Sarah Carter

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Sarah Carter
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Her articles for the Manitoba Historical Society:

Review: John H. Archer, Saskatchewan: A History
Manitoba History, Number 5, 1983

Agriculture and Agitation on the Oak River Dakota Reserve, 1875-1895
Manitoba History, Number 6, Fall 1983

Site Review: The Womans Sphere: Domestic Life at Riel House and Dalnavert
Manitoba History, Number 11, Spring 1986

Site Review: St. Peter’s and the Interpretation of the Agriculture of Manitoba’s Aboriginal People
Manitoba History, Number 18, Autumn 1989

Review: Peter Douglas Elias, The Dakota of the Canadian Northwest: Lessons for Survival
Manitoba History, Number 19, Spring 1990

“An Infamous Proposal:” Prairie Indian Reserve Land and Soldier Settlement after World War I
Manitoba History, Number 37, Spring/Summer 1999

Your Great Mother Across the Salt Sea: Prairie First Nations, the British Monarchy and the Vice Regal Connection to 1900
Manitoba History, Number 48, Autumn/Winter 2004-2005

Pure, White, British, and Canadian: The Moose Jaw Origins and Rise of Robin Hood Flour, 1909-1930s
Prairie History, Number 13, Winter 2024

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