Manitoba History: Number 1, 1981

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Sunrise at Gladstone, Spring 1971 by Bill Hicks

Editor's Introduction by Jean Friesen

Limited Identities - Ten Years Later by J. M. S. Careless

One Town's Team: Souris and its Lacrosse Club, 1887-1906 by Morris Mott

An Interview with Manitoba Historian, William Lewis Morton by Gerald A. Friesen

The Western Canada Pictorial Index by Laura McLauchlan

The Young Historian: Medicine Chests of the Far North or Pills For All Ills by Martha McCarthy

Documents: Excerpts from 'Letters from Elkhorn'


B. M. Barss and Sheila Kerr, Canadian Prairie Homesteaders by Donna Phillips

Three Views of Riel by Gene Walz, Diane Payment & Emma Laroque

Sally Cunningham (ed.), Proceedings of the Local Histories Workshops by Barry Potyondi

John Kendle, John Bracken: A Political Biography by V. Nelles

J. L. Finlay and D. N. Sprague, The Structure of Canadian History by Desmond Morton

Michael Ewanchuk, Spruce, Swamp and Stone: A History of the Pioneer Ukrainian Settlements in the Gimli Area by John C. Lehr

Paper Wheat: The 25th Street House Players - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan by Del Muise

Alan F. J. Artibise, Western Canada Since 1870, A Select Bibliography and Guide by David R. Richeson

Alain Clavet (coordinator), Guide To Canadian Photographic Archives by Elizabeth Blight

Manitoba Museum of Man and Nature: About Free Lands by Oleh Gerus

A. Ross McCormack, Reformers, Rebels and Revolutionaries: The Western Canadian Radical Movement, 1899-1919 by Glen Makahonuk

Donald Avery, "Dangerous Foreigners:" European Immigrant Workers and Labour Radicalism in Canada, 1896-1932 by T. D. Regehr

Ruban Bellan, Winnipeg's First Century: An Economic History by P. H. Wichern, Jr.

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