Manitoba History: Number 31, Spring 1996

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Horticulture in Manitoba History

Introduction by Lyle Dick and Ron Frohwerk

Manitoba’s First Farmers by Catherine Flynn and E. Leigh Syms

The Greening of the West: Horticulture on the Canadian Prairies, 1870-1930 by Lyle Dick

“The Greening of the West”: One Geranium at a Time by Elizabeth Blight

“The Most Lovely and Picturesque City in All of Canada”: The Origins of Winnipeg’s Public Park System by John Selwood, John C. Lehr and Mary Cavett

The Rise and Fall of the Manitoba Railway Garden by Edwinna von Baeyer

A Border Vision: The International Peace Garden by Charles Thomsen

Roads of Remembrance by Gordon Fulton

Review Article:
The Place of Memory: Some Recent Publications on Landscape History by Susan Buggey

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