Nolan Reilly


A retired Professor of History at the University of Winnipeg, he was co-President of the Canadian Oral History Association and co-editor of the Canadian Oral History Forum. Public history was of special interest to him. Nolan conceptualized and served as the historical consultant in the creation of 1919 Union Hall gallery at the Canadian Museum of Civilization, was a creator of the 1919: Winnipeg General Strike Tour and took hundreds of students and local and national community groups on the tour each year. He has also worked on numerous documentaries films related to Canada’s working-class history. As a social historian, he had special research and teaching interests in Canadian ethnic, gender, and working-class history. He regularly taught a course on the history of Winnipeg.

His articles for the Manitoba Historical Society:

Review: A Glowing Dream: A Memoir by Roland Penner
Manitoba History, Number 60, Spring 2009

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