Manitoba History: Number 3, 1982

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York Boats on Lake Winnipeg
by W. J. Phillips

Source: Winnipeg Art Gallery

Out of the Mainstream: Walter J. Phillips and the Context of Canadian Art by Douglas Cole

The Political Equality League of Manitoba by Debbie Hathaway

The Red River Rebellion and J. S. Dennis, "Lieutenant and Conservator of the Peace" by Colin Read

An Interview with Jock Brown by Nolan Reilly, Keith Ralston & Gerald A. Friesen

The Strongest Man in the World by Norm Fear

Rural Resources Archives - Brandon, Manitoba by Kate Kuntz

The Young Historian: History of My Family by Joe Nguyen

Documents and Archives: Armistice Day in Winnipeg, 1918 by Miss Taylor edited by William J. Fraser

News and Reports: In Memoriam: Dr. Edward C. Shaw, 32nd President, Manitoba Historical Society


The State of the Union: A Survey of Recent Literature on Prairie Labour by W. J. C. Cherwinski

Vera Fast, Missionary on Wheels: Eva Hasell and the Sunday School Caravan Mission by Arthur N. Thompson

Jennifer S. H. Brown, Strangers in Blood: Fur Trade Company Families in Indian Country by Irene M. Spry

C. B. Koester, Mr. Davin, M.P.: A Biography of Nicolas Davin by Walter Hildebrandt

Robert M. Tegeder, Rediscovery and Restoration of Fort St. Charles by Graham A. MacDonald

Penny Ham, Place Names of Manitoba by William J. Fraser

Roger Gibbins, Prairie Politics and Society: Regionalism in Decline by David Smith

Allan F. J. Artibise (ed.), Gateway City: Documents on the City of Winnipeg, 1873-1913 by Barry Potyondi

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