Manitoba History: Number 49, June 2005

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“The start for the lake”
Employees of the Ransom Engraving Company and their families prepare for a Red River excursion on the steamboat Tempest, 1911.
Manitoba Historical Society Collection

The Toronto Star and the Winnipeg General Strike
by Michael Dupuis

“Citizens of that Mighty Empire:” Imperial Sentiment among Students at Wesley College, 1897-1902
by Gordon L. Heath


Remembering the Riverboats
by Adrian Ames

Inside King Solomon’s Temple: A Brief Glimpse into Early Masonry in Red River, 1864-1869
by Gillian Covernton

A Thousand Words: The Yukon Party from Manitoba
by Gordon Goldsborough

Red River Descendants Reunion, 13-21 August 2005
by Barbara Gessner

Letters to the Editor


Samuel Hearne and David Thompson, Trekking in the Footsteps of the Enlightenment: A Retrospective Review Essay
by Alexander Binning

Mike Ford, Canada Needs You, Volume One
by J. M. Bumsted

James P. Giffen, Rural Life: Portraits of the Prairie Town
by S. C. Sharman

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