Northern Prairie Ships: Ripple

Built at Selkirk in 1885, the Ripple was a small wooden paddle steamer of 7 gross tons (4 net tons). In August of her inaugural season, on the return trip from Emerson to Winnipeg, her engines failed and required a tow home by the steam yacht Kathleen. Its use and ownership up to the vessel’s registry being closed in Deecmber 1890 are unknown.

The following year, a new registration was made under the same name and a slightly larger wooden hull totalling 9 gross tons (6 net tons). This second version of the ship was built at Winnipeg. Still a paddle steamer, the plausibly-reconstituted Ripple was examined by Inspectors in September 1891 and began passenger and excursion service the next month. The ship’s Master (1891-1896) was Captain Patterson.

Despite the smaller size, the Ripple saw service as a freighter as early as 1893, with the addition of a tow barge that season. In July 1895, she was en route from a lumber camp off Lake Winnipeg down to Selkirk with a heavily-laden barge in tow when her engines failed. The Sultana came to aid and towed the Ripple and barge to safe harbour for repairs.

The Ripple was eventually broken up and its registry was closed in Decemer 1899.


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