Manitoba History: Number 69, Summer 2012

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Red River Bicentenary

Members of the Manitoba Living History Society gather in the cemetery of the historic St. John’s Cathedral in preparation for commemoration of the 200th anniversary of the Lord Selkirk Red River Settlement, in early September 2012.

Source: Chris Black

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The Construction of a Regional Identity: From Homeland to Industrial Frontier
by Jim Mochoruk

The Red River Jig Around the Convention of “Indian” Title: The Métis and Half-Breed Dos à Dos
by Darren O’Toole

The Selkirk Settler Bicentenary
by Harry Duckworth

1912 Remembered: In Pursuit of an Idea
by Jasper McKee

Titanic - The Manitoba Story
by Michael Dupuis

Commemorating Ralph Connor House
by Parks Canada

Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee in Manitoba
by Gordon Goldsborough

Book Reviews

Joan Sangster, Transforming Labour: Women and Work in Post-war Canada
by Marlene Epp

Dan Azoulay, Hearts and Minds: Canadian Romance at the Dawn of the Modern Era, 1900-1930
by Greg Thomas

Shannon Stunden Bower, Wet Prairie: People, Land and Water in Agricultural Manitoba
by Graham MacDonald

Jim Blanchard, Winnipeg’s Great War: A City Comes of Age
by Henry Trachtenberg

Cool Things in the Collection: The Manitoba Pool Elevators Pamphlet Collection
by Marianne E. Reid

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