James A. “Jim” Burns

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James A. Burns
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Paleontologist, historian.

Dr. Burns is Curator Emeritus of Quaternary Paleontology at the Royal Alberta Museum in Edmonton, Alberta. Now a resident of Winnipeg, and an editor of Prairie History, his research on the remarkable history of The Manitoba Museum resulted in the book Fire, Folly and Fiasco: Why it took 100 Years to Build the Manitoba Museum which received a Margaret McWilliams award in 2021. He has received a Douglas Kemp Award in recognition of his service to the Manitoba Historical Society.

His articles for the Manitoba Historical Society:

Edward Darbey, Taxidermy, and the Last Buffaloes
Manitoba History, Number 63, Spring 2010

“Fresh Air for Kiddies”: The Fresh Air Camps of Lake Winnipeg
Manitoba History, Number 66, Spring 2011

Roblin City: A Gleaming Metropolis on the Bay
Manitoba History, Number 68, Spring 2012

The Walrus and the Journalist
Manitoba History, Number 70, Fall 2012

J. Hoyes Panton: An Early Winnipeg Rocks Star
Manitoba History, Number 87, Summer 2018

Dr. Speechly and Jack the Ripper: A Winnipeg Vignette
Prairie History, Number 5, Summer 2021

Review: R. Gordon Moyles, Death Stalked The Trails: The Klondike Gold Rush Through Edmonton 1897–98
Prairie History, Number 10, Spring 2023

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