Gerald A. Friesen

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Gerald A. Friesen
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Gerald Friesen is a retired Senior Fellow at St. John’s College, University of Manitoba. He taught in the History Department for forty years and has written on Prairie and Canadian history. In recognition of his community service, he received the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal (2012) and he was inducted into the Order of Canada (2022).

His articles for the Manitoba Historical Society:

An Interview with Manitoba Historian, William Lewis Morton
Manitoba History
, Number 1, 1981

An Interview with Fred McGuinness
Manitoba History, Number 2, 1981

An Interview with Jock Brown
Manitoba History, Number 3, 1982

The Manitoba Historical Society: A Centennial History
Manitoba History, Number 4, 1982

Imports and Exports in the Manitoba Economy 1870-1890
Manitoba History, Number 16, Autumn 1988

Review Essay: Can You Trust It: The View From Here and the WAG Canadian Collection as Historical Documents
Manitoba History, Number 41, Spring/Summer 2001

A Premier, a Tin Box, and a Landlady: Ellen Cooke and the Norquay Papers
Manitoba History, Number 77, Winter 2015

Dr. Donald Loveridge
Manitoba History, Number 79, Fall 2015

The Honourable John Norquay: Indigenous Premier, Canadian Statesman
Prairie History, Number 13, Winter 2024

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