historical Society Branch


Total Receipts for 11 months Public Library






For Books for 11 months



Freight Charges



Printing Reports, etc.



Salaries for 11 months



Postage and other expenses



Total payments for 11 months, Historical Society Branch



Total payments, Public Library



Balance on hand at credit Hist. Soc. Brch.








Report of the Library Committee

The Library Committee of the Historical and Scientific Society begs leave to report that it was entrusted with the task by the Society at its annual meeting of spending $250 in purchasing reference books, and in publishing and binding. In carrying out these objects several very valuable purchases have been made. A copy of Schooleraft’s Indians, 6 volumes, quarto, a very rare work, and a complete thesaurus of Indian lore was bought in London for ten guineas, costing laid down in Winnipeg about $60. The most valuable set of British Health Reports, 17 volumes, containing a number of very important discussions, was got for $20. The Society has also received the first volume of Murray’s great English Dictionary at a cost of $15. It is thought there will be about ten volumes, costing the Society $150 in all. This is the greatest philological work ever undertaken, and will grace the shelves of the Society. A number of Northwest books have been received, and a selection made of a good many more, which will amount to up wards of $50.

The Society has decided to make a fuller collection of Northwestern books, in so far as our funds will permit, and this will be a most attractive feature of the Society’s reference library.
The usual considerable additions were obtained by the generous gifts to the Society of the U. S. Government publications, as well as those of the Dominion Government, and of many private persons and well-known Societies. The Society has published, with one exception, all the papers read before it this year, and is one of the three Literary Societies in Canada that regularly publishes its proceedings. The Committee recommend the Council to authorize the erection of a number of new shelves, as the present space is quite inadequate for the books on hand.
It may be mentioned in closing that among many other donations there is one of the complete 5th Edition (1815) of the Encycloaedia Brittannica, presented by Mr. T. K. McGinn. The reprint of Hakluyt’s Voyages, which has been coming to the Society for several years past in numbers, has now been completed, and the last numbers are in the binder’s hands.

All of which is respectfully submitted.

George Bryce,

Report of the Joint Library Committee, 1890-91

The Joint Library Committee of the Historical Society begs to report the results of its third year’s work. The Committee was made up of Rev. Dr. Bryce (chairman), Rev. Prof. Hart, and Judge Ardagh for the Society, and Aldermen McKenzie, Taylor, and Smith for the City. The regular supply of books for the year was obtained from Mr. W. D. Russell, whose tender will now expire, and the selection of books has met with pretty general approval. The action of the council of last year in cutting down the appropriation from $600 to $400 seriously hindered the Committee in its efforts to provide fresh and interesting reading matter. During this year, however, the Committee represented the case of the Historical Society to the Council and is glad to report that the Council raised the sum to the former amount of $600. The Committee sought from the Council additional rooms in the City Hall, but was unable to obtain them. During the year tenders were called for the supply of magazines and newspapers for 1891-2. Four tenders were given in by city booksellers. The contract was awarded to Mr. W. D. Russell for $184.40. The books of the City Library, purchased during the last three years, have been in number about 800. In order that these may be available to readers the Committee had printed 500 copies of a catalogue to be sold at a small cost to subscribers. In the Mayor’s inaugural address a reference was made to the founding of a free library for the City. This has not been considered yet by the Joint Committee and therefore no recommendation is made on the subject. The Joint Library Committee has worked very harmoniously during the past year, and the new Committee for this year will have as representatives from the City, Aldermen Gilroy, McDougall, and Cockburn.

The elections for the Council and for officers then took place and is as follows:

John McBeth, President
R. E. W. Goodridge, 1st Vice-President
Dr. Laird, 2nd Vice-President
C. N. Bell, Corresponding Secretary
J. T. Huggard, Recording Secretary
Stephen Nairn, Treasurer


Rev. Dr. Bryce, Rev. Prof. Hart, Rev. Prof. Baird, Rev. J. J. Roy, Hon. Judge Ardagh, J. H. Ashdown, H. S. Wesbrook, F. W. Thompson, and F. H. Turnock.
It was agreed on motion of Mr. C. N. Bell, seconded by Mr. S. Nairn, that $150 of the annual grant from the Local Legislature be devoted to the purchase of books, maps, or manuscripts relating to the history of the Canadian Northwest.

The following Committees were then struck by the new Council for the work of the year:

Library Committee

Rev. Dr. Bryce, Chairman, Hon. Judge Ardagh, Rev. Prof. Hart, Stephen Nairn, F. H. Turnock, Rev. Prof. Baird, and Rev. J. J. Roy.

Archaeological and Natural History

John McBeth, Chairman, C. N. Bell, Dr. Laird, Rev. E. W. Goodridge, and J. T. Huggard.

Finance Committee

Stephen Nairn, Chairman, J. H. Ashdown, F. W. Thompson, R. E. W. Goodridge, and H. S. Wesbrook.
Representatives to meet City Representatives as

Joint Library Committee

Rev. Dr. Bryce, Rev. Prof. Hart, and S. Nairn.

The meeting then adjourned.

Appendix A - Donations, 1890

1. Ardagh, Judge, Hon. – Ryerson Memorial Volume, 1844 – 76. “Lady Car,” by Mrs. Oliphant. “Bells of Penraven,” by Farjeon. “Lives of the Judges,” by D. D. Read. “Ranke’s History of the Popes,” 3 vols.
2. Baird, Rev. A. B. – Acts and Proceedings of 16th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in Canada.
3. Belanger, Horace – Black Coast Wolf.
4. Bell, C. N. – Princess Louise Docks, 1890.
5. Boissevain Globe, from Editor.
6. Boulton, Senator  – Senate Debates, Mar. 13th, 1890. Senate Debates, Mar. 4th, 1890.
7. Bryce, Rev. Dr. – Christmas Number Dominion Illustrated, 1890.
8. Carman Standard, from Editor. 9, Chehalis Nugget, from. Editor.
10. Davin, N. F.Culture and Practical Power, an Address delivered at Lansdowne College by the Donor. Speech delivered in the Supreme Court, N. W. T., 7th July, 1890, by the Donor. Report of Six Years’ Experience by a Farmer in Red Deer District, by Rev. Leo. Gaetz.
11. Dawson, Dr. G. M. – Notes on the Cretaceous of the British Columbian Region, the Nanaimo Group, by the Donor. On An Expedition Down the Begh-Ula or Anderson River, by R. McFarlane. On Some of the Larger Unexplored Regions of Canada, by the Donor. On The Later Physiographical Geology of Rocky Mountain Region in Canada, with special reference to changes in elevation. The History of the Glacial Period, by the Donor. On The Glaciation of the Northern Part of the Cordillera, with an attempt to correlate the events of the Glacial Period in the Cordillera and Great Plains, by the Donor.
12. Green, Dr. S. A. – An Account of Physicians and Dentists of Groton, Mass. by the Donor.
13. Hawley, Major Jos. – Historical Sketch of Northampton, Mass., 1723-1738. Reprint from “Hawley Record.”
14. Hodgins, Dr. – Canons, By-Laws and Resolutions adopted by Synod of Toronto, 1851-72. Special Report of Bureau of Education. Report of Minister of Education, 1889. Report of Schools of Technical Science in the United States. School System of Ontario, Colleges, Universities. School Architecture and Hygiene
15. Holroyde, John – Lamprey Eel.
16. Lawson, A. C. – Notes on the Occurrence of Native Copper in the Animikee Rocks of Thunder Bay, by the Donor.
17. Lewis, T. H. – Mounds of Mississippi Basin, Stone Monuments in N. W. Iowa and S. W. Minnesota, by the Donor.
18. McCharles, A. – Copy Mining Journal.
19. McGinn, T. K. – 19 volume Encyclopaedia Brittannica, 1815 Edition.
20. Merritt, J. P. – Biography of Hon. N. H. Merritt, by the Donor, St. Catherine’s, Out.
21. Minnesota Historical Society  –  Minnesota in the Civil War and Indian War, 1861-65.
22. Neill, E. D. – Macalister College Contributions, by the Donor.
23. Nursey, W. R. – Escanaba, the Iron Port of the World, by Donor.
24. Ohlen, Mr. – 23 Blue Books and Canadian Hansard, 1890.
25. Panton, J. H. – Flora of the Queen Victoria, Niagara Falls Park, by the Donor.
26. Rand, Rev. S. T. – Dictionary of Micmac Indians, by
27. Rock, G. H. – Two Daily Graphics.
28. Ryan, R. – Greek and Latin Testament (1816).
29. Scarth, W. B. – The Canadian Patent Office Record.
30. Shipley, Mrs. J. B. – The Full Significance of 1492, by J. B. Shipley.
31. Star (Winnipeg), from Publishers. 31. Technological Museum – Wattles and Wattle – barks, by J. H. Maiden, Sydney, N.S.W.
32. Terry, James – Scultured Anthropoip. Ape Heads, found in or near the John Day River, a tributary of the Columbia River, Oregon, by the Donor.
33. Town Talk, from Publishers.
34. Turnock, F. H. – “Imperial Federation,” a lecture delivered in Victoria Hall, by Rev. G. M. Grant, D.D.
35. Tyrell, J. B. – Post-tertiary Deposits of Manitoba and adjoining territories of N. W. Canada, by the Donor.
36. Western World, from Publishers.
37. Western Law Times, from Editors.
38. Western Missionary, from Editors.
39. Western Congregationalist – 1st copy from Publishers.
40. Whitcher, A. H. – Asbestos from Thetford, Que.
41. Whiteaves, N. J. – Budget Speech of Hon. J. E. Foster.

Appendix B - Societies Exchanged With, 1890

American Institute Mining Engineers.
American Mail and Export Journal and Bookmaker.
American Museum Natural History.
American Philosophical Society. Americana.
Annales del Museo Nacional, Costa Rica.
Association Engineering Societies.
Boston Public Library.
British Asso. for Advancement of Science.
Buenos Ayres Annuaire Statistique de la Province de Hiutieme Annee.
Buffalo Historical Society.
Canadian Institute.
Cincinnati Society Natural History.
Colorado Scientific Society.
Cordoba, Academia Nacional de Biencias.
Cornell University Library.
Dept. Agriculture, Ottawa.
Dept. Agric. and Immigration, Winnipeg.
Distribution Office, Ottawa.
Elisha Mitchell Scientific Society.
Edinburgh University Library.
Engineering Club of Philadelphia.
Entomological Society of Ontario.
Essex Institute.
Field Naturalist’s Club, Ottawa.
Geological and Natural History Survey, Canada.
Geologist’s Association, England.
German Colonial Society.
Gun’s Unclaimed Money Index,
Harvard University.
Imperial Federation.
Kansas Academy of Science.
Laboratory of Natural History, Washburn College.
Leeds Philosophical Society.
Library, House of Commons.
Literary and Historical Society, Quebec.
Liverpool Microscopical Society.
Manitoba Government.
Manitoba University.
Meteorological Service.
Minnesota Historical Society.
Mexico, Boletin del Observatorio Astron. Nacional.
Minnesota Academy Natural Sciences.
Mittheilungen des Vereins Fur Erdkunds, Leipzig.
Natural History Society, Glasgow.
Natural Science Assoc., Staten Island.
New England Historical and Genealogical Society.
New York Academy of Sciences.
New York Microscopical Society.
New York State Library.
North Dakota University.
Nova Scotia Historical Society.
Nova Scotia Institute of Natural Science.
Oneida Historical Society.
Ottawa Mining Review.
Philosophical Society, Glasgow.
Public Library, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.
Quekett Microscopical Society.
Rochester Academy of Science.
Royal Colonial Institute.
Royal Geographical Society.
Royal Physical Society.
Royal Society of Canada.
Royal Society of New South Wales.
Sanitary Institute, Great Britain.
Santiago, Verhandlungen des Deutschen Wissenchaftlichen Veriens zu.
Saskatchewan Institute.
Smithsonian Institute.
Societe D’Ethnographie.
Society of Arts.
Society of Chemical Industry.
Societe de Geographe Commerciale du Havre.
St. Louis Academy of Science.
Toronto Public Library.
Tyneside Geographical Society.
U. S. Department of Agriculture.
U. S. Department of Interior.
U. S. Department of Navy.
U. S. Department of State.
U. S. Department of Geological Survey.
U. S. Department of Treasury.
U. S. Department of War.
U. S. Bureau of Education.
U. S. Bureau of Ethnology.
U. S. National Museum.
Victoria Institute.
Wien Annalen des K. K. Natur Historischen Hof-Museums.
Wisconsin State Historical Society.
Worcester Society of Antiquity.
Winnipeg Board of Trade.

Appendix C - Newspapers Received as Exchanges, 1890

Battleford, N.W.T.—Saskatchewan Herald.
Boissevain, Man.—Globe.
Brandon, Man.—Sun.
Brandon, Man.—Times.
Calgary, N.W.T.—Herald.
Carman, Man.—Standard.
Centralia, Wash., U.S.A.—News.
Chehallis, Wash., U.S.A.—Nugget.
Chicago, U.S.A.—Union Signal.
Edmonton, N.W.T.—Bulletin.
Emerson, Man.—Southern Manitoba Times.
Gladstone, Man.—Age.
Lethbridge, N.W.T.—News.
London, Ont.—Free Press.
MacLeod, N. W.T.—Gazette.
Manitou, Man.—Mercury.
Medicine, Hat, N.W.T.—Times.
Milton, Dakota—Globe.
Miles City, Dakota—Stock Grower’s Journal.
Minnedosa, Man.—Tribune.
Moosejaw, N.W.T.—Times.
Moosomin, N.W.T.—Courier.
Morden, Man.—Monitor.
New Westminster, B.C.—British Columbian.
Neepawa, Man.—Register.
Ottawa, Ont.—Canadian Mining Review.
Ottawa, Ont.—Evening Journal.
Prince Albert, N.W.T.—Saskatchewan.
Prince Albert, N.W.T.—Times.
Pilot Mound, Man.—Sentinel.
Portage la Prairie, Man.—Liberal.
Portage la Prairie, Man.—Review.
Port Arthur, Ont.—Sentinel.
Qu’Appelle, N.W.T.—Progress.
Qu’Appelle Fort, N.W.T.—Vidette.
Rapid City, Man.—Spectator.
Rapid City, Man.—Vindicator.
Rat Portage, Ont.—News.
Regina, N.W.T.—Journal.
Regina, N.W.T.—Leader.
Selkirk, Man.—Record.
Stonewall, Man.—News.
St. Boniface, Man.—Le Manitoba.
St. Paul, Min.—North-West Magazine.
Victoria, B.C.—Weekly Colonist.
Virden, Man.—Advance.
Winnipeg, Man.—Colonist.
Winnipeg, Man.—Commercial.
Winnipeg, Man.—Free Press (Daily and Weekly.)
Winnipeg, Man.—Heimskringla.
Winnipeg, Man.—Lancet.
Winnipeg, Man.—Logberg.
Winnipeg, Man.—Manitoba College Journal.
Winnipeg, Man.—Manitoba Gazette.
Winnipeg, Man.—North-West Review.
Winnipeg, Man.—Nor’-West Farmer.
Winnipeg, Man.—P. O. Guide.
Winnipeg, Man.—Scandinavian Canadien.
Winnipeg, Man.—School Times.
Winnipeg, Man.—Siftings.
Winnipeg, Man.—St. John’s Col. Journal.
Winnipeg, Man.—Town Talk.
Winnipeg, Man.—Tribune.
Winnipeg, Man.—Waghorn’s Guide.
Winnipeg, Man.—Western Law Times.
Winnipeg, Man.—Western Missionary.
Winnipeg, Man.—Western World.

Papers Ordered, 1890

London, Eng.—Field.
London, Eng.—Graphic.
London, Eng.—Illustrated News.
London, Eng.—Punch.
London, Eng.—Times, Weekly.
London, Eng.—Truth.
Montreal, Can.—Dominion Illustrated.
Montreal, Can.—Gazette (Daily).
New York, U.S.A.—Harper’s Weekly.
New York, U.S.A.—Herald (Daily and Sunday).
New York, U.S.A.—Scientific American and Supplement.
Toronto, Ont.—Empire, Daily.
Toronto, Ont.—Globe, Daily.
Toronto, Ont.—Mail, Daily.
Toronto, Ont.—Grip.
Toronto, Ont.—Week.

Magazine Ordered, 1890

Art Amateur.
Art Journal.
Atlantic Monthly.
Catholic World.
Edinburg Review.
English Illustrated.
Good Words.
Harper’s Monthly.
Littell’s Living Age.
Magazine of American History.
Nineteenth Century.
North American Review.
Popular Science Monthly.
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