Manitoba History: Number 66, Spring 2011

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“The historic forks of the Red and
Assiniboine rivers is visible in this
Winnipeg Vista, June 2011”
Source: Gordon Goldsborough

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Political Leadership and Democracy in Manitoba: The Roblin Era and Beyond
by Paul G. Thomas

From Nose Sprays to Nursing Shortages: Managing Epidemic Polio in Manitoba, 1928-1953
by Leah Morton

“Essentially a Women’s Work”: Reform, Empire and The Winnipeg Children’s Hospital, 1909-1925
by Greg Di Cresce

“Fresh Air for Kiddies”: The Fresh Air Camps of Lake Winnipeg
by James Burns and Gordon Goldsborough

A Remedy for Wooden Legs and Dead Hands: The Early Years of The Winnipeg Foundation
by Gordon Goldsborough

Book Review

Belle Millo (editor), Voices of Winnipeg Holocaust Survivors
by Alexander Freund

Cool Things in the Collection: Lorene Squire, Wildlife and Northern Photographs in the Hudson’s Bay Company Archives
by Debra Moore and Bronwen Quarry

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