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Time Lines
Volume 37, No 3
February / March 2005


Multicultural Dinner 2005: An Evening in Chile
MHS Awards Ceremony
Joint Dinner with Belgian Club
President's Message
New MHS members
Sir John A. Macdonald Dinner 2005
Centennial Farm Award
Dalnavert News
“Walking by History in Winnipeg’s Exchange District”
“The Road to Recovery”
Heritage Canada Foundation Awards
Ross House Museum
Centennial Business Awards
Heritage News
Letters to Manitoba History

Multicultural Dinner 2005: An Evening in Chile

This year our popular Multicultural Dinner takes you to An Evening in Chile. Manitoba Historical Society members and friends are invited to join members of the Chilean community in Manitoba for an authentic Chilean buffet dinner. Entertainment is provided by Chile Lucha and Canta. MHS member Francisco Valenzuela is speaking on “Chileans in Canada”.

Winnipeg Chilean Association Hall, 892 Burrows Ave. at Artillery St. (between Arlington and McPhillips)

Tuesday, March 15, 2005, 6:00 p.m. Cash Bar 6:30 p.m. Dinner

No wheelchair access

Cost per person: $17.00. Seating is limited. Please phone the MHS office at 947-0559 by March 10, 2005 for more information or to make reservations and arrange payment. We accept Visa and Mastercard.

Ample street parking is available in this residential area, including on both sides of Burrows Ave. Transit Route 71 Arlington (via Sinclair) stops at the corner of Arlington St. and Burrows Ave., two blocks east of the Chilean Hall.

MHS Awards Ceremony

On Sunday 3 April 2005 at the chapel of St. John's College from 1:30 to 3:30, the Manitoba Historical Society will hold its annual awards ceremony.

The chief award will be the Margaret McWilliams prize for the best work on Manitoba history published in the year 2004. His Excellency Lieutenant-Governor John Harvard will make the presentations. A number of other awards - including Centennial Organization awards - will also be given out. The master of ceremonies for the occasion will be the CBC's Ron Robinson. A reception will be held outside the chapel in the atrium area after the ceremony. One of the advantages of the location, pointed out MHS president Gordon Goldsborough, is the ready availability of parking, both in front of the college, which is on Dysart Road on the University of Manitoba campus, and across the street in K Lot.

Readings from the short-listed books for the McWilliams prize will take place in the Travel Area of the McNally-Robinson bookstore at Grant Park at 7:30 on Thursday 31 March 2005.

Both MHS members and non-members are cordially invited to attend the readings and the ceremony itself. Tickets are not required for either event, both the awards ceremony and the readings at McNally-Robinson’s.

Joint Dinner with Belgian Club

MHS will have a joint dinner with the Belgian Club on April 9 to celebrate the club’s 100th anniversary. Check the MHS office in March for more details.

President’s Message: Let’s Talk!

When the Dalnavert Visitors Centre opens this year, the MHS will have a facility of which we can be proud. It will give us a venue for regular presentations, meetings, and exhibits, enabling us to get together to learn, to discuss, and to enjoy each other’s company. Yet, excellent as such interaction is, there are many people who will not be able to take advantage of it, because they live in far-flung places, or they cannot attend when events are held, or for any of several other reasons. For these people, and even for those who can attend our public functions, I have created a new feature on our web site: the Manitoba History Forum.

The forum is the modern analogue to bulletin boards of yesteryear, where you could post a notice, question, or comment, and wait for someone to respond. Because this forum is on the Internet, it is available to people around the world, at any time of the day. Do you have a question on some arcane aspect of Manitoba history? Post it on the forum, and see if someone has an answer. Want to find out if a cherished antique is valuable? Post a description of it (and, optionally, a photograph) and see if anyone knows. You can run a “straw poll” to see how people think on a particular issue. You can even send private messages to other members.

I have created ten topic areas to start: antiques and collectibles, genealogy and family history, historical buildings, historical events and dates, historical people and places, local history and reminiscences, media, museums, forum news, and a special area for discussion about the MHS itself. You first enter a particular topic area then either create a new discussion “thread,” or participate in an existing thread. Each topic area is moderated so posts unrelated to the historical theme, or containing offensive language or subject matter, will be removed.

How do you get started using the forum? First, register as a member. (You need not be an MHS member to use the forum.) Choose a userid and password, then log into the forum. You do not need to log in to view public messages, but you must do so to submit them. To read and respond to an existing thread, click on it, or press the “New Topic” button to create a new thread.

To get things going, I have posted a question and poll in the topic area “Historical People and Places.” The question is this: Who do you think is the “father” of Manitoba? Is it Louis Riel, whose involvement in the Red River Rebellion of 1870 led to the establishment of Manitoba as Canada’s newest province? Or was it Lord Selkirk, who established a colony near the Point Douglas area of Winnipeg in the early 19th century? Maybe it was someone else (was there a “mother” of Manitoba?) or no one at all. Go to this topic area, give me your feedback, and submit your vote. Unlike a “real” election, the results are displayed as they are collected.

Go to and let’s talk!

Gordon Goldsborough

New MHS members

Adrian Ames
Val Radford & Family
Mary Louise & Tim Ryan
Nina Sawelo
Broken Beau Historical Society / Pioneer Village Museum
Ash Temple Ltd.
Christie’s Office Plus
Winnipeg Supply Service Experts
Audrhea Lande


MHS Operating

Judith Valenzuela
Carl James
Ken & Pat Zealand
David & Linda McDowell
Mary K. Beamish
Fr. S. C. Sharman
Carol Budnick
Alfred Monnin
Joan Goldsborough
Allen Ronaghan
Ruth M. Stewart
Adrian Ames
Janet Stevenson
Clayton Sinclair
Margaret & Christian Jensen
Mary T. Sheehand
Ann E. England
L.O. & Frances Pollard
M. Mildred Hallama
Mary Boone
Bente Cunnings
U. Frances Bowles
N. M. Harder
Winnipeg Hotel
Joseph E. Martin
Jack  & Wendy Bumsted
Marcelle Lemaire
Barry Bills
Bill Sands
Jane Frain

MHS Centennial Farm Program

Lee Treilhard

MHS Margaret McWilliams Award Program

Friesen's Corporation

MHS Dalnavert Visitors Centre

Louise Soubry
Donald S. Patterson
Krisenga Investments Ltd.
J. Hugh McDonald
Robert Darling
H. Sanford Riley
Lakeview Management Inc.
Margorie Blankstein
Gregg Hanson
Richard H. Kroft
Marilyn Burt
Richard G. Andison
Mrs. Agnes Benidickson
George T. Richardson
Dr. James Carr
Gail Asper
Senator Douglas D. Everett & Mrs. Patricia Everett
Ruby Ashdown
Lorraine Sweatman
Dr. Robert H. Thorlakson
Dee & Harold Buchwald
Dr. John M. Bowman
Sandi Mielitz
John Hobday
CIBC Prairies Region
R. A. L. Nugent
W.J. Fraser

Sir John A. Macdonald Dinner 2005

The Sir John A Macdonald 40th Annual Fundraising Dinner was held at the Fort Garry Hotel on January 15, 2005. Background music was provided by the Jason Munro Jazz Trio. There were greetings from the Honourable John Harvard P.C., O.M. Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba and Honourary Patron of the Society, the Honourable Peter Bjornson, Manitoba Minister of Education, Citizenship and Youth and the Honourable Joy Smith M.P.

Guest speaker, The Right Honourable John N. Turner P.C., C.C., Q.C briefly discussed his recent visit to Ukraine to monitor elections and then spoke of Sir John A. Macdonald’s role in Canadian history. Mr. Turner was introduced by the Honourable Pearl B. McGonigal, a former Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba, and thanked by Dr. Emőke Szathmáry, president of the University of Manitoba.

The MHS executive and council is very grateful to the 2005 Sir John A. Macdonald Dinner Committee for planning and organizing this successful event. Members of the committee were Margaret Morse, Chair, and John Bovey, Shirley Bradshaw, Bernie Wolfe, Marie Louise Zorniak and Carl James.

A silent auction of 24 items proved to be a popular event. The Dinner Committee would like to extend its thanks and appreciation to Jose Koes, our M.C. of the silent auction. Jose, with her persuasive and engaging manner, along with the co-ordinator Carl James and his team raised a profit of over $2000 which will help pay for MHS program expenses.

The Manitoba Historical Society and the Sir John A. Macdonald Fundraising Dinner Committee gratefully acknowledge the support and generosity of the following contributors to the dinner. We also thank all of you who attended our event. Thank you for helping us keep history alive for another 125 years!

Photos at the 2005 Sir John A. Macdonald Dinner
Click photos to enlarge

John Turner makes a point during his presentation on Sir John Macdonald

John Turner with the Honourable Peter Byornson

Dr. Gordon Goldsborough, John Turner & His Honour John Harvard
(Courtesy: Winnipeg
Free Press

Dr. Gordon Goldsborough, John Turner & Margaret Morse
Iris Chrol, Winnipeg Sun)

Dr. Mary Lynn Duckworth, Dr. Harry Duckworth, Dr. H. E. Duckworth & Shirley Duckworth
Iris Chrol, Winnipeg Sun)

Dr. Art Sparling, Pearl McGonigal & husband Norman Coghlan
Iris Chrol, Winnipeg Sun)

Win Gardner & son MLA John Loewen
Iris Chrol, Winnipeg Sun)

Her Honour Lenore Berscheid, His Honour John Harvard & piper Keith Burr
Iris Chrol, Winnipeg Sun)

Centennial Business recipient Diane Little of Christie's Office Plus, her husband Garry Little (left), and David Deane, CBA committee
Iris Chrol, Winnipeg Sun)

Centennial Business recipient Al Hunter of Ash Temple with wife Jean (left) and Judith Hudson Beattie, CBA committee
Iris Chrol, Winnipeg Sun)

Centennial Business recipient David Smith of Winnipeg Supply Service Experts (left), wife Audrey Smith, and Ken Zealand, CBA committee
Iris Chrol, Winnipeg Sun)

Dr. Emőke Szathmáry, President of the University of Manitoba, t hanks John Turner for his speech

His Honour John Harvard brings greetings from the provincial government

Attendees inspect and bid on items in the silent auction

MHS Executive at the Macdonald Dinner (L-R): Gordon Goldsborough, Bill Fraser, Stephanie Middagh, Jim Blanchard, Judith Hudson Beattie, Harry Duckworth, Jack Bumsted, Ken Zealand (missing: Steve Place).

Click photos to enlarge

Macdonald Dinner Sponsors

Ms. Ida Albo
The Fort Garry Hotel
Winnipeg Free Press
Paul Thomas, Duff Roblin Professor, Political Studies, University of Manitoba
Mrs. W. Steward Martin
Meyers Norris Penny
Hon. Justice Nathan Nurgitz
Senator Douglas D. Everett
Jean M. Fenwick
Phyllis Watson
Morden’s Chocolates
Winnipeg Sun

Contributors & Participants

Hon. John Harvard P. C., O. M.
Hon. Pearl B. McConigal ,C.M., O.M.
Rt. Hon. John N. Turner, P. C., Q. C., C.C
Hon. Peter Bjornson, Minister of Education, Citizenship & Youth
Hon. Joy A. Smith, Kildonan-St. Paul
Dr. Emőke Szathmáry, President, University of Manitoba
Dr. L. Gordon Goldsborough, President, MHS
Mr. Doug Taylor, MHS Past President
Ms. Judith Hudson Beattie
Mr. Kenneth Zealand
Mr. David Deane
Mrs. Margaret Morse
Mr. John Bovey
Miss Shirley Bradshaw
Mr. Bernie Wolfe C. M.
Mrs. Mary Louise Zorniak
Mr. Keith Burr, ANAF, Vets Unit 60 Pipes and Drums

Silent Auction Donors

Bayat Inuit Gallery
Beyond Flowers
Bread & Circuses
Brio Restaurant
Café Carlos
Charleswood Department Store
Echardt-Gramatté Foundation
Ivan Eyre
Fountain Tire
Gallery LaCosse
Dr. L. Gordon Goldsborough
Carl James
Céline & Allen Kear
Do It Yourself Framing Ltd.
Dr. John C. Lehr
Edward Carriere Salon
Little Bo Peep Boutique
Manitoba Chamber Orchestra
Manitoba Theatre Centre
Mariaggi’s Theme Suite Hotel
McDiarmid Lumber
Metro Cleaners
Midtown Car Wash
Margaret Morse
Partners In the Park
Prairie Theatre Exchange
These Four Walls
Wellness Institute
Winnipeg Art Gallery
WOW Hospitality Concepts

Silent Auction

Mr. Carl James, Auction Coordinator
Mrs. Jose Koes, M.C.
Mr. Bill Fraser
Dr. L. Gordon Goldsborough
Ms. Stephanie Middagh
Mrs. Evelyn Sutton
Mr. Robert Sutton
Ms. Maria Zbigniewicz


John Alexander Bovey

Ruth Susan Lorraine Winkler, a long time MHS member, died on January 13, 2005 in Winnipeg. She was born in Morden in 1909. She attended the University of Toronto in 1934 and graduated in Social Work. She worked for the Regina Family Bureau, the Children’s Aid Society in Portage la Prairie and in Winnipeg and the Department of Veterans’ Affairs. In 1952 she was loaned to the Red Cross and went to Korea and Japan as head of a team that arranged hospital and recreational services for Canadian troops in the Korean War.

In 1954 she married Howard Winkler who had been Liberal member for Lisgar from 1935 to 1953 and they spent the next 16 years in the town of Morden. She was a strong advocate and volunteer for the town and a supporter of the formation of the Morden and District Museum and the writing of the pictorial history book of Morden in 1981. She received the Manitoba Good Citizenship Award in 1983. She was active in establishing the University of Manitoba School (now Faculty) of Social Work and the Howard and Ruth S. L. Winkler Bursary for Social Work.

In later years she enjoyed taking seniors courses and supporting organizations in Winnipeg. Mrs. Winkler donated a large number of items to the Manitoba Historical Society for the Dalnavert Antique Auction in 1996.

Centennial Farm Award

Click here for the latest list of Centennial Farm recipients.

Dalnavert News

Since last March there have been no casual tours of the museum but that has not stopped us from carrying out a variety of other public programming. Last summer our “My House, Your House” program was conducted as a partnership program with the Winnipeg Crafts Museum and Library, when we were able to utilize their new home at 1B-183 Kennedy Street. As well we engaged a couple of our students in an outreach program to a number of school age child care facilities.

December has always been one of the busiest months of the whole year. This we were not able to continue the tradition of showing the colour and sights of the museum on a casual basis. However that did not prevent the museum from scheduling the special Christmas Programming. For two weeks schools groups could be found within the museum absorbing the sights of a traditional Victorian Christmas as portrayed through Dalnavert. The students were taken on a tour of the first floor of the museum, which is the part most decorated. They would spot the pickle and other ornaments on the tree and then go back to the basement to continue the program. The remainder of the two hour time period involved a brief story-time break and then three crafts – popcorn stringing, paper star making and the fabrication of a clothes pin doll.

Dalnavert was very fortunate that noted Winnipeg actor, Richard Hurst, continued to perform Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. This year, the 16th annual performance, saw all 400 total available seats sold out by the time of the first performance, with many more potential audience members having to wait until next year. As in each of the past years the performance was held in the museum’s attic. In subsequent years the Orientation Room in the new Visitors Centre is expected to provide a new setting.

The construction project continues daily. By now the structural construction has been completed and, until the work wraps up, the focus will be on the finishing touches that will turn the raw shell into a magnificent heritage resource. Within recent weeks the drywall has all been installed and much of the painting done. One of the interesting products that is being used is a Manitoba made product known as straw-board. The millwork contractor has been fastening the straw-board paneling within the Orientation Room and to the wainscoting in the public areas of the new facility. The new display cases that form the feature south wall of the Orientation Room have taken shape and the showcases for Carlton Lane Gift Shop have been roughly situated giving this space meaning. However there is still much work to be done and the exterior landscaping awaits the warmth of spring.

MHS council meets in the Dalnavert Visitors Centre, January 11

There has been activity within the museum itself. The Museum’s Furnishings Committee has had several pieces of furniture refurbished, restored and/or re-upholstered. This work has in part been made possible by a grant from the Province of Manitoba’s Heritage Grants Program and private donors. Due to Dalnavert’s designation as a National Historic Site the museum has also received invaluable assistance with the restoration of some specific pieces of furniture from Parks Canada, Cultural Resource Services - Winnipeg. Before the opening takes place the Committee will have gone through the museum top to bottom ensuring that only the best image of the house is seen.

One of the aspects of the Heritage Grants Program that the museum has had to deal with is that of obtaining some of its support by working Bingos at either the McPhillips Street Casino or the Regent Avenue Casino. Each Bingo shift that we have been allocated requires a commitment of no more than 3¾ hours at one time, often shorter. For working the shorter shifts we gain $1,500 per occasion. The Management Committee is grateful for the recent efforts of Dalnavert volunteers and their friends for volunteering at the bingo. If you and perhaps a friend would like to join the others in this profitable venture please phone the Society at 947-0559 to have your name added to the contact list.

Along with all the changes the new building is creating, there have been staff changes at Dalnavert. Before Christmas Nancy Anderson, who has been Assistant Curator for many years, left the Museum. Her position was discontinued as part of the implementation of a new staffing plan. The decision was not an easy one and the Management Committee were very sorry to lose Nancy's expertise and energy.

Early in the New Year Tim Worth, Dalnavert's Curator for 30 years, announced his decision to retire. This is another major loss for the Museum. Invitations will be going out soon for a farewell dinner for Tim which will take place close to his retirement date of 28 January.

The new position of Director of the Museum has been advertised, with a closing date of January 23rd and we have received quite a number of applications. An announcement about the new Director will be made soon.

The opening of the new Visitor Centre will take place in May, during the week of May 9th to 13th. We will be communicating soon with all MHS members about the opening and the events of that week.

This is a time of transition for the Museum and we are very close to being able to implement the plans we have been making over the past 5 years.

We are going to need the support of all the Museum's many friends to make all the changes successfully and begin a new era for Dalnavert. This time next year new programs will be in place, there will be many more visitors and tours. The new building will be busy with events and meetings most nights of the week.

Heritage Canada Foundation Awards

Are you involved in the conservation of your community’s heritage buildings? If you answered YES, then you know someone whose work and dedication in preserving and promoting Canada’s rich architectural heritage is deserving of a Heritage Canada Foundation Award.

We are now accepting nominations for our 2005 Awards and Prizes program and we are looking for YOUR input! Submit a nomination today for one of the six awards and prizes:

The Prince of Wales Prize

Under the generous patronage of His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales, this prize is awarded to a municipal government, large or small, rural or urban, which has shown an exemplary commitment to heritage conservation.

The Gabrielle Léger Award

Named after the wife of former Canadian Governor General, Jules Léger, this award recognizes individuals who have contributed nationally to heritage conservation.

Lieutenant Governor’s Award

This award recognizes outstanding achievement by an individual or group in the province in which the Heritage Canada Foundation’s Annual Conference is held. This upcoming year, the conference will be held in Regina, Saskatchewan.

Journalism Award

Awarded to a journalist whose coverage of heritage issues is judged to be outstanding.

Corporate Prize

Recognizes a business, large or small, which has demonstrated outstanding stewardship of its built heritage.

Achievement Award

Given jointly by Heritage Canada and a partner organization, this award honours individuals for excellence in their province or territory.

All nominations must be received by Heritage Canada on or before March 31, 2005, so please don’t delay.

For information on nomination procedures, contact the Heritage Canada Foundation at:

5 Blackburn Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario K1N 8A2
Tel. 613-237-1066
Fax 613-237-5987

Ross House Museum

Ross House Museum closed for the season at the end of August but there is still news to report. In the fall trees were planted in Joe Zuken Park using a grant the Ross House Committee obtained from Manitoba Hydro. During the last weekend of November and the first weekend of December Museum manager Victor Sawelo opened the doors of the museum to actors, film crews and equipment for a few days. The film is produced by the Winnipeg Film Group.

MHS received a heritage grant approval for $1500 for a permanent exterior panel display that will be installed near the museum. We had no problem fulfilling the requirement of finding 10 volunteers to work at a bingo. The Society will be applying for a matching grant from the City of Winnipeg to cover the balance of the costs. It is hoped that the panel project will be complete by July 1 for our Canada Day Celebrations.

Fall clean up at Ross House Garden

Tree Planting at Joe Zuken Park

Winnipeg Film Group at Ross House

Centennial Business Awards

Centennial Business Awards were presented to three firms at the Macdonald Dinner in January 2005.

Judith Hudson Beattie presented a Centennial Business award to Al Hunter, Senior Vice President and Branch Manager of Ash Temple.

Ken Zealand presented a Centennial Business award to David Smith of Winnipeg Supply Service Experts.

David Deane presented a Centennial Business award to Dianne Little of Christie's Office Plus.

Heritage News

Fort Garry Historical Society will hold its annual meeting on Saturday, February 19 at Pembina Trail Library from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Children from St. Norbert Elementary School will present “ Autrefois et Aujourd’hui” Guest speaker Sheryl Kolt will speak on the Greatest Transconan Contest.

The Manitoba Museum presents “Where are the Children? Healing the Legacy of the Residential Schools” until March 13, 2005. The traveling exhibit of historic photographs of aboriginal children tell a story of abuse, suffering, pain and loneliness. The exhibit was initiated by the Aboriginal Healing Foundation produced in partnership with the Legacy of Hope foundation and Archives Canada.

Volume 2 of Brookside Cemetery: A Celebration of Life has just been published by the City of Winnipeg's Cemeteries Branch. The 92-page, soft-cover book is a collection of over 50 fascinating short biographies of famous (or infamous) people buried in the Brookside Cemetery of west Winnipeg over the past 125 years. Among the people featured in what is anticipated will be a series of volumes are suffragist Francis Marion Beynon, wrestler "Bulldog" Brown, 1919 striker Fred Dixon, jockey Sandy Graham, restauranteur Chrys Kelekis, and doctor Charlotte Ross. (A complete list of subjects is available on our web site, at Copies can be purchased for $20 (including taxes) from Brookside Cemetery by phoning Sherry Dyck at 204-986-4348. A limited number of copies of Volume 1, published in 2003, are also available for $10 each.

Heritage Day is an opportunity to celebrate the architectural heritage and historic places of Canada. The Heritage Canada Foundation promotes the third Monday in February each year as Heritage Day and has long advocated adopting this date as a national holiday. In 2005, the theme of Heritage Day will be Heritage of Faith: Spiritual and Sacred.

Letters to Manitoba History

Have you ever wanted to add something to an article that appears in our journal, Manitoba History? Have you wanted to correct an error, clarify a point, or draw attention to related information? Well, now you can! Starting with the Fall 2005 issue, we will be featuring a "Letters to the Editor" section in the journal. Letters should be fewer than 300 words. They may be edited for space, and clarity, and accuracy. All letters, including those sent via e-mail, must have the writer's telephone number and mailing address. Anonymous letters will not be printed. Please send your letters to:

Editor, Manitoba History
Manitoba Historical Society
304-250 McDermot Avenue
Winnipeg, MB, Canada R3B 0S5

MHS YouTube Channel

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