Manitoba History: Number 36, Autumn/Winter 1998-1999

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Introduction: Education in Manitoba History by Rosa Bruno-Jofré and Tom Mitchell

One Hundred Years of History Teaching in Manitoba Schools. Part 1: 1897-1927 by Ken Osborne

Citizenship and Schooling in Manitoba, 1918-1945 by Rosa Bruno-Jofré

Documents and Archives:
Granting “A Square Deal:” The Brandon Unemployed Worker and the Political Education of Brandon’s Jobless during the Great Depression by Donica Belisle

The Education of Stanley Howard Knowles by Eleanor J. Stebner

The History of Education in Manitoba: A Bibliography, 1993-1998 by Sheila Andrich

“Wrestling with the Meaning of Citizenship:” A Review Article by Tom Mitchell

Manitoba Bibliography / 1997 by Jim Blanchard

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